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GLORY TRAIN TWO: Chabad Tour! August 18-October 4. Details coming soon! 

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Covenant blessings to you this July 4. Jolene and I pray your Independence Day celebrations are fantastic. After much prayer and consultation with key leaders, we are excited to share that the Glory Train is rolling again! 

This second forerunning journey will launch from Virginia Beach in August, and will culminate in San Diego on the first night of Tabernacles. Lamplighter family, we so look forward to connecting with you on this project. 

I know it’s last minute, but God’s direction and encouragement has been so clear. Just a year ago, we connected together on the Turnaround Tour. I guess it’s an understatement to say that Washington DC and the Nation have now turned. With this as our precedent, we can’t wait to see what He’s going to do next!

Glory Train Directive—August Through Tabernacles
For this second run, the Lord has compelled us to focus on God’s continual promise both to us personally and to prayer networks nationally, such as HAPN and RPN, that it is now time for God’s glory to tabernacle with us. For this reason, we are culminating the journey in San Diego the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles, where we’ll return to DC to take part in unprecedented 50-state tent gathering “Awaken the Dawn.”  

From early on, we felt that Tabernacles this year was very important. A literal picture of God’s promise to establish thrones of glory to our Father! It blew me away when our friend David Bradshaw cast vision for the 50 state tent meeting on the National Mall, followed by a Call gathering. Such a confirmation of everything we’ve been pursuing! 

Please plan to connect with us on the Glory Train tour, and join us in Washington, DC October 6-9!

We’re Seeing God’s Turnaround…
Six years ago today, on July 4, a core group of HAPN leaders gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and together presented to the Lord the Divorce Decree from Baal and the Declaration of Covenant. This sacred time largely culminated the most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in our land, carried out primarily by the HAPN and RPN networks. Amazing signs, including an unprecedented DC earthquake, immediately followed. Confirming that God had granted our request—America married to Jesus!

Jolene and I wholeheartedly believe the turnaround we are now experiencing in America is directly drawn from this initiative to divorce Baal. As we look over Washington DC today, the conflict of thrones is palpable. BUT SO IS THE TURNAROUND! 

  • President Trump’s election was a last-minute turnaround. 
  • Neil Gorsuch is now defining history as a genuine constitutionalist on the Supreme Court.
  • We are disengaging from the covenant of death and culture of death from government-funded abortion.
  • The economy is booming. 
  • Our God-given bond with Israel is finally being honored and edified. Even at the UN through the relentless efforts of Ambassador Nikki Haley.
  • Respect is being restored internationally, especially in the Mideast after much needed action was taken to stop ISIS and Syria’s horrific use of chemical warfare.
  • The Name of Jesus is welcomed in public prayer, even by our highest governmental leaders.

Prophesy Again! Awakening
That said, part of my heart is still unfulfilled. As great as our turnaround is, political reformation alone will not shift us into God’s intended destiny for us personally or for our land. Above all else, we need an awakening. His promised move of Holy Spirit! 

Just like Ezekiel’s dry bones, we are right now only halfway through to God’s intended promise. Ezekiel prophesied once and the bones came together. But there was no life in them. Then the word of the Lord came a second time. Prophesy, Ezekiel! Come from the four winds O Breath, and breathe on these slain that they may live! 

That’s when breath entered into them and God’s incredible army came to life. They were awakened!

Like Ezekiel, right now the word of the Lord is coming to Jolene and me a second time. He is calling us to engage in the Glory Train a second time. We are being summoned as you are— to bear witness apostolically to the restoration of God’s glory. Come from the four winds, O Breath! Breathe on these slain that they might live!

Prayer Network Promises
Glory Restored. This precious gift is worth everything to receive in this hour Consider Ezekiel 43. If the embrace of idolatry by God’s people causes the glory to lift from His covenant land, then the repudiation of idolatry opens the door for the glory to be restored! 

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that God spoke clearly about the restoration of His glory to both RPN and HAPN at the very foundation of these networks. Lets remember together some of these promises.  

X” to Bridal Canopy. In 1996, at a private gathering launching the US Spiritual Warfare Network, Cindy Jacobs shared a vision of an “X” over the nation. Dutch Sheets prayed about it, and saw this “X” transformed into a bridal canopy across the nation. 

From “Xed out” to glory—a nation under God! It’s been our combined pursuit ever since. It’s important to note that Dutch saw the center pole of this canopy in Kansas. 

Awakening to Follow Divorce from Baal. At the outset of HAPN in 2009, Katherine Watsey prophesied that God wanted to send His move of awakening. To satisfy Heaven’s Court, a mandate was given that we needed to divorce Baal at every known lodge and historic altar of idolatry in each of the 50 states. What would follow is the fullness of a long-prophesied Third Great Awakening.

Glory Cloud Comes! On the evening of November 10, 2011, Apostle John Benefiel received a vision in Washington DC. By his own admission this was a rare occurrence. He saw a small cloud over the Atlantic, coming through the shoreline to Washington DC and then expanding across the entire nation. It was a glory cloud, representing the restoration of God’s glory in the land! This was just a few months after the Washington Monument cracked in an earthquake, confirming that America’s covenant with Christ had indeed been governmentally restored.

Bonnie Jones Prophecy—Glory Restored 2017
Honestly we embarked on the Glory Train journey last year with the overarching quest to see God’s glory restored. That vision was shifted by Bonnie Jones, who awoke from a dream the same morning we arrived in South Carolina. 

Bonnie prophesied for 2016 we need to concentrate on turnaround. Because unless America receives a turnaround, we will go over a precipice from which there may be no recovery. For 2017, God is calling us to concentrate on the restoration of His glory. That’s when revival will really begin to come!

I asked her why she felt God’s glory would be restored in 2017. It turns out her late husband Bob Jones received a vision on March 11, 1977. Ichabod—glory departed—had been written over the doorpost of the American church. 

Bob always believed that after 40 years of discipline, the Lord in His kindness would begin to restore His glory and His movement in the land! Not a coincidence that Bob’s last overarching word to America was his own “Glory Train” vision!

Amazingly, March 11 just happened to be the first night of Purim. We ministered with Bonnie Jones at MorningStar, receiving God’s verdict after 40 years of discipline that “Ichabod has been erased and glory released.” That afternoon we then caught a flight to Israel for the Crown & Throne tour. 

Really that’s when our second “Glory Train tour” actually began—in Charlotte then Israel on Purim. It was such a privilege to release “the Purim Verdict” from Heaven’s court governmentally at Shiloh. Glory restored! And then retrace the progression of the Ark of the Covenant as David restored it to Jerusalem.

It is amazing to ponder this. Really our second Glory Train tour began on Purim and will culminate on Tabernacles. We long to see the fullness of His promise as we approach this coming journey.

5778—A Picture of Tabernacles
Let me close with just one more prophetic encouragement for you. 

As mentioned, for this second run of the Glory Train, we plan to culminate in San Diego on the first night of Tabernacles, then fly home for Awaken the Dawn and Rise Up October 6-9. 

Before that, as we shift from 5777 to 5778 on Rosh Hashanah, the Glory Train is going to be in Kansas. Here’s the astounding reason. Kansas leader Sandy Newman has been relentlessly faithful to birth in prayer God’s promises regarding the “center pole” of the bridal canopy in Kansas. And among other things, the Hebrew word-picture for 8 symbolizes a bridal canopy! 

The Hebrew letter Chet is depicted with a “vav” on the left, and a “zayin” or CROWNED VAV on the right. The top of the vav is connected to the top of the crowned vav as a symbol of a bridal canopy. A tabernacle! 

You cannot make this up. Seriously. The very Hebraic number is prophesying to 5778 and 2018. The best of the “vav” year 2016 is being connected to the “crowned vav” year 2017 to frame our future in 2018. What a picture of Tabernacles. What a picture of the Bridegroom and His bride! 

It’s also important to note that the same letter symbolizing a bridal canopy also symbolizes a gate of Heaven. This is the power unleashed as we tabernacle with the Lord and each other this year. Heaven’s gate opens!

One more revelatory perception. I will simply mention that the Hebrew word for “18” is Chai or l’Chaim. It means “Life.” For 2018, God Himself is prophesying LIFE.

We are so looking forward to connecting with you for the Glory Train II, as we together forerun this new season. 

L’Chaim… and No King but Jesus!

Jon & Jolene