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What an incredible Passover! We together are seeing miracles. A great way to launch into the remaining days of Freedom Torch 50.

On Sunday, we were honored to share a report on God’s Passover move at Dr. John Benefiel’s “Church on the Rock” in Oklahoma City. Apostle John then thundered a revolutionary message on the true meaning of Passover! To view the combined messages, go to

Mary’s Prophecy
For years, the internet has been rife with alleged visitations and prophecies from Mary, the mother of Jesus. Such a strong presence of the counterfeit often indicates how the enemy is actually threatened by the true word of the Lord.

Did Mary ever give a prophecy? Most evangelicals would say no. And most Catholics, though allegedly devoted to following Mary’s example, are unfamiliar with her revolutionary words. Why? I believe it’s because the enemy has been super-diligent in trying to blind people to the true “Marian prophecy.” It’s been before us this whole time, but I can say with full assurance Holy Spirit is now emphasizing these words.

“The Mighty One has done great things for me… he has brought down rulers from their thrones, and exalted those who were humble…” Miriam, mother of Yeshua, Luke 1:49, 52.

The enemy would try to portray Mary, or Miriam, as some sort of victim who gave birth to a victim. Really, northing could be further from the truth. In the beauty of her humility, she from the days of her youth was a REVOLUTIONARY! Prophesying of the baby in her womb, Mary saw how an aspect of Yeshua’s ministry would literally be to bring down unjust rulers from their thrones!

Journey of a Revolutionary
I’m not going to take this too far right now. But lets take a look at Mary’s prophetic journey, and how she gained earned authority from the Lord in her own intercession for breakthrough.

“He has brought rulers down from their thrones…” I bet Mary prayed into this promise most of her life, hoping for the deliverance of Israel from the Pharaohs of her day. When Jesus was captured and faced crucifixion, I bet she reminded God without restraint of His promise to her.

When Jesus succumbed to death at the hands of the Romans, I bet this promise died with Him. And when Christ arose from the grave, her own promise from God was given a “new birth of freedom!”

And before Mary herself passed on, she was granted to “see the goodness of God in the land of the living.” Acts 12, which many of you have been praying through, records how Herod stretched forth his hand to vex certain of the church. As those following these postings know, a vigilant prayer meeting at Mary’s house brought breakthrough for Peter (Acts 12:12) and ultimately the removal of their oppressors.

Lets look at this briefly again. Mary had lost Jesus during Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread. She saw how He had become God’s lamb, to redeem humanity. She saw how that same Lamb was met with all the violent power of Heaven itself as He rose again from the dead!

At that very moment, Jesus not only redeemed Mary, but He also redeemed Mary’s prophetic promise from the Lord. This word that had so gripped her heart even as a pregnant teenager, that Messiah would topple unjust rulers from their thrones. She saw His justice in its potential–soon, with earned authority from her incredible journey, she would see it in manifestation.

Igniting the Freedom Torch
I wonder how past memories of Herod flooded Mary’s heart and mind when James was killed, and Peter imprisoned over Passover. Maybe she remembered fleeing to Egypt with her son at her bosom after Herod began aborting Israel’s covenant seed. Maybe images of another Passover, where another Herod crucified her son, provoked her again to tears.

Now she was seeing another of Herod’s seed and lineage “stretch for this hand to vex certain of the church” (Acts 12:1). How long, Lord, before Your promise will be fulfilled?

Mary convened a home group meeting. She and a few die-hard intercessors ignited a “freedom torch” in prayer–just like some of you revolutionaries are called to do in this season. They accessed Heaven’s verdict, praying night and day for Peter’s release!

When Herod Ceased to Exist
Though not recorded, you can almost imagine Mary’s prayers. “Lord, you promised that unjust rulers would be brought down from their thrones. My son… um… Your Son, Lord… my Savior… is now seated at Your right hand. Lord you promised You would make His enemies a footstool for Your feet! Stop the slaughter of Your people, Lord. Remember Moses, remember Esther. Remember Jesus! Render Your verdict in favor of the saints!”

Suddenly an angel of the Lord broke through Peter’s prison. The chains fell off, the prison doors opened as this mighty angel escorted him out.

But the miracles didn’t end there. God literally brought Herod before His judgment seat. He failed to repudiate claims of his own divinity, and so a verdict was rendered. And Herod ceased to exist.

Praying Through
It’s really important to understand that even Christ’s promise to His own earthly mother was only brought to manifestation through sustained prayer. Just as with Christ Himself, there was a birth of the promise, a death of the promise, a resurrection of the promise, and then a manifestation of the promise at a kairos time. In time, Mary saw the Lord rebuke the lineage of Herod rulership that had sought to kill Jesus since His birth, and that had brought such bloodshed upon the early church. HE BROUGHT DOWN RULERS FROM THEIR THRONES!

I believe these perceptions from Mary–remarkable handmaiden of the Lord–are an end-time prophecy we need to take note of.

Friends, as an American, I’m glad we have Seal Team 6. I’m glad we have economic leverage and military capacities and law enforcement, etc to rescue the oppressed and even spark the removal of unjust rulers.

He Brings Down Rulers from their Thrones
But in this hour, I believe God is calling us to further understand this aspect of Christ’s own ministry that Mary knew so well. He brings down rulers from their thrones. Maybe it’s time we learned to pray through until the Saddams of this world, the Assads and Ahmedinejads and Hitlers and Pharaohs are removed from their thrones of authority.

Friends, after the order of our forefathers–Moses and Esther, Mary, Peter and Paul, Columba and Patrick, Knox and Finney, William Seymour and Rees Howells–maybe it’s time to “ignite a Freedom Torch!” Maybe we learn to pray nations into a new birth of freedom. God is endlessly creative in His capacities to bring His promise into manifestation. For the sake of captives here and around the world today, it’s time we do our part!

Freedom Torch 50! now through Passover