Freedom Movement Flag Train

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Note: Tonight, May 11, 7pm we are ministering at the RiversEdge Church, Montgomery AL, with Pastor Eddie Mitchell. Conference call will be held Thursday evening, not Wednesday.

Decades ago, Bob Jones prophesied the Glory Train would come to Cartersville GA with holy fire, and then to Atlanta. Renown regional leader Rocky Abernathy tells the story of this historic roundtable, held in the home of legendary revivalist Sam Jones. Bob Jones, Sam Jones, Glory Train. You just cannot make this up! Click here to view.  

The journey from Exodus to Acts, from Passover to Pentecost, continues. Lamplighter family Jolene and I covet your prayers today. We are having lunch at 1pm EST with leaders in Montgomery AL, followed by a strategic Glory Train meeting tonight.

Few states have stood for Christ and the Judeo-Christian worldview upon which our nation was founded like Alabama. And the state is under assault from forces that would try to shift her from her covenantal foundations. Judge Roy Moore and others are at the forefront of this.

So… once again the Lord has orchestrated our steps at a turning point of history. FORERUNNING PRAYER NEEDED NOW. No King but Jesus!

Yesterday and last night marked a turning point for my personal life. I had long dreamed of coming to Selma, Alabama. And not only did we get to tour the history-making city, but we were privileged to connect with and minister to many leaders and intercessors. Thank you Mark Hawkins and Lynn Alderson for making this dream come true!

I was deeply humbled by the night. While sharing the Glory Train story, the Lord gave me a few key words directly for Selma. This historic city became the point of “crossing over” that ushered our entire nation from slavery to freedom during the civil rights movement. I felt that in this season the Lord is bringing another turnaround that would again affect the nation from Selma!

But this time, Selma’s turnaround is coming from the inside out. An “underground turnaround.” And within three years, this underground turnaround would be bursting forth from the ground and visible to all. Apostolic transformation from the ground up, impacting every sphere of society. Amen!

Judge Bob and the Blue Jean Movement
That’s when Judge Bob interrupted my message. I’m not usually so amenable to this, but in his case I was elated. Bob is literally a judge who is dedicated to bringing life and vitality to the city of Selma.

“Your message is good,” Judge Bob said. “But I want you to know it’s already going on!”

I was intrigued. After the service, Judge Bob gave us about an hour of his time to share “the Blue Jeans movement,” a literal underground turnaround currently reshaping Selma from the ground up in virtually every sphere of society. Rebuilding lives, mentoring the youth, facilitating reconciliation, dreaming and creating new businesses, and much more. All from the grassroots up, saturated by a spirit of revival!

The Blue Jeans movement. Truly revolutionary!

Angels in Blue Jeans—Bob Jones
Jolene and I mentioned a word given to Bob Jones and our friend Randy Demain a decade ago. Randy had an incredible experience with an angel of the Lord for breakthrough. At the same time, Bob Jones saw the following vision of breakthrough angels, WEARING BLUE JEANS.

From an Elijah List posting by Paul Keith Davis April 4, 2006:

On Friday, March 24th, as Bob was preparing for prayer, he immediately went into an Acts 10:10 type of trance. Bob’s highest revelations come in this way. In the visitation, Bob saw what appeared to be 12 ordinary “men” approaching him. (Note from Jon: in preaching and in personal interviews, Bob conveyed to us that these angels were dressed in BLUE JEANS).

Although they had the appearance of men he knew they were angels. The one in front seemed to be the most prominent, and he served as spokesman for the group.

He said, “My name is ‘Breakthrough’, and I have now been assigned to the United States.” For about 30 minutes, the angel shared with Bob historical accounts of past revivals that transpired to God’s glory that he had been involved with. His job is to release breakthrough and awakening, and to initiate a wave of harvest by extracting all obstacles to God’s plans while the other angels gather the harvest.The angel, Breakthrough, continued to speak with Bob about God’s end-time strategy. He shared how Benson Idahosa was often commissioned into a nation or region with God’s mandate. No matter what the opposition was, all obstacles were removed through Breakthrough so that a harvest of souls could be achieved. That is the model for these coming days and our promised harvest.

The angel then told Bob that everything he was observing in this vision was a prophecy. He then asked, “What do you see?” Bob replied that their appearance seemed so ordinary. The angel’s response was “precisely.” “We are going to work with ordinary people who have fully yielded their spirit, soul, and body to the Lord,” he said. Those used most prominently in this installment of God’s plan will not boast in their wisdom or might, but they will  boast in knowing the Lord intimately–Jeremiah 9:23-24. It is the Lord’s intent during this season to fully mobilize the Body of Christ into its function as God’s intermediary on the Earth. The foremost responsibility of the five-fold ministry is to equip God’s people to do the work of the ministry. Even the feeblest among us should be as noble and victorious as the great worshiping-warrior, King David. (Zechariah 12:8)

Move, Move, Move!
Breakthrough then shouted, “Move, move, move!” From this, Bob knew that there would be at least three major expressions of this spiritual dynamic soon to take place. He also articulated our directive to move in faith on the earth in order to cooperate in the Spirit with this Heavenly host. This is an end-time strategy that is to be employed now.

The predominant Scripture to be utilized in this commissioning is Matthew 10:7-8 declaring, “And as you go, preach, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.” This will be a season of harvest, a harvest of souls and a harvest of promises. Even so, it will come not by the mere articulation of words but also with power. That is the pattern of the early Church and the one we see demonstrated in the life and ministry of Benson Idahosa.

In Exodus 23, God promised to send an angel before Israel to overcome every enemy and establish them in the land of promise. Their obedience to the Word assured their victory and released the Lord to remove sickness from their midst. In like fashion, a wave of healing will accompany this season of grace we are now entering.

Crossing Over
Here’s a personal note. Jolene and I were actually propelled into full-time ministry by this movement of breakthrough, with Bob Jones prophesying over us “move, move move!” We believe the Glory Train movement is a continuation of the very breakthrough prophesied through these words, and so many others given to these prophetic voices.

And it’s great to see a “Blue Jeans Movement” springing forth from the very ground where America crossed over. Watch how Selma again becomes a point of crossing over for this Glory Revolution now at hand. Amen!


Tonight, May 11, 7pm. RiversEdge Church, Montgomery AL, Pastor Eddie Mitchell. 

May 15, 10am. Gideon Christian Fellowship, New Orleans LA

May 17, 7pm. Home Group, Denzel and Sonja Clark, 741 Tunica Bend, Covington LA, call 318-332-8552 for more info.