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I slept with Glory… and woke up with the Antichrist!

Let me explain. We arrived last night in Berne, and Rock Road missionary house has a great library. Two books caught my interest for an evening of relaxing reading. Ruth Ward Heflin’s landmark classic “Glory,” and Arthur Pink’s book “The Antichrist.”

Really they kind of convey the season we’re in, n’est-ce pas? I decided I didn’t want to fall asleep reading the Antichrist, so I chose Glory instead! Meanwhile, Jolene chose to read the Priestly Bride. Only figures—a perfect description of who she is…

7-22 Judgement in Favor of the Saints!
Truly it is fitting to read today, on 7-22, about the Lord’s restraint and victory over Antichrist. Exactly a year ago, we gathered at Faneuil Hall to receive the Lord’s “Turnaround Verdict” according to Daniel 7:22. Judgement in favor of the saints! And judgement against the anti-christ expression that is pictured as waging war against the saints and overcoming them. Amen!

Jolene and I are eager to receive from the Lord fresh revelation today as His judgements are further released and implemented in the earth. Please pray for us! And join us if you can for the “Come Up Higher” gathering, beginning tonight.

Countering a Season of Betrayal
Hey… aren’t you glad we’re almost through Dire Straits? Jolene heard a warning from the Lord that recent decisions by the government have infused a sense of betrayal even in the atmosphere of our nation. Nobody really knows who to trust. We are hearing reports of betrayal everywhere, and of crazy circumstances that seem like betrayal though they are not.

On this 7-22, lets gain resolve to stand covenantally against this onslaught.

Strategic Betrayal
“What you are about to do, do quickly.”

These infamous red-letter words, spoken by Jesus to Judas Iscariot during the Last Supper, resound to our hour of history. And yet they are the exact antithesis of the advice most of us would give to those among us who would betray.

Satan himself had just entered into Judas to undermine God’s covenantal expression in the earth. Jesus, Judas and the disciples were reclining together literally at the Table of the Lord. After Judas received bread from Jesus, most disciples probably noticed the sudden change in atmosphere, but couldn’t put their finger on why the atmosphere had changed.

Living in Washington DC, we know the feeling. In our postings and on our calls, Jolene and I often communicate to you when we feel these atmospheric shifts. My automatic response is to delve into spiritual mapping as a means to counter it. What ancient gates has the enemy accessed? What sins? What can we do to shut these occult gates of sabotage?

Yet somehow it never occurs to me to spiritually map a key aspect of atmospheric degeneration that impacts our Capitol and nation today. And that is what I want to call “strategic betrayal.”

Betraying Covenant—American Pharaoh
Remember the tragic convergence this year of July 4 with the Jewish season of mourning known as Dire Straits. From my prophetic vantage point, Israel and America were both ushered in.

We warned prophetically that by July 4 of 2015, America as we know it may no longer exist. Yielding to the vow made by President Obama just before he was first elected President to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” How true these words seem to have become.

Let me remind you that the week before July 4, we saw American Pharaoh’s Triple Crown play out with three consecutive days of decisions. On June 24, 25, and 26 we saw the TransPacific Trade Agreement, which literally yields the sovereignty of our nation to a trans-national governance. This was followed by ObamaCare with government-funded abortion. This was followed by the Redefinition of Marriage, undermining the free exercise of religion as secured by the First Amendment.

According to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the last decision cited actually betrays the very purpose for which the American Revolution was fought. “This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.”

This “Triple Crown” was immediately followed by the Iranian Nuclear Accords. As Iranians shouted, “Death to America, Death to Israel,” our Nation cut covenant with our sworn enemies, seemingly openly betraying our longstanding ally Israel. Probably not a coincidence that the accord was signed during both Dire Straits and Ramadan.

Here’s something to keep in mind. At the core, betrayal inspired by Satan is always an attempt to undermine covenant—shattering the strength, security and fulfillment afforded by this bond. Why? Because the covenant bond is such a threat to his advancement.

Moses—Overcoming Strategic Betrayal
Friends, as we articulated in our book Crown & Throne, we are now engaged in a strategic battle for the very soul of America. This battle is defined as being between Moses the liberator and Pharaoh the subjugator. As we move forward in this journey, receiving our divorce from Baal and the gods of Egypt and a renewal of covenant with Jesus Christ, it’s not a coincidence that Pharaoh is now arising to try and undermine His covenant with us.

Take heart—God has a pathway through! And His covenant faithfulness will TRUMP the enemy’s push of betrayal.

Dire Straits begins on the anniversary of the time Moses shattered the covenant—the Ten Commandments—after he saw the betrayal of his people.

God had been substituted by the Golden Calf. Please picture this clearly. As Moses was on the mountain, receiving God’s marital covenant with Israel, occult forces pushed a movement in the valley to betray God and undermine His covenant. An entire people were seduced into returning again to the gods of Egypt. The very gods of their subjugation!

The worship of the Golden Calf joined together idolatry, greed and sexual immorality. And suddenly the divided loyalties of God’s people became very clear. That is exactly what is occurring in America this hour.

Intercession to Counter Betrayal
With both Moses on the mountain and Jesus at the Last Supper, the enemy was pushing betrayal to directly counter the establishment of God’s covenant with His people. Yet in both cases, man’s betrayal not only didn’t stop God, but He turned even this for good.

The key? Moses and Jesus both responded to betrayal by interceding for God’s people.

Moses prayed, then went back up the mountain and returned with the re-constitution of Covenant. Jesus was crucified, rose again, and presented His own body and blood on the ultimate Table of the Lord. The ultimate intercession to redeem mankind!

Above all else, the first step in countering betrayal is literally to “come up higher.” Lets take the next step up the Mountain of God. Lets get our eyes off of circumstances and cling to Jesus! Lets choose to forgive, and allow God to heal our wounds.

And lets intercede, even for those betraying Him.

Is there a dividing out? Yes. Is it painful? Yes. But God has a pathway of restoration for America, including a reconstitution of covenant with Him. He is purifying His people in the midst of these challenges so that the next phase of His work may be released.