FRIDAY, SUNDAY—FORT LAUDERDALE! Jolene and I are honored to minister at the church of our good friend Mario Bramnick, New Wine Fellowship, Cooper City FL, Friday June 22 and Sunday June 24. Join us for an incredible time!

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FIRST—Mario Bramnick is meeting with a few key leaders in Washington DC today. Thankfully he’s got a light agenda. Just the DACA quagmire and the move of Latin American embassies to Jerusalem. Pray for favor, wisdom, and the breakthrough word of the Lord for our friend.

And note Jolene and I will be ministering this weekend with his congregation in Fort Lauderdale. Promises to be incredible. Please join us if you’re in the area.

God is releasing title deeds to His people! In the words of Jamie Jackson, He is revealing His covenant promise. Last Wednesday we shared with the Lamplighter family one of our most powerful revelations from the Lord for this entire season. Then late last week more key revelation came which accelerated the urgency of this word in a way I had not expected. 

Obedience is mandated for its activation. The window of opportunity is limited. As you will see, this makes the “Circle of Covenant” prayer project and its timing even more important. 

Lets start by refreshing your spirit with the vision. 

Vision—The Seed Becomes Your Deed—Paid in Full!
Two Saturdays ago at Victory Sarasota, the Lord made it clear He is now releasing title deeds to many in the body of Christ. It’s interesting that Pastors Brian and Bren meet weekly in a large auditorium of a real estate office! 

During worship I saw a vision. I was suddenly surrounded by a massive “sea” of title deeds. I immediately knew these deeds were being released to many in the body of Christ. Each one was stamped “PAID IN FULL!” 

Jewish tradition records that when Jeremiah received the title deed for his land, he buried the deed in a clay jar. I saw by the Spirit how Jeremiah had literally planted the deed in the ground for future generations to harvest. I heard myself declaring, “THE SEED BECOMES YOUR DEED! THE SEED BECOMES YOUR DEED!”

Ultimately, Jesus’ redemption on the cross forever secured your salvation and your covenant promise for the future. Including your title deed to your covenant promise. PAID IN FULL!

Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, “Take these deeds, this sealed deed of purchase and this open deed, and put them in an earthenware jar, that they may last a long time.” For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, “Houses and fields and vineyards will again be bought in this land” (Jer. 32:14-15).

Activation, Alignment and Tisha b’Av 2018
Our alignment with God’s title deed for the land covenanted to Israel is pivotal as we see the release of His deed to each of us. This is so key to pray over even in the next few days. Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt are leading a delegation to present a new Israel-Palestinian Peace proposal in Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

God’s title deed to His covenant land must be honored. We cannot forget this. 

Tisha b’Av or the 9th of Av commemorates the day that God’s title deed was not honored. Follow this now. Forty days beforehand, Moses sent out the 12 spies to scope out the land He had promised to them. Ten spies came back with a report that they couldn’t take possession of the land because there were giants among the Canaanite armies guarding the land. “We are like grasshoppers in their sight.” 

Only two, Joshua and Caleb, gave the report of the Lord. God’s covenant will prevail. Take the step of faith to activate the title deed, and lets take the land!

This debriefing occurred on what is now known as “Tisha b’Av.” The refusal of the Israelites to move into their promise set in motion 40 years of wilderness wanderings. Later in Jewish history, the First Temple was destroyed on that date. Then the Second Temple. In both cases the Jewish people were exiled from their land and scattered among the nations. 

This is terrifying. Now you know why I say we must take seriously the timing of stepping out in faith and activating our title deed to inherit our covenant promise.

Here’s what really astounded me. Tisha b’Av is on 7-22 this year. That’s right, the fifth anniversary of the day God’s Daniel 7:22 “Turnaround Verdict” was originally released.

Remember the 12 spies were given 40 days to scope out the land before mobilizing to possess their promise. So if you count back 40 days from July 22 or 7-22, 2018, you are at Wednesday, June 13. 

Last Wednesday. The date we shared the vision of the title deeds being released through both the posting and the conference call. We literally had no idea. Or, of course, we would have spoken about it on our call. 

Can’t make this stuff up, folks. At least I can’t.

Circle of Covenant! Make the Shift!
So friends, maybe it’s not a coincidence we are engaged in this “Circle of Covenant” prayer project together through 7-22! Even the imagery of shifting from the circle of Baal’s confinement to the circle of covenant portrays the release into possessing the covenant promises the Lord has for us. 

The Lord is serious about this. Friends it’s time to possess the land. It’s time to fulfill Zechariah’s prophecy and reverse the curse of Tisha b’Av. Turnaround! 

And what you need to know is that your promise isn’t just going to be activated, it already has been activated. The countdown has already begun. And the biggest question is whether we are going to retreat in fear or take the leap of faith and possess our covenant promise. 

Final thought. On 7-22, 2014 we gathered in Faneuil Hall Boston to receive the Turnaround Verdict. On 7-22, 2018 we felt strongly to shift our schedule to remain here in Washington DC. Israel and America both shifted accordingly I believe this time is pivotal to seeing the fullness of the next phase of God’s execution of the Turnaround Verdict in our Capitol, in our Nation, and even in Israel. 

So take time now to seek the Lord for the fullness of your title deed to be perceived, activated and possessed. No King but Jesus!