DATE: DECEMBER 6-8, 2018 | Museum of the Bible

SPECIAL GUESTS Chuck Pierce, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Faisal Malick, and many more. WORSHIP by the Remnant Band with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson

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REPLAY—LAST NIGHT’S CALL! Post-election perspective. Playback number (641) 715-3598, access code 552690. 

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First—on last night’s call I mentioned how California needs mercy at this time. Our prayers are with the victims of a vicious mass shooting late last night at a nightclub in Thousand Oaks CA. Remember how Jesus clarified the battle in which we are engaged. Forces of darkness are seeking to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus alone came that we may have life. Lets all align with LIFE. And lets continue to cover California with MERCY. 

Revolution—a Post-Election Perspective
It’s hard to believe Revolution 2018 is only a month away. Here are a few updates for you. 

First I want to make clear what we’ve been sensing from the Lord regarding Revolution. We covered much of this spontaneously last night on our conference call, which you can access above. 

Midnight Crisis, Midnight Cry—NOW
Last year at this time the Lord highlighted the parable of the Midnight Cry for 2018—2020. We wrote a book on these insights in less than a month. I knew two things. First, the Lord is catalytically using Donald Trump to release many governmental turnarounds He has ordained in response to prayer. Secondly, we were entering into a season of crisis as a nation. As of election day 2018 especially, that has proven true. The good news is that, for those who keep watch, the midnight crisis will provoke a united midnight cry which will ultimately bring a midnight turnaround.

In the midst of this, the Lord is forging a new way forward for His people. A freedom movement being commissioned. Our book actually covers this with great clarity. If you haven’t received your copy of Midnight Cry, please order now!

Heaven’s Council Convening
In September the Lord showed us how Heaven’s council is being convened over Washington DC this Hanukkah. This was in response to ardent prayer asking the Lord if we should even host Revolution this year. We dropped our agendas then and asked Him to show us the speakers He desired with this specific focus. 

Rick Ridings actually approached us and mentioned he has a word for America. When we touched base with Faisal Malick, author of the book “the Political Spirit,” we discovered he also had a prophetic mandate for DC as well. 

But when we invited Chuck Pierce, his ministry immediately signaled that he was already booked for a Hanukkah event at Glory of Zion. That said, Chuck prayed. And the Lord also spoke to him a word and mandate to touch Washington DC over Hanukkah. He confirmed just two weeks ago.

I love the obedience of these leaders. Many of you are being summoned to Washington in like fashion, to gather as His ekklesia over Hanukkah. Please be sure to register.

Continental Congress Before 116th Congress Seated
Here’s something interesting. With Revolution, a continental congress is being convened at the Lord’s summoning, directly before the new congressional delegates are seated for the 116th session of Congress this January. As far as I know, Revolution 2018 will be the last large-scale governmental prayer conference before the House and Senate begin their tumultuous term. 

And we’re honored that some of the most significant leaders we know sensed along with us the summons to pray and prophesy into this new season. 

As mentioned, we feel the Lord is going to be granting an unusual grace to receive His direction personally and for the nation. A freedom movement is being commissioned. Together we will be establishing a NEW WAY FORWARD!

Teshuvah—Leave Agendas at the Door
And He will do this His way. Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord! I promise you will be equipped and empowered to enter into the new level God is calling you to. That said, remember the mandate from last January to “light our lamps and embrace teshuvah” over our own agendas. We are leaving our agendas at the door. And we encourage you to do the same. God is moving. And our greatest desire is simply to turn to Him, enter in and experience His move.

Three Months Turbulence then Breakthrough
Final point. About a month ago the Lord spoke to me while ministering in Albany NY about three months of turbulence followed by breakthrough. The exact same day, the Lord spoke to Chuck Pierce while ministering in Taiwan. The Lord showed him three months of challenge in America, followed by a time period where God’s enemies turn on each other and we enter into breakthrough. “We are going to see the atmosphere shift in the United States in the next 3 months. The enemies will turn against each other. That is the transference of wealth.”

We are gathering as a Gideon company during the final time period of these three months. It’s a midnight hour. We are being summoned to light our lamps and resound a midnight cry in Washington DC. And I believe we will see a dramatic turnaround catalyzed. Lets humble ourselves before the Lord and pray towards this end. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Revolution Update and Schedule
Please note that early bird registration ends on November 11. That’s actually this coming Sunday. We strongly encourage you to get your registration in beforehand. 

That said, below is a “rough draft” of the schedule for Revolution 2018 at the Museum of the Bible. Note that the speakers for the evening sessions alone are being announced at this time. Covenant blessings to each of you. Lets together forge a new way forward!

Thursday December 6
Session 1: 2pm-4pm launch.
Session 2: 7pm-10pm Chuck Pierce speaking.

Friday December 7
Session 3: 9am-12pm
Session 4: 2pm-4pm
Session 5: 7pm-10pm Rick & Patricia Ridings speaking.  

Saturday December 8
Session 6: 9am-12pm
Session 7: 2pm-4pm
Session 8: 7pm-10pm Faisal Malick speaking.