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REVOLUTION 2014—Dec. 4-6, 2014—Make plans now!
With Dutch Sheets, Rick & Patti Ridings, Gary Beaton, more
Whole Word | The Gate DC | 10922 Vale Road, Oakton VA

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Burning Lamp Revolution
It’s really getting dark out there. Time for God’s burning lamps to shine—a burning lamp revolution. With this at heart, Jon & Jolene and the Revolution team are so excited to invite you to Revolution 2014. This yearly convocation, held during the Hanukkah season, brings together prayer leaders, worshipers, revivalists and other spiritual revolutionaries. We are focused on maturing in God’s “Crown & Throne” movement—hearing from Heaven and redefining our world.

The revolution is moving! We began the Revolution gathering in Valley Forge PA. This year we are moving from PA, the “Seed of the Nation,” to Washington DC, the “Seat of the Nation.” Because it’s time for God’s covenant Seed to shift our national Seats of authority.

Dutch Sheets & Gary Beaton
Dutch Sheets and Gary Beaton are both joining the Revolution—finally! OK they’ve actually been at it for a while now. It’s at the core of Dutch Sheet’s Appeal to Heaven mandate, and also Gary Beaton’s Liberty Charter. Our time together at Faneuil Hall Boston was life-changing. We felt to ask Dutch and Gary to come to DC and continue this momentum of breakthrough region-wide.

Rick & Patti Ridings
We are also honored that Rick & Patti Ridings are joining us again from Jerusalem, Israel! Directors of the 24/7 Succat Hallel, the Ridings have won respect internationally for their accuracy and integrity in the prophetic.

And when Rick and Patti prophesied the “Crown & Throne” movement a few years ago in Washington DC, a spiritual revolution literally started. As we move into the Hanukkah season, this torch is being being passed to you many of you. Be a revolutionary! You will receive blessing and impartation from Zion to accelerate your calling, and be God’s burning lamps.

About Revolution
It’s not a coincidence we are gathering at the Gate this year. Because Revolution was birthed out of a prophetic word Jill Austin gave to Jon & Jolene at the Gate DC, shortly before she went on to be with the Lord. “You are generals of a new revolution,” Jill declared, “and God is calling you to convene a second ‘Continental Congress’ for the 13 colonies and nation!”

What does that mean? For five years we prayed into Jill’s prophecy. The Lord began to connect us with friends known and unknown who had received similar words. After five years of prayer and dialogue, we felt in 2013 to move forward.

During the Continental Congress, the 13 Colonies gathered together to form a new Union. This new union was founded upon liberty—and they bore the responsibility to steward this liberty generationally.

Really, that’s the point of this convergence. To connect together, worship together, and access the Throne Room synergy that brings a breakthrough of freedom. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty…” Lets make history together!

Our Team
Our core team and hosts for Revolution are:
Jamie Fitt, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David
Abby Abildness, Healing Tree International
Jon & Jolene Hamill, Lamplighter Ministries.

We each felt to make a five year commitment towards this work. Why? Because we believe God is restoring the covenantal roots of this nation to bring breakthrough and transformation across our land. And because continuity and focused effort over time accomplishes much more than “one-time events” toward this end.

Whole Word & The Gate DC
Apostolic community is a really important focus today. And Whole Word Fellowship, with pastors Pitts and Mary Evans, and The Gate DC, with pastors David and Tracy Ruleman, have been modeling this prototype together for years now. And each has a relentless focus on cultivating intimacy with Jesus, equipping His bride for this unique hour, and hosting Holy Spirit well.

Special Accomodations
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Don’t you need a long weekend away? Come be refreshed. Get to know one another as family. Receive and impart. Become a revolutionary. And lets together set a new course for our regions and nation.