WEDNESDAY CALL—LAUNCHING GLORY THRESHOLDS PRAYER PROJECT through Passover! Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!


YESTERDAY’S SERVICE WAS HISTORIC. Remnant Church. Watch the archives, starting at the 3/31 session on the far right. The archived session second from right picks up where the session on the far right stops. TO WATCH CLICK HERE:

“In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a message was revealed…” (Daniel 10:1). 

YESTERDAY’S SERVICE at Remnant Church was precedent-setting. Not saying this lightly. I believe the Lord drew us here again to cross the threshold into the season of breakthrough prophesied from the beginning of the year. For about three hours straight, A MESSAGE WAS REVEALED.  In real-time. 

And the DNA of this service has framed the new way forward for us all. So the service is not to be missed. Watch it straight through by clicking on the link above and following the instructions above. Just trust me, ok?

In case don’t, here are the highlights so you’ll know what to expect. A song awakened us. Bonnie Frey called us to watch in this season with our Bridegroom before the door to the threshold closes. I gave a significant prophetic word on Glory Thresholds, some of which is chronicled below. We shared on God’s “threshold covenant” and entered into it together, as we did on the conference call last Wednesday. Pastor Jamie Jackson shared two visions. During worship Holy Spirit actually showed him a vision of Jesus’ resurrection in the tomb, the Greatest Awakening ever recorded. Jamie also saw a vision of Jesus producing a wave of baptism along the coastline, with unprecedented numbers of people being transformed as they entered the waters. This conveys God’s heart for the east coast Glory Train!

Then worship leader Da’Neil Sharpe stepped across the threshold. He shared an amazing word from the heart about intercession and identity in this new season. Do not miss this. Whatever you do, make time for it! 

Crossing the Glory Threshold
“In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a message was revealed…” (Daniel 10:1). Again, as of this weekend I believe we crossed a “threshold of glory” into the new season of revelation promised from the beginning of the year. The service yesterday was an absolute benchmark. And we’ve found refreshing and cleansing as we’ve move together through the baptism waters in this season. Haman’s conspiracies continue to be exposed. Pharaoh’s chariots are being drowned. And we emerge free, on the resurrection side of the Jordan!

We’ll develop this more this coming Wednesday. But in brief, here’s what the Lord showed me. Passover is our prototype. The body and blood of the Lamb is received and applied as we enter into covenant with Him. He enters across our thresholds. And His presence is established to MOVE WITH US in a new way which mandates that every other threshold we encounter MUST BOW! 

The Red Sea parts. The Jordan River parts. The river of baptism can no longer drown us. We cross the threshold into life!

Borders, Boundaries and Thresholds
Glory Thresholds. Friends, a new season of glory is at hand. Therefore during this time of forerunning prayer for Israel and America through Passover, it’s time to deal with thresholds, boundaries and borders in three major arenas. 

  1. Our first priority is to welcome Jesus to cross our own thresholds, with Holy Spirit covering us and filling the void places of our lives and spheres. 
  2. Our second priority is to cross the thresholds before us with Jesus leading the way. Heaven and earth will be joined in glory. And our inheritance will be secured! 
  3. Our third priority is to watch and pray to secure our godly thresholds, our godly borders and boundaries. Remember how Chuck Pierce prophesied about border wars this year. Events in Israel and America have proven this word true. Prophetically, as we move into Passover we are now being poised to deal with these boundaries in a way that secures lasting breakthrough, personally and corporately.

Border Stalemate to Border Victories
Again, please remember that boundaries and borders are established by covenant. Aligning with God’s covenant over our spheres is always sourced in His covenant with the land and people He has eternally called His own. That is Israel.

Most of you know we were privileged to attend meetings over Purim at the EEOB. In between, we carved out a few moments to pray for President Trump, for the administration, and for Israel. Our greatest priority was aligning covenantally with the Lord on Purim to release blessing to both Israel and America. As we do so, He promises to deliver us from every adversary! 

“The covenant I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods. But the Lord your God you shall fear, and He shall deliver you from the hand of all your enemies” (2 Kings 17:38-39).

It was no coincidence that at this exact moment, Donald Trump was making his decision to announce America’s support for Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. In terms of security, the protection the Golan Heights affords to Israel makes it perhaps the most vital boundary of Israel’s northern border. And bringing this region officially under the canopy of Israel has accelerated the protection of the covenant land exponentially. 

Watch this now. When we bless Israel in the name of Yeshua, we cannot but receive blessing in return. And in the spirit realm this honoring of the Golan by the Trump administration has literally unlocked Heaven’s grace over our thresholds. The governmental glory of God is now beginning to cross the thresholds of our own lives, our homes, our spheres, and even the house of this nation. He’s coming in by way of the gate facing east! 

We stood for Israel’s borders to be secured. Now He is coming to secure ours. I prophesy to you the foundation has been laid for God to secure our own covenant boundaries in a whole new way. FROM BORDER STALEMATE TO BORDER VICTORIES!

Arise and Cross the Jordan
So now through the culmination of Passover, our watch is shifting into this Glory Thresholds Prayer Project. Watch how the Lord moves on your behalf! Your borders will be secured. New thresholds of glory are opening for you. Now therefore arise. Cross this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land I have sworn to your forefathers!