KINGSLEY WALKER TONIGHT! 9PM WEDNESDAY. Last week the Lord encountered our friend Kingsley, a dynamic apostolic leader from St Louis, with a “now” word that we as a nation are between storms. Don’t miss this. BE SURE TO JOIN US TONIGHT! 

CONFERENCE CALL: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Remember again pre-broadcast prayer begins at 8:45pm! 

FOURTEEN YEARS AGO TODAY, on 07-07-07, a new movement was birthed in the earth. The Call Nashville, led by Lou Engle, compelled our nation to divorce Baal and return to covenant with Jesus Christ alone. It was a life-changing moment for so many of us. We are continually grateful for Lou and the team, as well as leaders who carried out this mandate over the previous 14 years!

Jolene and I had just stepped into full-time ministry at the time. A year earlier prophet Bob Jones conveyed to us that 06-06-2014 was a pivotal moment both for us and for the Body of Christ to begin moving out of the wilderness and into the Spirit. 

As we sought the Lord in the time between 06-06 and 07-07, much of our calling became defined. The Lord prepared us for things ahead we could only barely comprehend. Much of what we are walking in even now was framed out.

I believe that prophetically, the time between today, 07-07-21, and 08-08–21 will be very much the same. Our times will be redeemed. So lets seek His face!

Between the Storms
THE TIME BETWEEN. Kingsley Walker, an apostolic leader and dear friend from St. Louis, recently received a prophetic experience where he saw how our nation was right now between major storms. We will release the full experience, and revelation gained, tonight. But understand this now. During this “time between,” the Lord is opening His door for you and I to encounter Him in a way that prepares us for the future.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that we are now moving through moving through the Hebraic season known as the “dire straits.” Maybe it’s not a coincidence that challenges with Iran and the Straits of Hormuz are heating up. This time period culminates on Tisha b’Av, July 17-18. 

I personally believe this is why 7-22 this year is so important. It’s the pivot point which bears witness to the high importance the Lord is placing on each of these days.

Remember a word we shared last week. The Lord is offering each of us a sword of new favor through this time. This sword can act like a key—Isaiah 22:22—to open doors in the Spirit and natural, even to new realms of revelation. 

But this sword can only be given in exchange for your time. Lets seek the Lord in this season between the storms! 

So join us tonight. And pray this with me:

Father God we give our times to you—our kairos times and chronos times. We dedicate each day between today, 07-07, and 08-08, to You. As an act of devotion we choose to lay down lesser things that drain our time with You. Help us to carve out consistent time with you for both devotional prayer and breakthrough intercession, in Jesus’ Name. 

Time Prayer
Lord please rescue us from any place in our lives where we have entered into wilderness cycles that rob us of time. Re-center us in You. Recalibrate our human spirit and bring us into synergy with Your Throne. Deliver us from dimensions of time imposed upon us by the enemy. Redeem our time!  

Now be present with us and encounter us as we draw near. Prepare us for storms ahead. Help us watch with You and rule with You to mitigate storms and lessen their impact. Prepare for us your place of protection. And prepare us as life-givers for others through coming storms.

Above all, send the holy storm of Your glory! Release the Throne Room winds which supercharge our atmospheres and set in motion Your turnarounds. Cleanse us and refresh us with Your outpouring. And let Heaven and earth be joined together by the lightning of Your holy fire! 

Now according to Exodus 23:20, please send Your angel before us to shamar us—to guard us, protect us, defend us—along the way and to bring us into the place which you have prepared. Guard us between the storms and through the storms. Set the course ahead even now. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!