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SEATTLE’S KOMO NEWS HONORS BILL BRUBAKER: https://komonews.com/news/local/former-komo-news-anchor-bill-brubaker-dies

DEAR LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY,BILL BRUBAKER, a spiritual father to the Lamplighter family, proud veteran and legend in Seattle broadcasting, has transitioned into glory at the age of 85. His moment of passing occurred on Sunday after a struggle with covid. Jolene and I are still without words. The impact Bill and Marlene have made to shape our own lives, as well as yours as our extended Lamplighter family, is simply without measure. 

The Lord has been so gracious to us. On Sunday, just hours before he passed, He granted me a vision of Bill’s transition. I will share this in a moment. 

A Father and a Legend
But first let me share with you a brief overview. Most of you knew Bill primarily as a father to the Lamplighter family. And what a dad he was. Every Tuesday for nine years, together with his wife Marlene, Bill was a voice of prayer for the nation, his heart for the nation saturating through every keen observation and declaration he made. 

But before retiring, for 25 years Bill was also a pioneering news broadcaster renown in the metro Seattle area. He produced many award winning stories. He even interviewed President Reagan. 

And in his spare time he was part of the naval reserve. After retiring as a captain, he went to work part time for FEMA as a media specialist for disaster relief. 

But his greatest accomplishments were as a father and a husband. Most of you know that Bill and Marlene were simply inseparable. They were completely different in many ways, and they complemented each other wondrously both in prayer and in life. They together always became the life of the party—whether celebrating the birthdays of their wild home group family, or in our Revolution gatherings.  

But most importantly, it seemed they together had a direct line to the Father’s heart. If ever there was a love story straight from Heaven, this was it. 

Greater Love has no Man than This…
Marlene passed unexpectedly on Valentines Day this year. Bill and Marlene’s daughters, Kathryn and TeriAnne, returned home and put their lives on pause for a few months to remember Marlene, experience family life together, and help Bill through the season. 

Jolene and I were looking forward to visiting with Bill in Seattle after our Alaska tour. We had prepared a special gift on behalf of the Lamplighter family, a book of remembrance with pictures and notes of appreciation from so many of you. 

Bill called me while we were in Alaska to let me know we would only be able to talk at a distance. A severe outbreak of covid had struck their family. We saw each other for the last time sharing air hugs and talking briefly across the threshold of their door. We presented the book, with copies for Bill and both daughters. He sat just inside the doorway, and explored the pages through both laughter and tears. He loved you all very deeply.

Bill seemed to remain unaffected by the disease at first, and being the Dad that he was, began to take incredible care of the daughters who had come to care of him. Greater love has no man than this…

Then a fall led to a trip to the hospital. Recovery seemed to be going well. Doctors declared him officially over covid. But he fell again. And in the hospital last week Bill suddenly took a turn for the worse. Nobody is really sure what actually transpired. But he was moved into hospice. And on Sunday Bill Brubaker passed. 

Vision of Bill’s Passing
During worship Sunday morning the Lord gave me a vision. Let me say I have never had an experience like this before. Bill Brubaker stood before me as an admiral in the spirit, full of vigor. I saluted him. He smiled broadly and saluted back. He then began to lift in the air. A look of pure delight overtook his countenance. I then saw him in heaven as he was transformed into a much younger version of the same guy who had just departed! It was a holy moment.

Bill Brubaker then joined his wife Marlene, on their knees before the Throne. I saw the Lord place beautiful crowns on their heads. The crowns looked similar to wreaths made of vines, but both the vines and the leaves were of the purest gold. I knew they were “crowns of glory,” and that they were receiving one of Heaven’s highest honors.

In the vision, Marlene then turned to me with her own brilliant smile. I knew immediately the Lord had first offered to give her this crown immediately upon entering Heaven. But, she explained, “I wanted to wait a little while until Bill and I could receive our crowns together!” 

Three hours later, at the close of service, a text came in that our friend Bill had just passed. 

Keeping Watch from the Other Side
Bill and Marlene are now reunited. Though we fought it all the way, in our hearts Jolene and I both sensed the time before their reunion would be relatively short. You and I cannot but grieve at our loss. Please continue praying for Kathryn, TeriAnne, and their home group. And lets resolve to carry the mantle of their legacy forward to fullness. As lovers of Jesus, as fathers and mothers to family, to Israel, and to the nation of America they both loved so dearly. 

And I want you to also join in the simple awe of this discovery made so real these past few hours. Bill and Marlene are now in Heaven, joined in Jesus, among the cloud of witnesses. They remain “Lamplighters” keeping watch from the other side of the veil. I now know for sure they just as real and full of life and full of love and full of personality as they ever were here on earth. Obviously even more. 

That’s the beauty of Christ’s redemption which you and I have forever gained. And because of this we truly remain one family in Him. No King but Jesus…

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