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A BLOOD MOON APPEARS TOMORROW EVENING, reaching its fullness at exactly 12:12am Monday morning. Forbes calls it “The best-timed blood moon of the century.” And there’s more to this statement prophetically than we can imagine.

The phenomenon is even more unusual in that it will be clearly visible in North America as well as partially visible in Europe, in Israel, and Africa. That’s a true rarity. And in the midst, God is conveying something to the entire world. 

It is of extreme significance that the final three weeks to Pentecost 2022 are demarcated by this blood moon. Here’s something really wild. Would you believe this blood moon is actually occurring over the Hebraic “Second Passover!” The Second Passover runs tonight through tomorrow. 

Tomorrow evening we will host a special broadcast exploring these things. I promise it will be full of prophetic revelation that will both deeply enrich you and also equip you to advance! I have a very clear directive from the Lord that will be shared in the midst. Our friend Lori Perz will be joining the broadcast. So looking forward to launching into this historic time with you!

Blood Moon, Second Passover, Redeeming of Time!
Moses instituted a the Second Passover celebration for Jews who were unable to celebrate the first Passover due to extenuating circumstances. The Second Passover was set in place so they could still enter into the blessing God was releasing over this time period. 

It is so important to understand that the release of God’s blessings are often connected with what we now call “time gates.” The Second Passover is the only biblical feast I know of that specifically provides for THE REDEMPTION OF TIME. 

Can’t make this stuff up! Take advantage of this. Ask the Lord for the redemption of time!

A Time Gate is Opening
Through the blood moon demarcating the Second Passover, the Lord is making it very clear that a time gate is opening. Keep in mind all that has led up to this moment. Including an angel of the Lord sounding a trumpet over Washington DC, perceived simultaneously by three separate prophets, immediately followed by the leaked draft of the Supreme Court verdict reversing national legalized abortion. A new era is literally being defined.

Let me baseline this experience for you. A trumpet sounded and a scroll was released. A turnaround decree. And the redemption of time is part of this decree.  Proof that godly directives sabotaged by the enemy can be restored, and the mission completed! Now through the next three weeks, take time to seek God for the redeeming of time, both on a personal level and a national level.

By the way, there is reason to believe the Court may officially release the verdict this Monday.

Synch Up! Blood Moon and Redemption of Time—Lori Perz
Below is key revelation Lori Perz has received regarding the blood moon and the redemption of time. Synch up! It’s time to enter more fully into His timing. From Lori:

Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, was a key time gate.  A “signpost of a time change”.  Here’s the backstory: several weeks ago, I was reading a Shawn Bolz book and he related an account about a man whose family had been in a very hard place financially and then “the impossible happened” and a shift came.  It was all paid off.  This man sensed God telling him to buy a luxury watch as a signpost of breakthrough that the time had changed in his life.  He also sensed that it was “time for change” in Shawn’s life like he had.  And this change indeed took place.

Daniel Partnerships
The man said to Shawn:  “I am Daniel, and I have a calling of Daniel of the Bible.  You do too, and I feel like God is going to raise up partners who will bring about God’s timing over projects, businesses and God’s efforts on the earth togetherA lot of people are in desperate need because they have followed God, and it looks like the opposite is happening, but then you will show up as a Daniel and help them understand the time they live in and bring breakthrough”.  

This landed on me, not only as a word for me and my family, but for many in the remnant of God in this hour, called as modern-day Daniels.  Several days later on May 8, as I drove to the apostolic center I am a part of, all of this was all stirring in meI prayed about the watch and wondered about someone even giving me a watch.  There was something about a “signpost” of the time changing that gripped me. My pastor had much to prophesy and teach on ETERNITY and TIME during his message too.God was speaking powerfully.

Prophetic Confirmations of a Time Change
So, I arrived home and opened up my Mother’s Day gifts.  Several weeks prior, the Lord reminded me of a clock purse that I owned (a working clock!) many years ago but gave it away.  I sensed I was to buy another one.  I had hinted to my husband that I would like another one for Mother’s Day :-).  He kindly bought the clock purse and gave it to me that day.  Now, it has even more meaning to me because of the “time change” word and the timing of the gift.

But there was another Mother’s Day gift from my 17-year-old daughter that truly surprised me.  A pocket watch!!  I received a literal watch on this “time change” day!  (Side note: Jon was born in the “pocket watch capital” in Massachusetts!).  This gift was not just any pocket watch, it was a silver pocket watch with a GOLD TRAIN on the front!  Yes, like the Glory Train.  I was floored.  

I opened up the pocket watch, which was ticking, and it was 12:12.  You can’t make this stuff up.  I was astonished and I knew that God was speaking about double apostolic government (12) in this year of double (5782).  Even connected to the Glory Train.  And that original Bob Jones Glory Train word had a key piece that connected to TIME (past, present and future).

Interestingly, 12:12 was not the actual time on the pocket watch–it was a different time.  And I heard God even speak through that–we are not bound to “kronos” time because we are eternal spirit beings moving from eternity into TIME.  God is opening the eyes of our spirit to the unseen realm and eternity in profound ways NOW.  Signpost of a time change.

Fruit of the Time Change
One day after this, on May 9, my daughter woke up and was shouting with joy.  She sells second-hand clothing and shoes on an online site and a pair of boots she bought for about $4 (that are apparently very trendy now) sold for $500!  I believe this is fruit of the sign of the changing of the times.  And of course, it’s more than finances.  

This all connects to the eternal dimension of JUBILEE, too, something that has been on my prophetic radar for years.  Jubilee is return to original intent, debt cancellation, freedom and more.  Yeshua IS our Jubilee so in our oneness with Him, and we are agents of Jubilee.  Particularly since this year’s Purim, the Lord continues to highlight again and again—JUBILEE.  Jubilee for Natives, too.  He’s really highlighting Native Americans for this Pentecost/Jubilee (June 5).

Blood Moon Sign at 12:12 (May 15-16)
Two days after this prophetic time change swirl, I found an article on a “super flower blood moon” that is set to begin in the evening on May 15.  They noted that the greatest part of the eclipse would be seen at 12:12 a.m. ET (May 16)!!  God really got my attention with these numbers.  After sending this article to a friend, she shared with me that the blood moon begins right after the “second Passover” ends (May 14-15, sundown to sundown).  I immediately thought of Jon’s word about an American Passover. 

The second Passover is mentioned in Numbers 9:6-7; Leviticus 7:20-21.  Some Israelite men were unable to keep the Passover because they were ceremonially unclean due to dead body.  They went to Moses with their concerns and he brought this before the Lord.  And even though they had “missed their time”, God redeemed their time and made a way for them to keep this important feast of Yahweh.  There is much prophetically in this that God is speaking to His remnant right now.

Israel’s Independence Day/Second Passover (May 14)
Incredibly, this second Passover falls during Israel’s Independence Day!  What a convergence.  This is May 14 on the Gregorian calendar annually.  This is also the date of the historic gathering called The Send in Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City) led by Lou Engle and his team.  It is absolutely a kairos prophetic destiny moment both for America and Israel, two covenant nations.  And again, this blood moon will be taking place right as the second Passover ends on the evening of May 15.  

Blood moons in Jewish tradition often have to do with Israel’s enemies being judged.  With all of the violence and terror that has been taking place in Israel in the past 6 weeks, plus the clashing on the Temple Mount–and Iran about to have nuclear capability–this is a key weekend to be on the wall for Israel!  And America.

Interestingly, this year of 2022 marks the 7th anniversary of the historic, prophetic blood moon tetrads of 2014-2015.  The number 7 connects to both completion and covenant.

Release Eternity Into Time as Living Gateways of Glory
Praising the Ancient of Days for all that is converging and the mysteries He is revealing to His Daniels in the land. He is marking a clear signpost of the time changing. Perhaps you could say time aligning more with eternity according to the Ancient of Days–and us as His eternal sons and daughters who are releasing eternity into our times and seasons and timelines! For the original intent of God to come forth and the end times harvest to come in!  Miraculous turnarounds according to His Turnaround Verdict in Daniel 7:22 and for His glory!

Blessing you with this “signpost of a time change” in your life and all the ways that Ancient of Days is flooding eternity into time through you as His living gateway of His glory (Psalm 24:7)!