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LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY, we are grateful for your prayers at this crucial hour. Let’s take some time tonight to seek God’s face together!

Warning—Third Infatada?
Like many of you, Jolene and I were deeply impacted by Gary Beaton’s prophetic perceptions, which he shared on the call Wednesday evening. We have been seeking God since that time for an apostolic prayer strategy to effectively respond.

In brief, Gary made four key points:

First—As we approach 9-11 this year, the Lord has been speaking to Gary, to us, and to many others about real challenges at our gates. That 9-11-15 may very well represent a gateway into times of challenge for our homeland. The Spirit of God has focused us on the Iranian nuclear accords related to a potential season of challenge.

Second—9-11-15 this year is the Jewish date 27 Elul. Gary was astonished to discover that twenty-two years ago on 27 Elul, the Oslo Accords were signed at the White House with Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, and Bill Clinton. This “peace accord” was followed by an intense season of terrorism and violence in Israel known as the First Infatada. Then the Second Infatada in Israel came a year before 9-11, when Islamist Radicals struck our homeland.

Third—Amazingly, September 13, 1993 was 27 Elul. This year, 9-13-15 is the Jewish New Year this year, culminating the Shemitah year as Jonathan Cahn and others have shared. Gary felt—and we bear witness—that the Oslo Accords, signed on 9-13, 1993 on the White House lawn, represent a “taproot” of the current challenges.

Fourth—and most importantly—Gary sensed a warning from the Lord that the Iranian Nuclear Accords could potentially demarcate or trigger a season of “infitada” similar to the first two, with dire consequences for both Israel and our homeland. The exact opposite effect of what has been intended by seeking peace in the Mideast.

We don’t want those repercussions! Yet more than anything I’ve heard, Gary’s perceptions make sense of my own warning dream about Washington DC facing a tsunami wave beginning around 9-11. President Obama The Iranian accords literally release 150 billion dollars into Iran—funding for terrorism that almost guarantees greater Mideast instability, and potentially even a “third infatada,” are on the way.

That said, I look forward to praying and sharing with you tonight. Gary Beaton, thanks for putting everything in perspective. The Lord bless each of you as we stand together in prayer for the protection and preservation of our Nation and Israel in this season. Covenant blessing to each of you!

TURNAROUND WINDOW! Prophetic audio message from this weekend. Click here to listen!