PRESIDENT TRUMP—PLEASE CONTINUE PRAYING! Pray for protection, clarity, fresh vision and revelation. More on Wednesday’s call.

JOIN US IN LANCASTER PA THIS WEEKEND! January 12-14! Refocus, Realign, recalibrate as we focus on key prophetic themes of the Midnight Cry. Friday evening 7pm, Saturday morning 10am, Saturday evening 7pm, Sunday 10am. Pastor Allan Yoder, Good Shepherd Community Church, Stevens PA.

NEW BOOK—THE MIDNIGHT CRY! Prophetic perceptions for 2018-2020 including Donald Trump, National Turnaround, more. To receive your copy of our new book click here

STARTLING! This word for 2018 seems to be resonating already. After an arctic ice storm pushed us from south Georgia to Florida last Wednesday, we skated back to DC just in time for another ice storm to descend upon us tonight. Startling! Readying candles, coffee and crock pot now…

By the way, please pray for the dedicated worshipers at the 24-7 Davids Tent on the National Mall. This winter they are definitely offering the Lord a sacrifice of praise.

For almost a month now, the dates “January 8-18” have been rolling around in my spirit as a key time to seek the Lord. To the extent that we originally sought to facilitate “the Midnight Cry Prayer Project” over these dates. This changed with the call from Holy Spirit to mobilize immediate prayer for President Trump. This morning’s fire at the Trump Tower only reinforces the mandate to pray. 

That said, I still feel a window of opportunity has been opened during this time to simply draw close to the Lord. It’s a key time to refocus, realign, and recalibrate with Heaven. With heartfelt love, this was emphasized to me as God’s greatest priority for His covenant people as we launch into 2018. It’s the primary reason we wrote our new book “The Midnight Cry.” And I’m so looking forward to seeking His face these next 10 days!

  1. Refocus. Ask the Lord to reset your eyes, your focus, on Jesus. Ask the Lord to fill you afresh with His Holy Spirit! Ask for His Spirit of revelation to impart fresh revelation of Jesus to your human spirit (Eph.1:17). Pray in the Spirit over this request, and each request listed here. Let your eyes be single, so your body can be full of light!
  2. Recalibrate. To recalibrate means to make adjustments in your thoughts or actions which shift your life and performance into greater synchronization or working order. Without an occasional recalibration it takes more work to accomplish less. God wants to reverse this! Ask Him to show you lifestyle changes, large and small, to embrace during this time so that your life and performance can be enhanced. Begin with praise and prayer. Read the Word!
  3. Realign. Remember you are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Seek to be seated with Him. Ask the Lord to realign you with His heart and with His Throne, both His Throne Room activity and Throne Room timing. Ask the Lord also to realign your human spirit, your soul and your body to again flow as one. Finally, ask the Lord to fully “cross you over” in places where you are stuck. This probably includes letting go of aspects of the past that you are still holding on to. 

Finally, remember that tomorrow is our second “Turnaround Tuesday.” Please make time to pray for your sons and daughters especially.

Covenant blessings!