ALASKA! MARY GLAZIER JOINS WEDNESDAY PRAYER CALL. 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

Ministering in Anchorage Weds. March 9 at 7pm Alaska Time—right after the call—at Anchorage City Church with Mary Glazier. 

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March 4 launch playback number: 641-715-3598 access code 552-690. 

Exactly who thought it was a good idea to fly to Hawaii, fly to Alaska, then journey all the way across the continental US by train? My wife Jolene has not stopped asking this question throughout our entire trip.

Remember the old military commercials, I tell Jolene. It’s not just a job it’s an adventure!

How do you pack for a trip like this? We need a few extra train cars just for our winter coats, bathing suits and sun tan lotion. Not to mention our surfboards, jet skis, parasails, snow skis, kayaks and rock climbing equipment. Then there’s all the Ahi Ahi I caught in Hawaii with my bare hands, and all the salmon I intend to catch bare-handed in Alaska. Deadliest catch!

Maybe I’m overestimating just a little. Come to think of it, two suitcases actually hold about everything we really need. I’ll buy the salmon at Costco when we get home.

Anyway… Aloha everybody! Coming to you live from Anchorage, Alaska! We are so excited to join with Mary Glazier of Windwalksers International for this trip. As long as I’ve known Mary she’s been an extraordinary forerunner for the Lord. Very accurate prophetically, she actually prophesied Lamplighter Ministries to me exactly 20 years ago. From Isaiah 62. In a very real way she prophetically named our ministry.

Winds Blowing from Alaska
Mary has seen again and again how a move of the Spirit would blow like wind from Alaska down to the lower 48 states. And when we talked at the Council for Prophetic Elders meeting last November, she felt this Glory Train needed to follow the path the Lord had shown her. Following the breath of God!

Hopefully you remember our posting from Hawaii on Isaiah 42. The Lord is marching forth like a warrior! He is rousing His zeal like a man of war, in response to the worship of the islands, the coastlands, and the entire earth.

“Sing to the Lord a new song, Sing His praise from the end of the earth! You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it. You islands, and those who dwell on them.” The farthest islands in the earth—like Hawaii, exactly 180 degrees around the earth from Israel—are going to worship Him! The coastlands are going to worship Him as well.

God marches forth! And then, well, Aloha. He overcomes His enemies by, of all things, blowing His breath. Remember the “Ha” in Aloha means “Breath!” “Now like a woman in labor I will groan, I will gasp and pant and lay waste the mountains…” (Isaiah 42:14-15). And like a woman in labor the Lord is now groaning, both gasping and panting, blowing His breath and releasing a glory procession into the earth. We are following His procession as best we can. From Acts 3:19, the blowing again of the breath of God!

Mary Glazier, what a vision you had so long ago. I feel like we’re moving on tracks your very prayers have laid. This might just be the time when God’s winds of awakening are released! When Lord declares to America, come from the four winds o Breath, and breathe on these slain that they might live! And we’ll see these winds break forth in power in the lower 48.


Prayer Points
Anyway please pray for a massive, tornadic move of Holy Spirit during our time in Alaska. Ask the Lord to fully release His breaker anointing. I also feel that we’ll be in a time where the council of God is accessible and with His people. Pray for strategic revelation from the Lord regarding the elections. We also need to be on the wall for Israel, the Mideast and the Isaiah 19 highway immediately through Sunday. I don’t understand it but there’s a release of birthing winds from Alaska involved in bringing forth this dream. Interesting!

And remember a primary focus of this project is seeing our nation shift covenantally from Baal to Jesus. For 2016 leaders nationally are focused on breakthrough from the influence of this “political spirit” in our elections and government. Faisal Malick’s book “The Political Spirit” is a primary resource for us, along with our own book “Crown & Throne.”

That said, Sunday morning we’ll be with Faisal and Sabina Malick for a special commissioning service for the Glory Train journey. Join us if you can at Covenant Centre, Langley British Columbia! We launch the following day from Seattle WA to Washington DC.

Looking forward to connecting tonight on the call. Covenant blessings to each of you!

WA to DC! Full Itinerary
Wednesday March 9
Alaska, 7pm—Anchorage City Church with Mary Glazier, Anchorage Alaska

Friday, March 11
Seattle, 7pm—Brubakers Home Group, Edmonds WA. For information please email

Sunday March 13
Langley BC 10:00 am—Glory Train Commissioning—Covenant of Life Centre,  Langley BC, with Faisal and Sabina Malick.

Monday March 14
Get on the Glory Train! Edmonds WA to Whitefish MT 5:16 pm

Tuesday March 15
Whitefish MT—private

Wednesday March 16
Prayer Call! 9pm est. Train Whitefish MT to Rugby ND

Thursday March 17
Rugby ND—6:00 pm Restoration Ministries with Barbara Becker

Friday March 18—Saturday March 19
St. Paul MN—with Karen Kruger

Sunday March 20
Waupun WI—6pm WEAPN/ RedFire with Christine Jacobs, the River Church 

Tuesday March 22
Pittsburgh PA—7pm Shepherd’s Heart Church with Barbara Charles

Wednesday March 23
Prayer Call! 9pm EST. Train Pittsburgh to Washington DC