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IT’S TURNAROUND TIME. So last Wednesday at HAPN we had the privilege of sharing a wild message on “Back to the Future.” It’s drawn in part from the new book we’re working on called “Turnaround Decrees.” A central focus is the re-release of Daniel 7:22, a verdict of justice decreed in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom. As most of you know we ventured to Alaska on 7-22-2021 to see this expression governmentally released. 

On the flight back I looked for a good movie.“Back to the Future” seemed like a clean alternative to other offerings. It not only entertained me for a few hours, but left me absolutely stunned. 

“I’ve calculated the distance and wind resistance retroactive from the moment the lightning strikes, AT EXACTLY 7 MINUTES and 22 SECONDS. When this alarm goes off, you hit the gas!

Yes, it’s true. Exactly 7 minutes and 22 seconds is the timing featured for the breakthrough by a mad scientist hanging from a clock tower, where a lightning bolt is conveniently predestined to strike. The surge of energy from the bolt becomes fuel for the flux capacitor. A time gate then opens, and Marty gets propelled—BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Crazy. Given God’s emphasis on Daniel 7:22 especially, you can’t make this stuff up. And then the Lord began to talk to me about a core message embedded within the movie. Like Marty and Doc, you can repair the past to redeem the present, and secure God’s dream for your future!

Hope you enjoy the message. And we are looking forward to connecting tonight! To watch click below!