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Some calls with prophets will change your life. Some will even change your realm! And that is exactly what happened to me a few days ago, in an unexpected conversation with Gary Beaton.

Like a decade of revelation was downloaded in half an hour. We talked numbers—specifically, 722 and 444. As we compared notes, we were in a realm.

Admittedly, the conversation was out there. But if you’re really honest, what other kind of conversation do you want to have with prophets? I mean, at least once in a while.

Some of you are out there. No wait… what I mean is, some of you out there are getting 722 and 444 from the Lord too. Right?

Of course we talked turnarounds. About the Daniel 7:22 verdict the Lord granted on 7-22, and how seemingly impacted the Israeli elections as well as American elections. I also shared with him a highly unusual “7:22 encounter” I’ve been holding back on till now. But seeing how we’re cruising by Hollywood CA this morning, it’s only appropriate to share… Back to the Future!

444 Swirl
Lets begin with 444. Gary shared how angels of the Lord were awakening him at exactly 4:44 am. For more than a week!

Amazingly, I had a few nuggets of my own to add to his 444 conversation as well. It was pretty wild that during Passover this 4-4, a blood moon bore witness to humanity for exactly 4 minutes and 44 seconds. Just after President Obama, our 44th president, solidified the framework of a nuclear deal with Iran.

Friends, that’s a blood moon on 4-4 for 00:04:44 as our 44th president launched us into a whole new era. With Gary being awakened by angels at 4:44 am. Yikes!

No King but Jesus! Psalm 44:4
What does this mean? I believe the Lord highlighted two passages to me. The first is Psalm 44:4. The passage says simply, “You are my King, O God. Command victories for Jacob!”

No King but Jesus… how appropriate for this hour! Victories are being commanded for Jacob—for Israel, even in times of weakness and wrestling. You have to admit, this is really good…

Back to the Future! Zechariah 4
The second passage is Zechariah 4—the whole chapter. It begins with an angel awakening Zechariah, just as angels have been awakening Gary over the past few weeks.

Then the angel who was speaking with me returned, and roused me as a man who is awakened from his slumber. He said to me, what do you see? And I said, I see, and behold a lampstand… (Zech 4:1-2).

Note that biblically, angels awaken people—spiritually and naturally. Also, note that this angel was speaking with Zechariah in a former season of his life. When things went silent, the prophet fell asleep. But suddenly, at a kairos time, the angel returned, roused him, and began speaking again!

An angel from his past returned to awaken him and frame his future. Back to the future!

I can say with full assurance this is going on right now in many of your lives as of this Purim/ Passover season. Because it is in my own life. Angels are being released. The Lord is speaking afresh, and He is awakening within me key words which He spoke to me in former seasons.

Time to go back to the future! In other words, to revisit words from the past that the Lord is activating now to frame your future.

Burning Lamp Awakening
More on this in a moment. But as Zechariah awakens, he sees a lampstand. A burning lamp! And the burning lamp bears witness to Zerubbabel that it’s now time to complete the temple restoration in his capitol city of Jerusalem. Every aspect of this passage is so key to our hour, to our own lives as well as our world.

More on this in a future posting. For now, lets just say we are in a season of awakening. What is God awakening in your life?

Back to the Future! Unusual Encounter…
Jolene and I were exhausted and euphoric as we flew home from Israel. It was the day after the Israeli elections, and we had just witnessed the historic turnaround that so many of us had been prophesying about and praying into. Against all odds, Netanyahu won!

Further, we were coming home with fresh grace from the Lord. While in Israel, perhaps during our commissioning for the Glory Procession, I became aware that an angel of the Lord from a former season had literally returned to co-labor with us again!

All this to say I was hoping to have an encounter on the flight home. I tried to pray. I watched the flight tracker map and tried to see Greece through the clouds. And eventually I gave up and watched a movie.

You probably guessed it already… Back to the Future.

This Hollywood classic came out in 1985, during my senior year of high school. Great memories. And I suddenly became aware of just how prophetic this movie was for this hour!

Lightning Strike… 7:22!
Remember the plot? Terrorists kill a mad scientist just as he is testing a time machine built out of a DeLorean. His protege, played by Michael J Fox, watches helplessly, and then decides to go back to the past in order to make things right.

When he arrives in 1955, the DeLorean is damaged. To return to 1985, Fox must get a supercharge from a bolt of lightning. One that made time stand still, that stopped the town clock from working.

All this to say, the ignition point must be timed precisely with the lightning strike for everything to work. Timing must be perfect—even when everything turns disastrous!

In the midst of this disaster, that’s when the mad scientist turns to his protege and screams, “Hurry! You only have exactly 7 MINUTES AND 22 SECONDS until the lightning strike!”

7:22. Are you kidding me? Seven minutes and 22 seconds until the lightning strike that propels you from the past to the present, after fixing the past so your future is better.

Are you kidding me?

If you follow our postings, you already know that Daniel 7:22 prophesies about a courtroom judgment from Heaven that literally stops the terrorism of an antichrist spirit in his tracks. So the saints of the present have to look to this passage of the past to frame their present world and see humanity preserved for the future.

Towards 2015
Back to the Future. First experienced by Esther a generation after Daniel scribed his prophecy. Daniel 7:22 played out literally before her eyes, as the scepter was extended to bring judgment in her favor. Haman fell to the gallows, and her covenant people were preserved!

You probably also know that the Hebrew word for intercession is “paga,” which also means lightning. And the flash of intercession is what repairs our past so that a better future can be secured.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

One more thing to mention. The movie ends with the mad scientist taking his DeLorean into the future. Actually into 2015.

7:22, 2015. Back to the future. I’m still trying to make sense of this. But one thing I know, you just cannot make this stuff up…

Looking forward to tonight’s call with you.