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THE 22 PROJECT! Beginning January 1-22. Lets consecrate 2022 to the Lord with prayer and fasting, renewing our covenant with Him as we prepare to enter new realms of His glory and government. This is for real. God is sevening your 22! 

THE RENEWAL! 9am-5pm Plant City (Tampa) FL, streamed nationwide. With Kevin Jessip, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, David Barton, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, Michele Bachmann, Kent Christmas, Chris Mitchell Jr, Jon & Jolene, more. 

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BREAKING NEWS—Jolene and I are so excited about THE RENEWAL gathering this January 8, hosted by Kevin and Donna Jessip in Plant City FL. The gathering will feature the Mayflower Compact Renewal as a centerpiece, shared by Jon, Jolene, and Chris Mitchell. What a way to start off the year!

We will be standing among giants. Please pray! 

The Lord confirmed our involvement in an unusual way that has reshaped my expectations for 2022. Prophetically, I generally have a solid understanding of His work in the coming year by the time we gather for the ACPE. This really helps, as Cindy Jacobs asks us every year to submit our insights in writing! 

But I did not have a solid understanding at the time. I simply had one phrase, given to me in Jacksonville during our Glory Train gathering over Tabernacles. “The year 2022 is the year of the lampstand, and God is evaluating the condition of our lampstands from region to region!”

That said, for the first time in a decade, we didn’t submit a written word this year. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that “Turnaround Tuesday” burst on the scene actually at the ACPE/GPS gathering. Quick birth!

Further, I was so immersed in writing our new book Turnaround Decrees that there simply was no capacity within me at the time to compile a formal word.

“I AM SEVENING YOUR 22!” Prophetic Word for 2022
So the morning after we flew back to DC from Revolution 2021, the Lord visited me. It was a 4am visitation, similar to the 4am visitation I received immediately upon arriving for Revolution weeks earlier. 

And He expanded on the Lampstand word originally given. I hope to compile the full word soon. But here’s a foretaste, in context with the Renewal.

I felt strongly led to enter into covenant again with the Lord for Washington DC. Then Holy Spirit spoke, “I am sevening your 22!” 

Longtime Lamplighter friends probably can understand the language. Seven is the Hebraic number of covenant. The Lord is establishing our covenant with Him beginning in 2022! Which makes it entirely amazing that our friend Kevin Jessip is hosting the Renewal gathering on January 8, focused on renewing America’s covenant with God. 

“I am sevening your 22!” The word is similar to the 2016 word He gave for the turnaround tour. “I am sevening your covenant commitment with My glory and My government!” And I knew that a grace from the Lord to release the Daniel 7:22 turnaround was again being nationally granted, just as we had prayed. 

I then saw that a high ranking angelic host of the Lord had returned in cooperation with this word—perhaps even to release it to me. Immediately Zechariah 4 flashed before me. 

““And the angel of the Lord that was speaking with me returned and roused me as a man who is awakened from his sleep. And behold a lampstand…”  (Zech. 4:1-2). Biblically, the lampstand represents God’s covenant, and His covenantal presence. He saw the lamp being perpetually filled with fresh oil so it could continue burning. When the prophet asked about the meaning, the reply from Heaven was “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts!” (Zechariah 4:6).

This awakening encounter became a sign for Zechariah of two things. First a “time gate” was opening to finish the work that had been abruptly stopped due to resistance by opponents. Literally the “deep state” of their day. Second, Heaven was pouring a perpetual stream of provision into the lampstand, oil for the menorah to burn continually. This symbolized the provision He was releasing to complete the temple’s rebuilding. Power to gain wealth to establish His covenant! 

Let me share a word from the Lord with you. Beginning in the year 2022 God’s lampstand is once again shining. It is a sign from God to you that a time-gate is opening for recovery. To complete the turnaround! 

Like Zechariah, the previous years may have left you in a state of stupor or slumber. Because in a very real way, the hand of the Lord seemed to have lifted. But now there’s a great return. The the Lord is coming to you again, and even releasing His angelic hosts who partnered with you in a former season to both awaken you and to see the turnaround He promised you through to completion.

Zechariah 4 brings such understanding to the movement God is now releasing. I hope it’s good news to you. Let your lampstand blaze!