Call Tonight! Understanding the Times and Consecrating Your Time

Gideon Reclamation Project Jan. 1-21

PLEASE PRAY NOW for Republicans in the House of Representatives to perceive and elect God’s designated choice for Speaker. Take time to pray in the Spirit over this. We call this person to the forefront in Jesus’ Name, and declare the gates of sabotage must now be shut!

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April 19-May 1, 2023 with Ed Watts, James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene. Focused on the forerunner call. Includes two-day summit on Mt. Carmel! For more information

“And the word of the Lord came to me a second time, saying, “What do you see?” And I said, “I see a boiling pot, tilting towards us from the north…” (Jer. 1:13-14).

THE VALLEY OF ARMAGEDDON was spread before us like a scroll as we prayed from Tel Megiddo, the watchman’s hill from which the valley is named. Jolene saw a vision of a ticking clock laying across the battlefield. This began a prophetic experience where  the Lord unfolded revelatory understanding imperative for 2023. In it He made clear a fresh directive to consecrate our times and seasons to Him. 

The date of this experience is very important. Chuck Pierce released a prophecy about a boiling pot that would boil over beginning on December 10. We visited Armageddon—again more properly “Har Megiddo” or “Tel Megiddo”—just a day before. We felt it imperative to consecrate ourselves there, and at Gideon Springs, before journeying to the Jordan River to pick up the Elijah mantle on December 10. “Consecrate yourselves as Gideon and I will give you the mantle of Elijah…” rang  strong in my spirit just as the Lord had spoken.

Background on Armageddon
The Valley of Armageddon is more correctly known as Israel’s Jezreel Valley. Jezreel means “God sows.” Maybe it’s no coincidence the fertile valley has now fulfilled biblical prophecy by becoming Israel’s breadbasket. 

But the valley is much better known for another aspect of biblical prophecy. According to Revelation 16, it’s where “the kings of the entire world gather…for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty” (Rev. 16:14). The ultimate conflict of thrones, perhaps the defining battle between good and evil, is prophesied to occur there. 

Armageddon, or more properly Har Megiddo or Tel Megiddo, is actually a small hill nestled against the Carmel range. For thousands of years Tel Megiddo has served as a watchman’s perch, where Israel’s intelligence community kept watch over the Jezreel Valley against the armies of nations attempting to invade. 

Maybe it’s no coincidence that Megiddo was allotted to the tribe of Issachar! In any case it is vital to understand that the entire end-time battle between light and darkness is actually named after this watchman’s perch—not the field of battle

Tick Tock to the Holy Clock—Jolene’s Prophetic Experience
Jolene and I sojourned to Israel in early December on a special assignment from the Lord that had taken us from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to ports across the nation, to Rees Howells’ bible college in Wales, and literally to Armageddon. Our assignment was to declare God’s restraining of a global, armageddon-type war the enemy was seeking to provoke in order to decimate God’s harvest in the nations.

And as mentioned, in the midst of our prayer watch Jolene saw a vision. Looking over the astonishing view, a giant clock with two large hands became superimposed on the Jezreel Valley. The timepiece stood like a grandfather clock, with a metronome-type hand gliding back and forth. In her spirit Jolene then began to hear a prophetic song from our friend Redonnia Jackson. TICK TOCK TO THE HOLY CLOCK. 

The mandate came with clarity. “Armageddon” must align with God’s holy timetable. Israel must align with God’s timetable. The United States must align with God’s timetable. And so must we—personally and even as the HAPN community. 

Tick tock to the holy clock! It’s time to consecrate our hours, our days, our weeks to Him. It’s time to align with His consecration of shabbat, and with the timing of the biblical feasts. 

And equally important, It’s time to lay down our agendas to pick up His agenda for the season. 

We’ve Entered a Midnight Hour
As Jolene continued to seek the Lord, Holy Spirit showed her the digitized numbers of the date “12-10,” highlighted to Chuck Pierce for the boiling pot. The numbers suddenly flipped and formed “10 to 12.” She knew the Lord was warning her that we are essentially ten minutes away from a midnight hour that will affect all people.

At first that does not seem like good news. Chuck’s word warned that “Beginning December 10, no matter how much poison or death we see about us, remember God already has a plan for healing to come. However the warfare we will be going through will not go away.”

That’s a challenging word. 

Here’s some good news though. Remember how Gideon partnered with the angel of the Lord. It was AT MIDNIGHT that Gideon blew the trumpets and lit the burning lamps. The forces of darkness devouring the harvest became supernaturally scattered. And the nation of Israel became secured once again under God. This is how the “Gideon Reclamation Project” began in his day. And it has in ours as well.

The fact is that biblically, the midnight hour is many times the pivot-point for turnaround! I will say that prophetically, 2023 is key for us to engage in a similar manner to Elijah and Gideon—and once again see the turnaround He has promised.

Extended Passover with Daily Communion
When the Lord gave Jolene the “10 minutes to 12” vision, He showed her  that December 10 marks the beginning of another extended Passover season.  She had this word previously in years past right before covid. In this season—now through Passover—the word of the Lord for us personally, and I believe even for HAPN leaders is to receive communion daily. Plead and apply the blood of Jesus over your gates. Lets stake in God’s covering over families, our spheres, our nation!

Another way the Lord is asking you personally to consecrate your time is to start every morning off with prayer. It’s time to regain your first-love devotion to the Lord. Seriously. By this you will become a burning lamp in the midnight hour, whose oil will not run out. 

Here’s a prayer and decree to launch you into the consecration of your time. We suggest you come before the Table of the Lord for this. 

Tick Tock to the Holy Clock! Prayer and Decree
Father God, we humbly come to you in this season. We want to utilize the 10 minutes before midnight for Your glory. Please align us with Your timing in every facet of our lives.

As we take our seats at Your table, we thank You that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Father God we call our human spirits out of every realm and dimension of the second heavens where occult forces have sought to either trap us or restrict us. Enforce Your restraining order and disengage us from all principalities and powers. Cleanse us from all defilement, known and unknown, that has impeded our alignment. Please now center us before Your Throne and within our own being. 

As we receive the body and blood of the Lamb, refocus our entire being on Jesus Christ! Help us to see our first-love devotion to Jesus fully restored. Make us Your burning lamps again!

We ask that You synergize us first with Your heart and purpose, Lord. Second we ask that You synergize us with Your Throne, and the real-time activities of Your Throne. Give us revelation and strategies sourced from Your Throne. Make us Throne Room watchmen! 

Third we ask that You synergize us with the move of Your Holy Spirit from Your Throne into the earth realm. Fourth, as with Gideon, please synergize us with Your angelic hosts and their operations and assignments in our own lives, in our spheres, and in our nation. 

Father God as You enter us into Heaven’s rhythm and timing, please also “synch us up” with each other. Align us for Your glory! Grant us supernatural synergy and unity, that we may move as one to advance Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.