BONNIE JONES JOINS CALL WEDNESDAY! 9PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Breaking news! We are honored to host Bonnie Jones, a visionary prophet and wife of Bob Jones, on tomorrow’s call.

I touched base yesterday with Bonnie about the Glory Train vision, as well as our leading from the Lord to go coast to coast this year. I mentioned how the Lord strongly us to release the posting on Valentines Day, the first anniversary of Bob’s passing. Bonnie then shared extraordinary news.

On Valentines Day, she and her family dedicated a literal “train stop” in Bob’s honor! Rick Joyner and MorningStar are restoring a “tram” station on the Heritage property to become the “Bob Jones Memorial Center.” They dedicated the work Saturday.

You cannot make this stuff up.

It so energized me to see how Bob’s Glory Train vision is connected to the restoration of God’s glory in our land. God has an unfolding procession to restore His glory! And like last year, He is asking us again to serve as witnesses to this restoration. Looking forward to joining you tomorrow and hearing Bonnie’s heart. FYI, Jolene and I asked Bonnie Jones to be a “prophetic mom” to the Glory Train project as it unfolds!

The Turnaround Mantle
Today is “Turnaround Tuesday.” Please remember to keep your children, spiritual and natural, in prayer!

You might be wondering about us right now now. I mean, one day we’re focused on Purim, elections with Netanyahu, and our upcoming journey to Israel. The next day we’re talking “Glory Train!”

Friends, they actually intersect. Let me share briefly about God’s “Turnaround Mantle” for the year, especially in relation to America and Israel, and the journey we as the Lamplighter family are on together. Below are two points.

We felt that this second phase of the Glory Procession must be commissioned from Israel, just as the 13 Colonies journey was commissioned from His covenant land. I believe this is important for you to know. When we were asked to join our friend in Israel from March 8-18, the Lord immediately bore witness to me that we needed to go—for this commissioning!

In other words, God’s directive to pray onsite in Israel for the Israeli elections was not even on my radar at this time. He spoke to us about this Purim Watch prayer focus only after we purchased our tickets.

Now that, my friends, is an intersection.

My second point is that, for 2015, God strongly emphasized the covenant bond between America and Israel to us. He began with an unforgettable moment at the Revolution Conference last December.

Unforgettable Moment
We were in front of the White House, praying for God’s turnaround mantle to be released. Cornell and Ereina Etheridge, ministers from Philadelphia, had just shared an extraordinary experience. The Lord had asked them to sacrificially attend Revolution rather than attending a funeral for relatives. They were at the National Archives when they seriously experienced a visitation.

Their group had just finished prayed over the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Around the corner was an exhibit on the Civil Rights movement. As a speech by Martin Luther King resounded, Holy Spirit immediately enveloped them and touched their hearts with His Presence.

We immediately felt to mantle this couple with the prayer shawl I had received from Chuck Pierce for the Glory Procession. The mantle, a Jewish prayer shawl or tallit, was brought by Chuck from Israel.

Look for a moment at the imagery.

We did not expect the Holy Spirit to move so powerfully during this prophetic action, releasing God’s turnaround mantle. But His Presence became so thick that Cornell and Ereina nearly fell out!

Then a friend added to the mantle. The “Appeal to Heaven” flag joined with the Jewish tallit, there was a literal surge of power. We all nearly fell out… not exaggerating here. Right in front of the White House.

Friends, there is a mantle in the whirlwind this year. Just as Elisha, we are together receiving a double portion! Grace and authority. The Israel journey and the Glory Train. A double-portion mantle formed of a Jewish prayer shawl and an Appeal to Heaven flag—quite literally an American prayer shawl.

Take a look at the image above. This is what I believe Gods’ mantle, emerging from the whirlwind, looks like for this hour.

Turnaround—For Real
You might recall how, on December 5, the White House leaked that sanctions were going to be imposed on Israel. On the very day were praying through the halls of power in Washington DC with Dutch Sheets, Rick Ridings, and some 150 other leaders and intercessors.

You might recall how, three days later, the White House announced there would be no sanctions against Israel. Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry described the news on-air as “A turnaround… a reversal!”

Glory to God! Can’t make this stuff up.

Am I bragging? Yeah, absolutely. Bragging on Jesus. Because the One who died to redeem us is faithful to His covenant personally, and to His covenant with nations. However circumstances may look… God is releasing His turnaround!

And what God joins together, no man divides asunder.