ALASKA BREAKTHROUGH! 9PM ET with Chris Mitchell. Conference call: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Remember pre-conference call prayer begins at 8:45pm!

THE LORD MARCHES FORTH AS A WARRIOR. And on a global level, things are heating up. Lets keep watch over Taiwan, Israel and Alaska. Threatened nations are sending clear messages—including ours. Taiwan is promising a full-scale war in response to China’s ramped-up aggression. Alaska as well as other arctic regions are on high alert as Russia dramatically escalates military activity. Meanwhile Israel just ran an operation against an Iranian ship in the Red Sea filled with Iranian Revolutionary Guards, just as the United States resumes nuclear accord talks in Vienna. 

The Passover warning is clear. Come against Israel and, like Pharaoh’s armies, you will be met with a Red Sea demise. Again, the Lord marches forth as a warrior. Definitely a word for our season. 

Speaking of Alaska… as our friend Chris Mitchell noted, there are literally no words to describe the breakthrough experience. Chris will do his best as he shares tonight! You don’t want to miss. And here’s some breaking news. There’s more to come this summer in Alaska. Chuck Pierce prophesied that Alaska is the gateway of the Ancient of Days for the United States. And the Ancient of Days is moving through these gates…

Call tonight. No King but Jesus!