HISTORIC call last night with James Goll! James shared specific prophetic insight on political challenges, the power of tears in prayer, as well as Prayer Storm and the significance of Azusa Now, the United Cry DC and revival. Replay number: 641-715-3598 access code 552-690.

Video—with Cindy Jacobs word “Glory Revolutionaries”
Join Cindy, Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, Jon and Jolene and others this Patriots Day, the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride, for the East Coast launch of the Glory Train! 6:30 pm April 18 at Faneuil Hall Boston. 

PASSOVER DC! April 22 with Dutch Sheets
Video—Passover DC with Dutch Sheets
Join us 6:30 pm Passover, April 22 at Davids Tent DC on the National Mall. Make plans now!

Friends, last night’s call was historic. I probably use this term too much, but it cannot be emphasized enough because of the weight of prophetic revelation and declaration granted by the Lord. From tears to revival to God’s restraining order in today’s political field, you don’t want to miss!

Today I want to briefly review the final portion of James’ call. In a prophetic experience James was standing on ground that was very parched and longing for moisture. He was weeping. A drop of rain came from Heaven, and when it hit the ground he heard the word “awake.” Another drop came, then another, with the same word “awake” upon contact.

As James wept, the waters increased. The stronger flow of rain came with the word “awaken.” Then a final downpour with the word “AWAKENING!”

James realized that the flow of rain represented outpourings from bottles in Heaven where our tears are stored. “You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?” (Psalm 56:8).

Beloved, James saw how God is weeping over America and our condition as a nation. He is travailing through tears for our breakthrough. We know that when we sow in tears, we will reap in joy (Psalm 126:5). This principle applies first to Jesus, and then to every saint that enters into this identification with His heart.

Do you want awakening? Do you want revival, the restoration of God’s glory? Do you want your children, parents, friends to come to Jesus Christ? Do you want a turnaround for this nation?

Try tears. Drop your defenses and become tender-hearted. Enter into the vulnerability and desperation in your spirit that grabs Heaven’s heart and does not let go until miracles are birthed.

James has been weeping over America ever since this visitation. As we approach April 9 and then the 14 days to Passover, Jolene and I encourage you spend time weeping before God’s Throne. Mix your prayers with the tears already flowing from Heaven, and lets see this awakening fully released on our parched land!

Tears. My part to share is that your tears count before Heaven’s Court. And it has everything to do with God’s Passover miracle. If we want the same miracles today for our nation—a turnaround for multitudes from subjugation into freedom—lets position ourselves in the same manner to receive them!

Exodus 2 says this. “God heard their cries and remembered His covenant…” The word for “heard” is the Hebrew word “Shama” which means among other things, “courtroom hearing.”

God held court. He held a courtroom hearing to review evidence accumulated over generations—400 years specifically! And what did the evidence consist of?

He heard their cries.

Beloved, in the justice causes you are pursuing in the Lord, is there evidence in Heaven’s Court for your verdict? Are there cries—are there tears?

Over the next two weeks, lets present the Lord with fresh evidence which demands Heaven’s verdict. Lets saturate our prayers and saturate our land with tears.

Vision by Jonathan—Tears and Heaven’s Bowls
Let me close with a vision my son Jonathan received when he was only 12 years old. He’s 25 now, and as most of you know has personally experienced a wholehearted turnaround to the Lord after a time of seeking and exploring.

Keep this detail in mind—Jonathan had this vision on Christmas Night 2002, and returned to the Lord on Christmas Day 2016. Tangible proof that the Lord is unflinchingly faithful to our tears.

Though this vision is from 2002, it carries extraordinary relevance for this very moment, especially as he was prophesying about the Call movement led by Lou Engle. The posting originally ran on the Elijah List February 20, 2003.

On the night of Christmas I [Jonathan] was feeling angry for some reason, and I went into my prayer closet to go before God. Then I asked Him, “What’s happening?” Then the Lord said, “We are about tip the bowls; come let Me show you.” And we went into an open field with a massive stone pool (about twelve stories deep) in the center of the field and large white pillars at the edge of the field.

At the bottom of the pool were little puddles, and I asked Him what they are. Then He said to me those are the tears of the saints stored up and would not dry up, even in the midst of a drought. 

He called these “tears of the saints that collected at the bottom of the pool ‘wells of revival’ that have refused to dry up. The Lord said, “We are going to tip the bowls… “Let Me give you a demonstration of what We are going to do on that day.” And then two angels came in, each carrying one of the many bowls at the altar. These bowls were brown and looked as if they were made out of clay but there were many other bowls at the altar. (The bowls seemed as wide as a building and about two stories tall.)

Then they lightly tipped the bowls so it filled one brick level. The brick level was about six inches. He said this is just a little bit of what is going to happen… If you know the bowls are the prayers of the saints and all the prayers that have stored up over all the generations will (soon) be released into full measure. You need to help the angels tip the bowls by believing it can be done.

I feel this means the Lord is going to bless us, the Call, and he is going to find pleasure to a greater measure while he swims in our prayers instead of just touching puddles.