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FEB. 21-22, Baptism Revival, Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. See for more information.

“GOD IS COMING TO YOU in baptisms. With a baptism of deliverance, and deliverance in baptisms!”

It was about three years ago when the Lord spoke to me to prophesy this coming move of God at Remnant Church in Brunswick GA. I looked around. People in the congregation were looking at me like deer caught in the headlights. 

Even the pastors, our friends Jamie and Redonnia Jackson, had their heads tilted sideways in unison. I could almost read Jamie’s mind. Like, baptism movement… what? Where is he going with this? Has Jon turned Baptist?

Then someone yawned. Flesh to spirit—move on to next topic. 

Spirit to flesh—dive in. “You’re going to experience a much fuller dimension of what God originally intended in baptism,” I said. Or something like that. It’s been a while. “Leave those old garments behind. Out with the old, and in with the new! A time is coming when Remnant Church will even be baptizing multitudes waterside! One particular place where the Spirit of God chooses to brood.”

WELL that might not be happening anytime soon, because it’s wintertime. But Thursday and Friday a baptism revival is coming to Remnant Church! Just inside the sanctuary. Complete with two baptismals for double dunking.

Here’s the back story. Last year revival broke out in a small town north Georgia church as the pastor began to baptized people. The pastor of the church, Todd Smith, was frustrated and on the verge of quitting. Then the manifest Spirit of God literally began brooding over the waters. 

According to an article in Charisma Magazine: 

During Christ Fellowship’s 21-day fast in January, Pastor Todd Smith said God gave him a vision of the church’s baptistry. The baptism pool was full, and there was a strip of fire on top of the water.

Shortly after, Smith says, God “Sat down in our building and rocked our world.” And, revival and the manifest presence of God has been evident ever since in the small charismatic church in Dawsonville, Georgia. To read the full article CLICK HERE.

For a year now, every Sunday evening the church has been packed with people wanting a sovereign touch from the Lord, to the extent that they often keep going until 3 or 4 in the morning. A precious friend of ours was healed of stage 4 cancer in conjunction with this baptism experience. So it really seems genuine.

That said, this Thursday and Friday this small town pastor agreed to come to Remnant Church to share and baptize. 

Jolene and I have been invited to come. WE’RE JUMPING IN!

God’s New Move Prophesied—2006
When I gave this word on baptism at Remnant Church, I plunged into a foundational revelatory word the Lord gave me back in 2006. It was titled, “God’s New Move.” Below is just a portion. The Elijah List posted the word, which you can also read in full— CLICK HERE.

Malachi prophesied the restoration of the “Elijah anointing” before the coming of the Lord. When Christ came to earth the first time, this anointing was in strong manifestation through John the Baptist. And as the ages have progressed towards His second coming, this anointing has been progressively released to again prepare the way.

John the Baptist is known as a prophet, a “friend of the Bridegroom”, given to fasting and prayer. But that’s not the only way John prepared a people to meet the Lord. Zechariah’s son also led a generation into the Jordan to be baptized–to die to the past, arise cleansed from sin, and prepared for the Bridegroom. 

Beloved, baptism is a prophetic action that symbolizes a much greater reality. There’s a river flowing from God’s throne that cleanses us from sin–that manifests the power of Christ’s blood in the deliverance of His people. To be prepared to “meet the Bridegroom”, we must have a fresh baptism in this river. Like a rushing stream, God’s Spirit is about to flow in deliverance to such a magnitude, that massive numbers of people will be released from generational bondage. 

We’re going to experience deliverance in baptisms, as well as a baptism of deliverance. And for many “John the Baptists'” of this hour, your job description is about to be expanded. 

I personally believe this thing is bigger than we currently understand. I can’t wait to see how the Lord brings His movement to greater fullness as we enter into harvest today!