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By popular demand! Today we’re featuring a prophetic teaching by Jolene. Look for many more “Jolene’s Corner” articles in upcoming LAMPostings.

Jolene’s Corner…
Let me first start by saying that several friends of mine have been prodding me to write more often in our newsletters.  I have resisted to this point in only the way a semi- Irish-Scottish girl can do.  They told me that the Lord had impressed upon them that he wanted me to have a section of our postings called Jolene’s corner.

Anyone who know’s me knows that I actually have a corner in my house that “belongs” pretty much to me.  I am queen of that corner and of course I have my own “queen’s chair” in that corner as well.  So that said I am officially launching my version of Jolene’s corner and reigning from my beautiful purple chair in my corner.  Here are my thoughts…..I would be reticent to call it a posting because that would mean my well-meaning friends were right.  (Which if you also know me I will also never admit to 🙂

God’s Protection from Terror
As I sat in my chair this morning to have my daily quiet time I heard this scripture: “You shall not be afraid of the terror by night” (Psalm 91:5).

The phrase just floated across my spirit in a very comforting way that only the Holy Spirit can do. The Lord was making a point to not only me but to many in this hour.  To give a little context I had memorized the 91st psalm many years ago when I was a new believer.  I have been in the habit of praying it daily as a warfare prayer that is just part of my daily routine with the Lord. This day the Lord was quoting it back to me in an unusual way. I instantly understood the scripture in a new context.

Shelter from Night Terror
For years I have been focused on this verse in respect to the Lords ability to protect me from “terrors in the night,” especially frightening dreams from the enemy.

To give you a little background I have had nightmares and terrifying dreams since I was a little girl. Back then I was not aware of the gifting that the Lord had given me in prophetic dreams. The enemy had terrorized me in the night because he knew that he could twist the gifting of the Lord and use it against me.  So the promise given in verse 5 became a shelter to me from the enemy in these very attacks.

Protection from Fear
Today I guess we are being given an expanded promise by the Holy Spirit. The word ‘terror’ was highlighted in a different context.  The purpose of terrorism is to do one thing, and that is to instill fear.  Fear is a powerful weapon in the hand of any enemy , and most importantly in the hand of “THE” enemy.

We watched in horror as the Boston bombings captured the city of Boston and the heart of this nation’s people. Many of us were mesmerized by every report as we watched every detail unfold before us in the news. One news report that I watched was a child psychologist being asked about what to tell your children and how much to tell them. She stated that the effect and trauma on children will be felt for a long time surrounding this event. And she said that the response of a child’s parent would be crucial to helping the child to feel safe and secure in this hour.

Finding Security
That news report prompted a very interesting prayer time between me and my Jesus and my heavenly father.  If earthly fathers and mothers were instructed to have candid conversations with their children to bring a level of comfort and safety to their world… why wouldn’t  I be able to have a similar conversation with my heavenly father?  What would he want to say to his children in this hour? Isn’t His response what we as believers need to bring that sense of safety and protection to our hearts and lives?

So I proceeded to have a candid discussion with the Lord about my thoughts and feelings and waited for his response.  To tell you the truth the conversation was more about me pouring out my thoughts and fears about the world around me than anything else.  It was basically one sided but a very sweet time where I knew that He was close to the broken hearted and had attuned his ear to my every word and my every feeling.  I fell asleep knowing that we had sweet communion.

Promise from Dad
So imagine my surprise today when I felt the Lord brought a response, although delayed as it was. It did not come in a loud booming voice, it came in the comforting words of a father that loves to love me and loves to protect me.

You will not be afraid of the terror by night. Nor of the arrow that flies by day….Only with your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wicked. Our eyes are set on one thing and one thing only in this day–Jesus and the promises of his safety and his loving care.

This psalm talks about 24 hour, round the clock  protection by our Lord.  The enemy can do nothing at night and nothing in the day that the Lord is not able to protect us from.  Cities full of militia and military might don’t compare to the protection of a loving father.  The quiet voice of a father that whispers that you are safe in my protection.  Keep your eyes on me and your heart and spirit will dwell in the covenant of protection that I offer.   Even in the night season in which we find ourselves now living, with all the questions of a child that we feel need to be answered.  He comes as a loving father, as well as a mighty warrior.  That’s our God, that’s the God we serve!