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SHALOM Y’ALL. I’M WRITING YOU TODAY from the historic Western Wall. Actually from across the Western Wall, at a renown Yeshiva called Aish HaTorah or “Fire of the Torah.” Lamplighter family, you know Aish well! Because in October you actually sent us and our team here to present a special menorah to the leader. The Lord had spoken to us about restoring His lampstand from Rome to Jerusalem. And we had the honor of journeying to Jerusalem on the final hours of the Feast of Tabernacles to present the menorah at Aish. 

Today we were here for historic meetings with the Latin Coalition for Israel, hosted by Mario Bramnick. We heard from David Friedman, the US Ambassador to Israel. We heard from thriller novelist Joel Rosenberg. We heard from important rabbis. We heard from Heather Johnson, whose pioneering work with Arabs and jews in the west bank has inspired a new way forward for the “Deal of the Century.” 

And we heard from many Hispanic apostles and prophets. Rick Ridings saw decades ago how key Hispanic leaders will sojourn to Jerusalem and bring a fresh release of Holy Spirit fire. Beloved, in a historic way this is being fulfilled before our eyes.

But one of my most special moments was when an Aish leader brought me behind the scenes, into a classroom above the banquet hall, connect again with the man to whom we presented the menorah last October. 

Rabbi Yehuda Weinberg is the son of the founder of Aish HaTorah. He was gracious to welcome our group personally on Tabernacles, when Aish was actually closed. I emphasized my gratitude and briefly recounted our story. We were standing at the Titus Arch in Rome, overcome with grief seeing the diorama of Jewish slaves carrying in the Temple Menorah as plunder through the gates of Rome. Titus had slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Jewish people, and completely destroyed the Temple. And Rome had claimed God’s lampstand. Probably the very lampstand that Judah  or Yehuda Maccabee relit to reconsecrate the Temple to the Lord.

At the Titus Arch, I sensed the Lord impressing upon my heart that He is now restoring His lampstand from Rome to Jerusalem. 

And when we arrived from Rome to Jerusalem in October. I mentioned to my new friend how extraordinary it was that a man named Yehuda had opened “Fire of the Torah” to receive our corporate repentance, and receive the menorah we had carried as a representation of this restoration so precious to God’s heart and ours. 

It was a joy to reconnect with Yehuda today—even as White House faith advisors and leaders from across North and Central America joined at Aish HaTorah on the 71st anniversary of Israel’s rebirth. Well done Mario Bramnick, Connie Wilson and friends. A defining moment! 

And I am coming away with an unquenchable fire burning again within. Holy conviction that it is indeed time to “be a Maccabee” in this hour. Jesus’ lampstand must burn bright against the darkness like never before. We must retake our desolate heritages, light the fire of Presence which alone drives out all embedded darkness, and complete the turnaround the Lord has opened for us. 

Just like Judah Maccabee, it’s going to take courage beyond what we may now understand. Put on your Maccabee mantle. And let His fire consume you.

BTW very clearly, part of our Maccabee prayer is standing against the Prince of Persia in this hour. Tensions are extremely high with Iran. But it’s the third year of Cyrus, a message of breakthrough is indeed being revealed (See Daniel 10). Lets see the Lord bring turnaround!