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I saw a bald eagle Monday. Not as part of a visionary experience, but with my own two eyes. The eagle was soaring over DC and the Potomac River and then right over our apartment!

Many ‘birds of prey’ reside in Washington DC. For instance, we have many hawks—and Lord have mercy, we also have more than our share of vultures. Just like Abraham, we have to keep pushing these vultures away from the altar of covenant, so the sacrifice isn’t devoured when God comes to visit.

Bonnie Jones: “I See the Eagle’s Eye!”
But seeing an eagle is an absolute rarity. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that this Eagle showed up on the opening day of Davids Tent! The last time I saw a bald eagle was in Jamestown, VA as we were honoring God’s covenant through Robert Hunt and the Virginia settlers.

And maybe it wasn’t coincidence that I had just discovered a book by Bob and Bonnie Jones called “The Eagle.” Within its pages is one of the most relevant prophecies for our Nation I have ever seen. It is our honor to share this with you.

I checked with Bonnie Jones this morning to make sure it was ok to post the prophecy. Bonnie saw a vision as we were talking. “I see the eagle eye coming from four directions into Washington DC!” she prophesied. “This eagle has olive leaves in his talons, representing Israel and representing His peace.” Friends, please take this to heart!

Turning Point
Through these postings, we are doing our best to progressively convey God’s heart and work for our land. Yesterday we shared on the Re-Constitution of the United States. This verdict was originally presented during the Glory Procession—in part at Faneuil Hall on 7-22, the womb of the Revolution, and then in full in Yorktown, where the Revolution was finally won. Click here to review.

Over the next few days we have the privilege of introducing our new friend Gary Beaton. His Throne Room verdict, shared at Faneuil Hall on 7-22, rocked our world. So glad our co-host Linda Clark finally got through to me about the importance of Gary’s contribution!

Gary was mentored by Bob and Bonnie Jones, and their investment in his life helped launch his global ministry. You can view his tribute to Bob Jones, shared at his funeral, by clicking here.

The prophecy below is from Bob and Bonnie’s book “The Eagle.” Note that he prophesies how our Eagle nation was birthed upon the rock—in the natural probably referencing Plymouth and the Pilgrims, in the Spirit referencing the foundational cornerstone of Jesus Christ. Their book also expounds on George Washington’s dramatic prophecy for our nation. I highly recommend you purchase a copy today! Click http://bobjones.org to order.

Bob Jones Prophecy—Saving the Eagle of America
Excerpts from “The Eagle,” Bob & Bonnie Jones, Kindle Edition.

Do you know a Nation whose symbol is the eagle? This eagle was birthed upon a rock by the ocean and he cried out to Heaven even at his birth. And the Father saw him and was pleased in him and He fed him and he grew and grew. There was another eagle that was born at the same time on the same rock; only she was an eaglette . So the male and the female grew together and they continually cried out to Heaven and they were continually fed by God. The eagle grew and learned to soar into Heaven; he flew continually into the sun.

Many trials came to test the eagle through the years as the eagle would be persecuted by the enemy. In these trials and testings the eagle would always fly into the sun. The eagle is the only bird that can fly into the sun; nothing can follow him when he flies into the sun. The eagle has a filter over his eyes making it possible for him to fly into the brightness of the sun.

At different times when the eagle became weak and couldn’t fly into the sun, the eaglette came along beside him for she was a mate. They were born together as a family and were never meant to be separated.

The Church: Keeping the Eagle Alive
At different times throughout history the great eagle would go into a molt. During this time he couldn’t fly into the sun so the eaglette would feed him. For you see the eaglette is the church. And every time that this great eagle got into problems, the church went to her knees and fed the eagle until he could restore himself and fly again into the sun.

When an eagle goes through a molt it loses all its feathers. He loses the bill, the claws and all the power over himself. So his mate would come and feed him; she would literally chew the food and put it in his mouth. This is what kept the eagle alive through all the years. When the molt was over, the eagle would return to the sun and the Son was pleased in him.

For the eagle said many things that really pleased the Son. One thing he said is; give me your poor, your destitute, your indebted, give me your weak. All those from the nations that you don’t want, I’ll take them! I’ll care and I’ll need for them. And the Son greatly rejoiced in this eagle because of the heart the eagle had for all humanity.

Eagle Down
As the years progressed, the eagle has come into a time of a molt. The great eagle quit flying into the Son and the eagle that now sits upon the nest has been breaking the eggs and literally sucking up the young. He no longer feeds on His feathers are soiled with sin and they’ve begun to fall out again. The eagle has lost the ability to fly into the Son. His molt has begun and the shame of the great eagle that the whole world admired has become ugly.

This eagle has become literally helpless in himself. And his only hope is that his mate, the church, will feed him so that the old soiled feathers can be plucked off again. The weapons of his warfare will no longer be able to combat the things of his enemies.

Our Only Hope
The eagle’s hope for survival is that his mate, the church, continues to intercede and pray for him. Repentance is the only hope of the eagle’s survival! The Lord still loves this Eagle Nation! This is why He’s bringing a judgment upon it. In the past, the heart of this eagle nation was focused on Him and will be again.

The great eagle is helpless now but the mate isn’t. It’s time for the mate to begin to nurture the great eagle again until he becomes healthy enough to repent and fly again into the Son. He’s not able to fight his enemies now; his enemies are stronger than he is because he’s turned his eyes from the Son.

But the mate hasn’t and her eyes are still upon the Son and therefore she will still feed him. This great eagle will recover and what determines his recovery is the decision that he makes. Even in his weakened condition, he will simply just look to the Son again and things will begin to change.

Excerpt from “The Eagle,” Bob & Bonnie Jones, White Horses Publishing, 2013.