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Today we have incredible news for you. 

One Voice Prayer Movement Next Tuesday!
Next Tuesday, November 5, Paula White is hosting a special prayer call launching the One Voice Prayer Movement with White House advisors, faith advisors, and leaders of prayer movements nationwide. The OVPM is led by Paula White Cain with Todd Lamphere, Dave Kubal, Jolene and myself. The call will begin at noon ET. Please make plans to join us! 

Note that exactly one year from next Tuesday, America will vote. The stakes are high. Either we choose to complete the turnaround the Lord has granted us, shifting our nation towards constitutional governance incorporating clear biblical values, or we see the momentous gains made during the past three years depleted. We cannot let that happen. 

At the same time, America desperately needs healing. Divisive rhetoric from both sides of the aisle is tearing America apart. 

But in the midst of the chaos one voice is prevailing. That is the united voice of the corporate Body of Christ in prayer. We are made up of many tongues, tribes and nationalities, beginning with the First Nations.

We are One Voice. We know our God. And we simply will not give up. 

One Voice—Birthed as a Catalyst of Freedom
In late August, concerned leaders met in Washington DC to establish united prayer coverage through the election year and beyond. Leaders of prayer movements across the spectrum of the body of Christ sought each other out to form a collaborative effort. I don’t personally recall a group so diverse entering into unity and synergy so quickly. As a result, the One Voice Prayer Movement was birthed. 

I’ve kept largely silent on this meeting, as we saw the importance of keeping it private. But I will share one secret. Our first action as One Voice Prayer Movement was to pray for Dr. Joseph Green, appointed by President Trump and commissioned by Congress to oversee events surrounding the 400th anniversary of slavery into America. He led as a catalyst of reconciliation forged in unwavering truth, centered in Christ’s forgiveness. 

After 400 years, freedom. And from the moment of birth, this One Voice Prayer Movement became a catalytic expression of God’s freedom movement. 

National Calls, Weekly Prayer Points
OVPM will host monthly nationwide conference calls and also provide you with weekly prayer points from the White House for you to cover. Our focus is twofold. First, a united pursuit of national awakening within our government and nation, leading to healing. Second, a united pursuit of the continued recovery of biblical values which secured America’s freedom from the very beginning. 

Beloved, this is a move of God—propelled by a spark in His heart to fully secure in our time the covenantal legacy of freedom our founders lived for and died to gain. 

You are the leaders and intercessors God has chosen to cover our nation through this perilous time. Nothing is impossible for God. He can heal our land. He can bridge our divide. He can secure our inheritance in freedom, forging a new way forward through your prayers!

Sign Up Now
Join our call tomorrow evening to hear more about the One Voice Prayer Movement. You can visit the new One Voice website and sign up to receive weekly briefings. Website:

Please forward this email to trusted friends. Covenant blessings to each of you!

Jon & Jolene