AUG 31: East Coast Prayer Movement, Israel, and Isaiah 19

Jon & Jolene are making their first trip to Israel this September! Thanks to the generosity of so many, we need only $600 more to finance the trip. Please consider a donation today. We are grateful!

Yesterday we shared two prophetic experiences related to the emergence of a prayer movement that is international in scope yet has a unique identity within the east coast.

In 2000, while in Colorado Springs CO, The Lord gave me a prophetic experience related to this. I saw a vision of three fighter jets taking off, representing three prayer movements. The last jet took off from the mid-atlantic region, and I knew The Lord was both prophesying and asking me to stand for an east coast prayer movement that had yet to fully be birthed. I believe this movement is being birthed in this season.

These jets—representing three prayer movements—converged and entered into military formation over New England, and shot across the Atlantic to fight on behalf of Israel.

From this experience, I knew that a very perilous day for Israel would soon be at hand. And The Lord deeply desired for our nation’s respective prayer movements to be a strength to His covenant land and people, fighting for the life and dream He has for her and for the region.

And for the corporate grace of these national movements to be complete, an east coast prayer movement needed to get off the ground!

Movements and Air Bases
Yesterday we touched on these three prayer movements. It’s interesting how airbases correlate. At the time of the vision, Colorado Springs, where the spiritual warfare movement took off, was the host of NORAD headquarters—our military’s global war room. Hard to miss that correlation! Not far from Kansas City, where the 24/7 Harp & Bowl movement took off, is Whiteman Air Force Base. Our fleet of B-52 long-range stealth bombers is located there. To me this correlates to the ministry of the International House of Prayer in an incredible way!

And just outside of Washington DC is Andrews Air Force Base, which hosts the Presidential air entourage. To me this really seems to correlate with the Kingship authority God desires to demonstrate in the midst of the emerging Crown and Throne movement.

As a point of interest—our friend Matt Lockett just moved the Justice House of Prayer missions base from Capitol Hill to the very shadow of Andrews Air Force Base! Of course they still pray consistently on Capitol Hill, at the Supreme Court etc. But God supernaturally provided for him to secure a massive home near Andrews… in the very season when this Crown and Throne movement is being launched by the Spirit of God!

You just cannot make this stuff up.

13 Colonies
Shortly before she passed, breakthrough prophet Jill Austin gave Jolene and me a final prophetic word. She was ministering at the Gate when she began to speak about an anointing of a “general” and a call to convene a “second continental congress.” From her word, this continental congress seemed to represent both the continent and the 13 colonies!

Obviously, it was in these 13 colonies that the original roots of our nation were forged. Romans 11:16 shares how, if the root is holy, so are the branches! In other words, as the Lord deals with the covenant roots of our land, the branches across the nation will be strengthened! This is especially true in governmental realms.

We have also long perceived the 13 original colonies as the geographic “east gate” of our nation. Ezekiel 43 conveys how God restores His glory by way of the gate facing east! Again, if He sends His glory into the roots of our nation, the branches across our land will immediately receive His glory.

This is exactly how God moved in the first two great awakenings. I firmly believe it is a major part of His plan for the third great awakening!

On to Israel: Our Journey
In my own journey, I have never been a passive observer of the prayer movements mentioned above, but instead have been wholeheartedly invested in each one. For years I lived on Cape Cod, working as a photojournalist while praying for this move of awakening we’ve all been contending for. In the late 1990s I moved to Colorado Springs to work for Generals of Intercession. From 2000-2003 I served at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and then was led by the Spirit of God to move back to metro DC, close to where I grew up. Now by God’s grace, Jolene and I are living in DC!

Prophetically, I believe it is significant that The Lord is sending us to Israel for the first time this September. For us anyway, it is definitely a sign! An east coast prayer movement is being launched. Movements are converging and entering into formation. We together are being compelled and propelled by the Holy Spirit to contend for Israel’s protection and blessing!

Isaiah 19: Egypt, Syria, Israel
Let me end with this thought. The Lord used Jerusalem prayer leader Rick Ridings to prophesy what is undoubtedly at least the next phase of this movement, now being birthed. Crown and Throne. Where kingly, governmental intercession matures as we hear and proclaim God’s word. Where God rides on a swift cloud according to Isaiah 19, and topples the thrones of Egypt.

One key to understand about Isaiah 19 is how God exercises His “Crown and Throne” authority not to deliver His people out of lands run by evil dictators tied to idolatry and subjugation, but instead to deliver evil dictators out of these lands. We’ll share more on this later, but lands He specifically identifies for this deliverance and claims as His own are Israel’s neighbors Egypt and Syria!

It goes without saying that Syria and Egypt are now top on the list of prayer projects, especially with Syria’s Assad allegedly using chemical warfare to slaughter as many as 1500 men, women and children.

So pray for President Obama, our governmental and military leaders, and our intelligence community. Lets also continue to pray for Egypt, Syria and Israel. And lets keep interceding for this Crown and Throne movement to be fully birthed. Selah!