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“Last night the United States brought the world’s number one terrorist leader to justice,” Trump announced from the White House. “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. He was the founder and leader of ISIS, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world.”

Haman was killed by his own noose. And in similar fashion, the global leader of ISIS was vaporized by his own suicide vest.

According to President Trump, the pursuit of destroying ISIS will continue unabated. “These savage monsters will not escape their fate,” declared President Trump, “and they will not escape the final judgment of God.”

Cyrus, Mideast Breakthrough, Your Intercession
Remember Daniel 10. Since the beginning of the year, we have been relentlessly engaged in prayer for a game-changing breakthrough in the Mideast, with America’s Cyrus taking the lead. Jolene prophesied about the restraining of a Mideast principality, as conveyed through Daniel 10. As Al Baghdadi was restrained and taken down, so the principality empowering his reprehensible bloodshed was also restrained. A new door has opened, perhaps for the entirety of the Mideast. 

Jolene and I want to thank each of you for your relentless focus in intercession for President Trump, for our nation, and for the Mideast. We have a long way to go. BUT THE TIDE IS TURNING! 

New Way Forward for Kurds!
Also as prophesied, a new way forward is being forged—for Syria the Mideast, and even the Kurds. 

Admittedly it’s been a tough couple of weeks, especially in prayer. But behind the scenes a new way forward was literally being forged for Syria and the Mideast. Not only by mobilizing the take down Al Baghdadi, but also taking back Syrian oil fields from ISIS and re-empowering the Syrian Kurds (SDF) to steward them with US military protection. 

The Kurds are being empowered. 

“Oil fields in area where SDF operates were a chief source of revenue for ISIS,” according to Sen. Graham. “They are now in hands of the Kurds. This is good, common sense foreign policy. Oil revenues no longer funding our enemy but our allies. I want to compliment President Trump for developing a model, which really should have been implemented in Iraq.”

Taking Down Al Baghdadi—Trump’s Relentless Pursuit
Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has dedicated himself to a relentless pursuit of this modern-Hitler whose atrocities have literally soaked the Mideast with innocent blood. Including the blood of many Americans. “Every time I brought up topic of security, he (Trump) would tell me “I’m going to get that (blank) guy,” recalled Sen. Lindsey Graham at the White House today. “This is a game changer on war on terror!”

Meanwhile, it is extraordinary to learn from members of the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff, that there have been no briefings on Syria literally for months. Perhaps this is because House Intelligence Committee leader Adam Schiff has dedicated his career to taking down President Trump, misrepresenting intelligence to manufacture lies and exaggeration against the President.

Trump’s pursuit has brought a victory that has made the nation and world safer. Meanwhile Rep. Schiff’s efforts at insurrection have destabilized our nation. Even more, these efforts actually exposed potential “quid pro quo” activity by members of his own party, including the Democratic frontrunner in the Presidential race. These are far greater in scope and severity than their allegations made against Trump.

Can’t make this stuff up friends. 

Breakthrough—10th Anniversary Divorcing Baal
We will explore more of this next week. But as Daniel 10 conveys, it’s important to again emphasize that victory on national and global battlefronts is often secured by victory on the battlefields of prayer. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers (Eph. 6). My spirit bears witness that it is absolutely the case in this breakthrough in Syria. 

Remember that Syria is the ancient global seat of the Baal principality. This principality always demands unjust bloodshed as part of its idolatrous worship. It is absolutely not a coincidence that ISIS grew there into the most powerful terror group in the world. 

And maybe it’s not a coincidence that this weekend’s HAPN conference focused on catalyzing global breakthrough in context with the verdict of Heaven’s Court on the divorcement of Baal. Apostle John Benefiel shared on the 10th anniversary of divorcing Baal in Washington DC, recounting the extraordinary breakthroughs which transpired in context with the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. These strategies are now being implemented globally, including in the Mideast. Global leader Abby Abildness shared on Iraq and Syria, having returned from the region just before the conference. National leaders Ed and Lynn Alderson led us in building an altar of remembrance before the Lord on this 10th anniversary. It was a delight to work with them in honoring the covenant restoration the Lord has granted.

Jolene and I had the privilege of prophesying the reconstitution of this Divorce Decree for today, nationally and globally perpetuating His breakthrough for this hour.  We also led in intercession from the Divorce Decree from Baal for President Trump and our government. During this time of united prayer, I felt significant spiritual resistance being overcome by a measure breakthrough I had not personally sensed in many years. I was trembling in the spirit for almost an hour afterwards. 

And it was clear the Lord had deployed His forces for breakthrough.

The conference itself was called “Deploying into the Kingdom.” The graphic conveyed the deployment of special ops prayer teams to catalyze breakthrough in national and global spheres. 

And that is hauntingly similar to what happened last night. 

That said—again—THANK YOU FOR CONTENDING. A pharaoh stronghold is down. Our nation, including our military and government, owes you a debt of gratitude. Now let Heaven’s declaration resound throughout the Mideast. LET MY PEOPLE GO!