GLORY TRAIN AT THE GATE! 7:30 pm Saturday evening April 9, Whole Word Fellowship Chapel. Join United Cry DC beforehand at Lincoln Memorial! 

East Coast launch with Cindy Jacobs 6:30 pm April 18 at Faneuil Hall Boston. Promo video click here. New website at

Dutch Sheets in Washington DC on Passover! 6:30 pm April 22 at Davids Tent DC on the National Mall. 

Jolene and I are so excited to share next Saturday night, April 9 at the Gate DC in the chapel of Whole Word Fellowship. For many of us the night will conclude a nationwide expression of prayer and fasting. With the Glory Train rolling through the Gate!

As many of you know, the Lord made clear last fall that we are in a limited window of opportunity to see national turnaround. Obviously we are way beyond the point where politics alone can save our nation. It’s going to take a move of God to dislodge the embedded evil has laid claim to our land!

And he Lord is offering America a most extraordinary gift—to see His presence and power move again across our nation in a catalytic move of national awakening. To see His glory restored!

We sensed the Lord asking Jolene and me to give ourselves to this focus for the entire year with the Glory Train project. Circling the entire nation by train for prayer and revival. So far we have traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, and British Columbia before embarking on the train in Seattle for a journey from Washington to Washington. Amazing!

We launch again on April 18 with Cindy Jacobs at Faneuil Hall Boston. Dutch Sheets will be joining us on Passover at Davids Tent in Washington DC. Make plans now to join us!

In a moment I want to share with you a brief prophetic overview of the Glory Train. But before we go there, check out the significance of April 9. The date marks the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street outpouring which birthed the entire Pentecostal and Charismatic movement. The restoration of God’s glory!

For this reason, Lou Engle is gathering with 100,000 saints in LA for “Azusa Now.” And for this same reason, 30,000 pastors and leaders are joining together at the Lincoln Memorial for United Cry DC. All this on April 9!

And you and I get to close out the evening with a Glory Train service AT THE GATE DC. Friends it is time to welcome His glory through the gates. You simply cannot make this stuff up!

Before we close, let me give you just a brief perspective on the Glory Train project. The Lord first spoke to us on this in Virginia Beach in 2014. I saw a vision of railroad tracks being laid from Virginia Beach to San Diego. A massive steam engine was rolling down these tracks, and the Lord spoke to me “Glory Train!” I knew He was filling the house of this nation by way of the Gate facing east (see Ezekiel 43).

You guys know how it is when God begins to speak. Suddenly what was hidden comes into view. In this case, everywhere I turned fresh prophetic words about trains began to come my way.

Chuck Pierce’s first prophetic experience was a vision of an “awakening train” rolling across the land. Dutch Sheets was given a word about a “turnaround train” representing His work in our land in this season.

Then there’s Bob and Bonnie Jones. Without going into detail, one  of Bob’s last overarching words for the nation was “The Glory Train!” He saw a move of God which began with the restoration of His glory. This “Glory Train” was destined to sweep vast multitudes into the Kingdom, and even retake entire cities.

Glory! As Bob Jones prophesied, WE ARE NOW IN THAT TIME.

So Jolene and I look forward to joining with you at the Gate DC next Saturday, April 9, to welcome God’s glory through the Gate. Covenant blessings to David and Tracy Ruleman, to Tom and Lynnie and the wild band of spiritual revolutionaries known as Gat-ers. We are grateful to be able to join with you… and see this Glory Train roll through the gates of Washington DC!

Jon & Jolene