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NEW WINE MINISTRIES with Bramnicks, Cooper City Fl. We are stepping into a new season! I consider this one of the most important ministry times of the year. Please join us! 7:00 pm Friday evening, 10:00 am Sunday morning. 

March 11 Releasing the Presence of His Glory! Bob Jones Vision Center, Ft. Mill SC. With Bonnie Jones, more. 

Bonnie Jones Tomorrow—Glory!
First—we are so excited that Bonnie Jones will be joining us tomorrow evening on our call. We will be sharing much vision on seeing the tangible glory of God restored!

Most of you know that, in conversation last year regarding the Glory Train, Bonnie prophesied that we should focus on turnaround for 2016 and the restoration of God’s glory in 2017. We have indeed seen the beginnings of America’ turnaround. Now it’s time for a greater expression of His glory in our land!

This March 11 marks the 40th anniversary of the vision Bob Jones saw of the glory of God departing the American church. He literally saw “Ichabod” over the doorposts. There’s been a witness of the glory since then, but not by any means the overarching expression of His Presence and Power we have all been anticipating.

That’s going to turn this year.

We personally believe that March 11 marks a pivotal moment towards this end. It’s why we feel to join with Bonnie that day, and why we are joining an amazing team in Israel immediately afterward for the “Crown & Throne Tour,” retracing the steps of King David as he restored the Ark of the Covenant.

It is absolutely extraordinary that March 11 happens to mark the beginning of Purim! You cannot make this stuff up. Just as everything changed in Esther’s day, so it will in ours. I can’t wait to hear Bonnie’s heart tomorrow on this vital call. You don’t want to miss!

“Crowned Vav Prayer Project” Feb. 22-March 12
On tomorrow’s call we are also launching the “Crowned Vav Prayer Project” covering the period from Feb. 22 through March 12. We must continue with vigilance our watch for DC, the nation, and Israel. Best of all, like the 10 virgins awaiting the Bridegroom, lets keep watch for the full unleashing of God’s glory!


Bull vs Shark—Update!
Today I thought you’d appreciate an update on the “Bull vs Shark” word and prayer for the National Security Council. The first update happens to be visual.

Would you believe that Fox News carried a story TODAY about a shark on a Florida beach. Headline: “Mystery: Half-Eaten Shark on Florida Beach Raises Speculation About What Killed It…”

This afternoon I received an email from Lori Polz. Would you believe a bull broke through the gates of his slaughterhouse in New York City! Headline: “Runaway Bull Leads in Hours-Long Chase Through Queens!”

You sure as anything cannot make this stuff up. No way no how.

Finally, thank you for continuing to pray for the National Security Council through its turbulent transition. President Trump announced yesterday the appointment of Gen. H.R. McMaster as his new National Security Advisor! Gen. McMaster has received high praise even from CNN. The network’s security analyst Peter Bergen, well respected in his field, says: “McMaster, 54, is the smartest and most capable military officer of his generation, one who has not only led American victories on the battlefields of the 1991 Gulf War and of the Iraq War, but also holds a Ph.D. in history.”

Also great news is that Gen. Keith Kellogg, whom I felt so prompted to pray for, will remain as the Chief of Staff for the NSC. Rounding out an incredible team. Turnaround! The Breaker prepares the way!

For your review, here is the Shark vs Bull dream again.

Conflict of Thrones—Bull vs Shark
In the dream, I saw a shark and a bull in the ocean near a beach. The shark was moving at rapid speed towards the bull, aiming for his legs. Its mouth was opening. Clearly the shark wanted to destabilize the bull—to incapacitate him so he could not escape.

In response, the bull thrust his horns into the water, shaking his head while violently retreating. The bull backed his way right up a nearby sandbar, above the tide! In a dramatic turnaround, the bull suddenly took the higher ground.

Gray muscle, fins, and white teeth moved aggressively in full pursuit. In fact, the shark’s momentum drove it onto the sandbar—where it became stuck! Suddenly the predator was trapped on dry ground. In the last part of the dream, the bull lowered his horns again, shook his head slowly, and moved towards the shark.

The Bull—Apostolic Breakthrough
As I shared last Friday, the oceans in this dream clearly represented people—the “ocean of humanity.” But my first interpretation of the shark and bull was wrong.

I originally thought the bull represented the demonic principality “Baal.” This entity is worshiped as a bull, and according to biblical patterns it seeks to take over thrones of influence in families, cultures, cities and nations. But though the interpretation seemed to fit the context, I still felt a check. As I prayed more, Heaven’s revelation came.

Now this is a very important key for you to navigate through this new season. You cannot make assumptions based on experiences or revelation alone from the previous season. WE MUST HEAR FROM HOLY SPIRIT AFRESH!

This bull in my dream does not represent Baal but actually God’s Throne room antidote and conqueror of the Baal principality. In other words, His agent of breakthrough.

Biblically, one of the living creatures before God’s Throne is fashioned in the image of a young bull (see Revelation 4:7). Friends further expanded my understanding:

I have heard that the bull in the four living creatures is also called an ox, which represents the apostolic anointing. The ox goes ahead to break up the hard ground with the plow, breaking open the way for the seed. Sounds like Micah 2:13! Psalm 92:10: “But you have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox; you have poured over me fresh oil.”

By revelation from the Lord, the bull in the dream secondarily represents Donald Trump—a man with the strength and the bull-headed persistence needed to restore our land and security, even in the face of unprecedented resistance. Please pray continually supernatural strength for our new President.

New Apostolic Season—Watch and Build!
Many have perceived that Trump’s inauguration also marked Heaven’s inauguration of a new apostolic grace for America. Rick Ridings was emphatic about this during December’s Revolution Conference. A shift from simply rooting out and tearing down to building and planting as well.

The prophet Nehemiah is a good example. He saw the broken condition of Jerusalem’s walls of protection, and remembered God’s covenant. He then cried out “Let us arise and build!”

Covenant with Christ has now been restored as the foundation for this apostolic breakthrough. Like Nehemiah’s builders, we still need to hold up the sword and watch—guard and protect—against those resisting the work. But in this new season the Lord is summoning us in the strength of the ox both to watch and to build!

Targeted Undermining & Agents of Sabotage
In the dream, the resistance to this movement came in the form of a fast-moving shark. It’s important to see that the shark did not seek to devour the whole bull. Instead it went for the bull’s legs. To knock the legs out from under him. 

The enemy’s strategy is clearly conveyed here. With great speed and brute force, the enemy is seeking to undermine the breakthrough and apostolic building founded on restored covenant with Jesus Christ

In the dream this shark hid itself in the “ocean of humanity” until poised to attack. Sharks are largely hidden when they attack because they travel underwater. In other words they are covert.

How do we guard against this? The good news is that as we align with God’s covenant, He promises to deliver us from the hand of every adversary (2 Kings 17:38-9). He is faithful!

That said, we must pray against covert assaults against the Trump Administration and against our nation. A few weeks ago in prayer, Holy Spirit quickened to me the phrase “agents of sabotage.” I immediately knew He wanted to expose their work.

On a national level, lets pray for redemptive exposure of “agents of sabotage” who have purposed to take down the Trump administration—whether within our intelligence community or anywhere else in government, the military, etc.

Retreat to Advance—A Call to Higher Ground!
Small shark, large bull… given the size especially, the bull’s immediate response to the shark wasn’t surprising. Horns locked, the bull seemed ready to fully engage. Then surprisingly he retreated!

The bull backed up onto a very large sandbar and found safety. And as noted, the shark’s blind pursuit stranded him on the sandbar and therefore made him completely vulnerable to the bull.

We are all now called to this same upward journey! And we will celebrate together as the sharks in the water become exposed and trapped.

Encouragement for the Trump Administration
Regarding the President, my best understanding is that the opposition coming against Donald Trump is causing him to seek and secure the higher ground the Lord desires for him to attain. Certainly there are many “sharks” seeking to undermine his administration. They are within the media, political circles at high levels, community activist groups (some of whom are funded by George Soros etc), and possibly even within the intelligence community.

It’s a good time now to share a prophetic word. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had become a pillar—a major leg—of the Trump administration when he was attacked regarding alleged Russia communications. And the attack, covert and overt, was clearly purposed to undermine the Trump administration.

But Trump and team responded right. After careful evaluation Flynn’s resignation was requested, and a new leader appointed. They retreated from their original aggressive positions and instead sought higher ground.

And I believe by the Spirit their efforts will be rewarded from on High. Obviously we need to continue to pray—for the NSC and the Trump administration as a whole.

The good news is that, no matter what, the Trump Administration has taken the higher ground. And now I believe we will see a further expression of God’s intended turnaround. Watch how “sharks” across the spectrum now become exposed and trapped by their own pursuits as part of God’s breakthrough work. As Jolene shared a week ago, the Lord is painting our supernatural enemy into a corner so that His movement may advance in safety.

What’s Your Higher Ground?
Many of you receiving this word are actually being called to gain higher ground in your own lives. It’s time to take a retreat and seek the Lord. I encourage you to identify three key areas of your life where the enemy is seeking to undermine your work. Look also at three areas of your life where God is calling you to higher ground. Pray into this and see how the Lord seeks to form a new level of protection and stability for your future!

And remember—by attaining the higher ground, you will receive grace to overcome the enemy.