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THE WORD WAS TURNAROUND. Actually, rapid turnaround. 

On 12-12, our Midnight Shining call prophesied into the impeachment crisis with many voices resounding virtually the same word from the Lord. James Goll prophesied “boomerang,” a one-word prophecy also declared earlier by Cindy Jacobs. Lynnie Harlow prophesied “rapid turnaround.” I prophesied turnaround as well from Daniel 7:22. Sharing the vision of Heaven’s gavel falling at the Capitol, with Jesus seated as the Cornerstone of American democracy. Covenant with death and hell annulled! And the midnight riders released. 

With 12-12 trumping Friday the 13. Remember Friday the 13th was the date that the House impeachment hearings, which began on October 31, were wrapped up. The Senate trial began January 16.

The date 12-12 also marked the date the United Kingdom voted for their Prime Minister, electing Boris Johnson and his party to rule. Praying on the Midnight Shining call with intercessors from the UK, we saw how the two breakthroughs being contended for were inextricably linked. 

Wild Convergence—Serious—Let My People Go
I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Brexit is enacted today, the same day—hopefully—as President Trump’s impeachment acquittal. As Boris Johnson has observed, it’s truly the dawning of a new day. 

And then there’s this. Just received a text from Gideon Group member Lori Perz. Incredible. Checked on it. It’s true. 

“So…POTUS possibly being acquitted today. UK coming out of EU. And the anniversary of Congress passing 13th Amendment/abolition of slavery. What convergence. LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

Yes you read this right. President Trump will be acquitted, and Brexit enacted, on the 155th anniversary of Congress’ passage of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

Well said Lori. LET MY PEOPLE GO! Deep State deliverance included. Very serious. You simply cannot make this stuff up. 

Last Night We Took Cindy Jacobs to the Capitol…
So last night Jolene and I had an unexpected visitor. Cindy Jacobs stayed at our place, heading today to a White House meeting. We had a great dinner. Cindy, we asked, would you like to do anything else?

Maybe a night tour of DC, she replied.

For some strange reason our car seemed to navigate itself right to the US Capitol. And the midnight ride was on! The light at the top of the Capitol was still shining, signaling that deliberations were continuing well into the night. 

Cindy would you like to pray? 

At the Capitol, Cindy declared “Heaven’s Gavel has fallen!” I declared “Boomerang!” We came into agreement together for an expedited turnaround ending the trial with President Trump acquitted, according to what the Holy Spirit had individually shown us. 

Maybe this tipped the scales, maybe not. Above all we were just sent as witnesses to your petitions and prayers 

Late Night Call—Senator Signals Impeachment End
All this said, a late-night call by Senator Lamar Alexander the same evening essentially settled the impeachment issue. Senator Alexander was one of four Republican senators keeping the door open to calling witnesses to the impeachment trial. All four would be needed along with the Democratic senators to prolong the trial with testimony from witnesses. 

Mitt Romney had already demanded witnesses. Senator Susan Collins signaled last night that she wanted to hear from witnesses. Whereupon Senator Alexander announced he needed no further testimony as he did not consider Trump’s handling of the Ukraine investigation regarding the Bidens to warrant impeachment. A diplomatic blunder, yes. But not an impeachable offense.

Which means that, given no further surprises, President Trump will be acquitted today by the US Senate, ending the impeachment debacle today instead of down the road in March. 

Can’t Drain the Swamp by Adding More Swamp
That’s what I call “rapid turnaround.” Especially as it’s right in line with our word posted on Elijah List this week. “Impeachment Turnaround—the Gavel has Fallen for LIFE.” The full posting is below.

But that said, if the impeachment process were to continue with witnesses called, I believe the verdict would be the same. Probably with more Democrats siding with Republicans. Because the witnesses would by necessity expose more dirty laundry regarding “quid pro quo,” the Bidens, Burisma and the Ukraine. Especially narrative put forth by Rep. Schiff seemed compromised from the very beginning in that the whistleblower actually collaborated with VP Biden on the Ukraine. 

Here’s a recipe for all parties to clearly understand. You can’t drain a swamp by adding more swamp. 

Allegory doesn’t work for you? How about this one. You can’t wash dirty laundry in a swamp!

Below is our prophetic posting which ran this past Tuesday on the Elijah List. As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems incredibly timely. Thank you Steve Shultz, editor Julie Smith for a great job bringing clarity, and the Elijah List team. You can read the word below. Also, to read it on the Elijah List website CLICK HERE.

I want to mention one thing on this. In the vision below I saw a man walk from the Capitol to the Supreme Court. Then a massive womb appeared over all of Capitol Hill, signaling the end of government-funded abortion. Never thought of this before today. Could it represent Chief Justice John Roberts, who is currently presiding over the Senate trial, rejoining the Court upon acquittal? Have we even today entered into this very shift? 

It’s truly quite a day. 

The Gavel has Fallen:
Impeachment Turnaround Securing LIFE
From Steve Shultz, Elijah List. This is a most intriguing word by Jon Hamill of Washington, DC.
Even this week of watching the impeachment trials, it’s really important that we pray for our president and all leaders as we are urged to in 1 Timothy 2. There are some powerful revelations and visions from the Hamills…

Last Friday, Washington DC welcomed the 26th annual March for Life. May 2020 go down in history as the year we complete the turnaround for LIFE. Prophetic insights below share on this potential.

In a prophetic experience early in September, the Lord showed how President Trump’s unprecedented pro-life advancements form the baseline for the highest levels of resistance to his presidency. And on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, almost exactly a year away from when America votes in 2020, the Lord showed how His gavel has fallen for both an impeachment turnaround and for an incredible advancement for LIFE. Covenant with death and Hell will be annulled!

Please take time to prayerfully engage with the prophetic word below. Though I originally shared this on November 19, 2019, it speaks to this very moment.

Heaven’s Gavel Has Fallen!
I’ve got a word from the Lord to share with you today. In a vision, I saw how God has reconstituted His Daniel 7:22 verdict in favor of the saints, even for the 2020 elections. His gavel has fallen for an impeachment turnaround.

I actually saw the gavel fall during our prayer movement launch this November 5. We were touring the Supreme Court and then the Capitol after our launch, closing out our prayer at the very cornerstone of our nation’s governance.

As we were praying at the Capitol, I turned and suddenly saw a vision. Much like Daniel’s vision of the handwriting on the wall, a Judge’s gavel suddenly appeared, striking with fierce intentionality. The sheer magnitude of authority expressed in the vision froze me in my tracks. The vision disappeared as quickly as it came.

We had just made some potent declarations. We declared that the covenant with death and Hell was annulled (Isaiah 28:18), that forces empowering deception were overthrown. We declared turnaround and Jesus now seated as the cornerstone of our national governance – in all three branches. The gavel fell as if in response. Verdict sealed!

Daniel 7:22 Reconstituted for 2020
Later in the week, while in New England, I saw a picture of the Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict” being reconstituted. A massive waterfall flowed from Heaven. The scroll of the Turnaround Verdict cascaded down the waterfall from Heaven to Earth. It was a clear message that the Lord was intent on securing His turnaround for this election year.

When Parties Openly Defy the Lord the Gavel Falls
What does the turnaround look like? This last September, the Lord gave me a prophetic experience conveying the potential of a Republican sweep in the 2020 elections. I’m not seeking to be political here, or tell anyone how to vote. Both parties have severe faults. Also, there are aspects of God’s intended turnaround conditional and dependent on the obedience of leaders entrusted to the office. But many aspects are not.

I wrote then, “I also sensed one particular party had so openly defied the Lord, in word and in deed, that He was ready to bring the gavel fully down.”

In truth, I had totally forgotten this perception when, on November 5 (almost exactly) a year from the 2020 elections, I saw the gavel fall by the cornerstone in the Capitol. Only in copying and pasting the word below today did I rediscover it. Below is the word.

The Gavel Falls – Prophetic Perception on 2020 Elections
In the vision, a bridge to the White House appeared. I walked across the bridge and went tentatively through an open door. At that moment the Lord spoke to me clearly, “I keep moving to open doors you keep trying to shut!” I wholeheartedly repented.

In the vision President Trump was at the top of stairs with crimson carpet in his private residence, kneeling as if praying and pondering. He signaled to me, inviting me to enter into prayer. His hands were on a miniature sculpture of the Capitol. Interestingly, it was brown.

In the vision I was a little taken aback. “Was President Trump seeking to reshape the Capitol?” Immediately the word of the Lord came, “What I desire to do next in this nation requires peace between the two offices!”

This prophetic perception is a direct reference to Zechariah 6:13. “Yes, it is He who will build the temple of the Lord, and He who will bear the honor and sit and rule on His throne. Thus, He will be a priest on His throne, and the counsel of peace will be between the two offices.”

But I also knew intuitively the Lord was speaking about a sweep in the 2020 elections which would give Trump’s political party the majority in both the House and Senate.

I was frankly astonished. Friends, if you know Jolene and me, we are governmental but we are definitely not political. No King but Jesus! So for this prophetic perception to even cross my mind was totally out of my box.

I sensed in this experience as well as in the Isaiah 6 experience, that the Lord is shaking the highest seats of authority across the political spectrum, bringing much needed correction and redemptive exposure. But in this experience I also sensed one particular party had so openly defied the Lord, in word and in deed, that He was ready to bring the gavel fully down.

LIFE Prevails Over Covenant with Death
Finally the vision shifted, and I was looking over Capitol Hill. I saw a back door open from the Senate to the Supreme Court. A person walked from one building to the next. Then the entirety of the area became a giant womb. A beautiful child was within the membrane of this womb, sucking his or her thumb.

I knew this represented the prevailing of LIFE over the covenant with death and Hell which empowered abortion in America.

What Does This Look Like?
What does the “gavel falling” truly look like? I honestly don’t really know. Seems to me it looks like a sweep, catalyzing the very thing Trump’s opponents are trying hardest to prevent. The full completion of the turnaround for LIFE in America.

But if that’s true, how much of this is conditional? How will it happen? Given the current state of conflict in Washington DC, I cannot but wonder what lies before us that would so infuriate Americans that the masses would want to vote to completely eradicate the influence of a particular party. I also have to wonder if things would be different if leaders of this party were to truly repent and realign with God’s heart and Word.

Let me be clear on something: In the prophetic experience I saw President Trump on his knees, praying. He was in a place of repentance, humility and prayer, with a genuine cry coming forth from his heart. To me this conveys that the summons of Teshuvah (repentance) is vital for all leaders to secure God’s best in this season, even including President Trump. Chuck Pierce spoke of this at the Global Prophetic Consultation. That’s the alignment the Lord is seeking.

There are those who seek to “bind the president until he is removed from office.” But by verdict of Heaven’s court, turnaround has been decreed. The details of how this will be and is being played out, I do not know. But the handwriting is on the wall. No King but Jesus.

Jon and Jolene Hamill
Lamplighter Ministries