Important time for us to remain in DC for intercession. Seek the Lord with us for full provision! Lamplighter donations greatly appreciated.

Exactly on the 238th anniversary of the American Revolution, the final marathon bomber was apprehended while hiding in a boat by the city that became a war zone due to his actions. Not long after, Boston Commons erupted with shouts of gratitude, flag waving, songs and chants of “USA.”

These newfound patriots might not have been celebrating the Revolution, but they were certainly celebrating the freedom their Boston forefathers fought to secure.

And tonight it seemed the prayers of Boston and the nation were being answered. One cell phone videographer even exclaimed, “holy, holy, holy!” as she recorded gunfire and watched police enter the final conflict.

President Obama himself seemed to acknowledge God’s hand. Commenting on America’s resolve, he declared we will move forward as “One Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Wasn’t that long ago–actually during President Obama’s inauguration–that this same phrase was cited by a leader as part of the invocation she was delivering. Stunningly, the words “Under God” were omitted from her prayer! I wrote with desperation how we will not remain “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” unless we remain under the covering of our Lord.

Tonight, I am delighted to say, history seems to have been mended. And through the Lord Jesus Christ, liberty, justice and union have prevailed.

Make no mistake, the spirit behind radical Islam sought to penetrate this covering on Monday. On Patriots Day, when Massachusetts celebrated the outbreak of the Revolution, two Jihadists declared their own revolution against America. Those who call me prejudiced or intolerant might want to check out the YouTube videos these brothers posted before they set off their explosions.

But a different Spirit prevailed. A strength of love that defies intimidation. Leaders who faced down Jihadist bullets and in the same breath implored prayers for the bombing victims. Our agencies will not cease to pray until you are on your feet again. Heroes. And that’s how we’ll remain One Nation Under God.

Lamplighter family, we cannot thank you enough for your dedication to forerunning intercession for this season. Back in January, Holy Spirit warned us all of the prospect of terrorism this April. You prayed fervently for America, even when some of you felt without hope. You went to abortion clinics and other altars of injustice and prayed. Together we applied the precious blood of Jesus on the doorposts of our states, and our Capitol. Remember how apostolic leader Jay Swallow led every state in repentance and prayer over unjust bloodshed. We sought the Lord together to shut the gates of sabotage, and grant us all a New Birth of Freedom.

Even amidst the traumatic events of the past few days, God has been really busy answering your prayers. To an extent, we have rediscovered what true freedom is all about. We’ve awakened to the value of what we way too often have taken for granted.

It goes without saying we must remain vigilant in prayer during this season. Just recall the travesties of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Waco and the Oklahoma City bombings, knowing that terrorists often attempt to perpetuate their evil on these days. Pray for your states, pray for all that is hidden to be exposed. Continue to pray for law enforcement and intelligence communities. Pray for the President. Pray much in the Holy Spirit. Keep watch.

And lets agree together before God’s Throne that we remain one Nation under God–indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.