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WE ARE NOW IN A FREEDOM MOVEMENT. Remember how we saw this expression of God’s Spirit commissioned on the 77th anniversary of our entry into World War II. Over Hanukkah… unexpectedly at the Trump International Hotel… with an entire conference hall thundering, LET MY PEOPLE GO. 

Fast forward to yesterday. President Trump delivered a strong freedom message in Miami, addressing a huge crowd of expatriates from Venezuela. “We’re here to proclaim a new day is coming in Latin America. It’s coming!” Trump said. “The Venezuelan people have spoken, and the world has heard their beautiful voice. They are turning the page on socialism, turning the page on dictatorship, and there will be no going back!”

Lamplighter family, lets come into agreement with this decree and pray for a new way forward for Venezuela. Really a new way forward for all of Central and South America! 

Remember the Argentine revival. The world came to see what the Lord has done! Colombia and Guatemala also dramatically experienced His fire. Prophetically, as nations of Central and South America align with the Lord for awakening and freedom in this hour, I believe we will literally see a reverse migration of similar magnitude. Nations will be sought out. And multitudes will be coming to experience the Lord, to experience His freedom and prosperity in their midst!

After the rally came a tweet from the President. Press mocked his demand as almost Moses-like. “I ask every member of the Maduro regime,” Trump tweeted. “End this nightmare of poverty, hunger and death. LET YOUR PEOPLE GO.”   

WAAT! WE AGREE MR. PRESIDENT. It is so clear that the Lord is confronting the Pharaohs of this hour. He is forging a new way forward in America and the nations of the earth. The promises of Isaiah 45 are in play as nations are now being subdued. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

This morning I awoke from a key dream about this freedom movement. Revelation began to flow. In a rarity, am not at liberty to immediately share the details. We all know that our freedom is secured by covenant. And my time this morning has everything to do with the upcoming 13 colonies journey, with honoring God’s covenant with America, and ultimately seeing God’s covenant established with the nations of the earth. 

That said, Lamplighter family it appears we’re in for quite a journey together. Let My people go. And NO KING BUT JESUS!