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Jolene and I came to Washington DC with one sacred dream burning in our hearts. Lord, restore the ark of your covenant!

No, I’m not into replacement theology. Nor do I believe the United States is the new Israel. Yes, I totally know the Ark of the Covenant belongs in Jerusalem, not Washington DC. Completely devoted to this restoration process in God’s covenant land!

But in the Lord, I am also devoted to seeing the covenantal foundations of America honored and restored. My Pilgrim forefathers were inspired by Israel’s covenantal legacy when they committed this land and government to “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” And I fully believe the Lord is arising now to establish this covenant He swore to our forefathers (Deut. 8:18), just as He is with Israel.

Good News… from DC!
This brings us to some really good news—a rarity these days. A new facility is joining the ranks of world-class museums here. The Museum of the Bible!

And it’s not a little row house. Instead the founder, Steve Green of Hobby Lobby, has purchased an entire metro stop. More than 400,000 square feet of space will be filled with a combination of rare biblical artifacts, academic collaboration, and cutting-edge technology showcasing the legacy and impact of God’s word on every tribe, tongue and nation.

It is nothing short of incredible, in vision and scope. When the doors finally open in 2017, Washington DC will have become a primary destination for lovers of God’s heart and word worldwide!

America’s Ark of the Covenant
When I first heard of the Museum of the Bible, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “America’s Ark of the Covenant.” Just as the Ark of the Covenant held the Ten Commandments, God’s marriage contract with His land and people, so the Museum of the Bible is showcasing God’s Word to mankind. And with depth and breadth, it also records and conveys the the covenantal legacy of both Israel and America, and how God’s Word and Spirit has impacted our lands ever since.

How extraordinary that Washington DC will soon be home to a Museum of the Bible—from Heaven’s perspective a representation of the Ark of His covenant with Israel, America and mankind!

Restoring Covenant
And it’s so interesting that the quest to build the museum has come from Oklahoma City. Because Jolene and I and many of you have been involved in a movement from Oklahoma City to actually restore our Nation’s covenant with God.

David’s quest to restore the Ark from captivity was really the process God required to restore His covenant with the land. In David’s time, the Ark of the Covenant had gone into captivity because of idolatry—the same covenant defilement we’ve been facing in our time.

It is important to note that the process of “divorcing Baal” and restoring covenant with God apart from idolatry was actually initiated by Native Americans, the original stewards of our land. Oklahoma City pastor John Benefiel had devoted decades of ministry towards repentance, prayer, and relational healing with Native Americans. From this place of restoration, Apostle John, Negiel Bigpond and Jay Swallow launched the initiative to fully dedicate the land to Jesus Christ apart from the idolatry that had so marred our combined legacies.

Most of you know how God met our cry. On July 4, 2011, we stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, facing the Washington Monument, and asked for God’s hand in marriage. Presenting the Lord the finished work of repentance for our spiritual harlotry that He required of us. Leaders from all 50 states repented onsite at more than 10,000 historic altars of idolatry in our nation, receiving God’s verdict of divorce from Baal and restoration of covenant with Christ.

Extraordinary Signs
We believe our cry was met by God with tangible signs. For instance, we felt the Lord wanted us to stand on a prophetic perception given by Rick Ridings, director of Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, more than a decade before. God was going to “crack the hard shell of demonic resistance in DC!” Just 50 days later, an unprecedented earthquake rocked Washington DC, even cracking the Washington Monument.

Unprecedented restoration began to take place immediately after this. Remember how David pitched a tent for the Ark of the Covenant, and surrounded it with 24-7 Throne room worship. Within the year, God spoke to our friend Jason Hershey to launch “David’s Tent,” with 24-7 worship patterned after the Tabernacle of David.

Witness of the Covenant
And at the same time, Steve Green’s collection of Biblical artifacts was growing to the extent that a Museum of the Bible was proposed. Originally their team had considered Dallas TX and New York City. But their eyes and hearts were soon redirected to our Nation’s Capitol.

And following David’s pattern of establishing the Ark of the Covenant in his capital city, the Greens and their team are now establishing a “tent” to honor God’s covenantal Word. On a metro stop on Capitol Hill.

You just cannot make this up. I believe God’s covenant flame has just begun to shine!