I heard the Lord say this today… “Watch for the shaking, for when you feel the shaking you’ll know my foot has come down on the neck of the enemy for I am bringing the weight of MY justice over injustice in this Nation!” 

I sensed there was going to be an earthquake in the coming days that would be a sign to us all of the turning. The weight of HIS glory shaking the earth as a sign. May it be so Lord Jesus”—Lynnie Harlow, sent as Jon was writing this word.



LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY, MY HEART HAS LONG BEEN BURDENED by the weight of these perceptions, related to the 2020 election results. I’ve longed to share them with you. In many ways I already have. But it seemed best to first devote ourselves, to literally give our all, for a turnaround. 

Now as we close out this project, it’s time to be more clear on things you’ve already heard and read from us. This posting will take a while to read—seeing how hindsight is 2020, it is exactly 2020 words. And we are praying that hindsight from 2020 now become foresight to define our future.

“In the year King Uzziah died I saw the Lord” (Isaiah 6:1). For a year and a half Jolene and I have know prophetically a very difficult season was coming to America through a transition in America’s highest office. We knew God’s response in the midst would be to usher us into a season of visitation that defines the future. In fact we closed out the book White House Watchmen with this message. The final chapter is called “The Governmental Glory,” and it’s focused on Isaiah 6. 

Isaiah was a primary prophetic voice to King Uzziah, as well as serving as his closest intercessor. All of the sudden the king was taken away. Israel’s throne was bereft of its leader. In the midst of Isaiah’s grieving the Lord chose to visit Him. He saw the Lord seated on His unshakeable Throne over His covenant land.

Remember, thrones are tied to covenant. And when a nation is dedicated to the Lord, even in the midst of turmoil He still reigns. And He works all things together for good. In the face of tremendous challenges ahead nationally and internationally, this reality must remain front and center in our hearts. 

Contending for Justice in the Elections
Read Isaiah 6 and you can probably see the parallels today, especially given the election results. I say this through profound grief. Nobody, myself especially, wanted things to turn out this way. The promise of a season of visitation was given a year and a half ago while we were in Jerusalem. It was “married” to a tremendous burden. I knew something was ahead that possibly could not be mitigated, at least by me, through prayer. For a year and a half Jolene and I interceded for all attempts on President Trump’s life to be thwarted. We prayed for protection from covid. Then we prayed for supernatural healing from covid. 

What I didn’t realize is that it would be the 2020 election, and events after, which would actually rob us of the best our President had to offer.

I so appreciate everybody’s prayers. And I appreciate even more the pure motivation behind your prayers. Because as you have seen, the party now in power has already begun to upend virtually every godly policy set in place by this administration for America’s good. Our book White House Watchmen was written with the express purpose of highlighting these godly turnarounds, and compelling readers to contend in prayer for these turnarounds to be completed. 

Especially regarding LIFE. 

Corporately, we are now in the midst of one of the most severe challenges to our Constitutional republic in the whole of our history. Just being honest. 

My conviction remains that the 2020 elections were manipulated. On our part, this conviction does not come from man, but from what we believe to be clear revelation from the Lord Himself. 

Yet even with no clear revelation, most Americans intuitively sense the “results” were almost too perfect, too robotic to be believed. Almost the byproduct of an algorithm, brought to life by Hollywood staging and hi tech at the behest of former officials from positions of power visible and not so visible. 

One thing is clear. A separation of powers has been violated. And a tremendous reality check is actually inevitable. Some would term this as conviction. And it will shake America to the core.

Trump and Churchill
In the midst of the shaking we are now all in a season of purifying. Prophetically I believe that Trump’s potential is yet to be fully realized. The Cyrus calling is from the Lord, and it transcends even the presidency. He may or may not attain the highest office again. But the godly dimensions he stood for will in time prevail. 

In 2017 the Lord spoke to me that Trump was a Churchill for our nation—and that America must then ask herself why a Churchill was needed at this hour. The clear answer is to overcome the totalitarian onslaught of our watch in history. 

It’s very important to note that Winston Churchill’s political career was forced into a similar trajectory as Trump’s. Churchill was at first rejected by British society, only to be sought after again when much that he warned about came to pass before their very eyes. 

Not a coincidence that Joe Biden just removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House. Watch how in due season the sculpture becomes restored.

No matter what, as in the days of Exodus a freedom movement has been birthed by the Lord Himself. The movement itself will in time prevail.

Revelation from Jerusalem
In May 2019 Jolene and I were praying at Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, preparing for our covenant roots journey from Israel to the United Kingdom to the United States. Rick and Patricia Ridings founded the house of prayer. Their amazing 24-7 prayer room overlooks Mount Zion, the City of David, and the Temple Mount. And it was from this vantage point I suddenly “saw” Isaiah 6 in a new way. 

I saw how the prophet Isaiah was in the actual Temple on this very Mount when a vision of Heaven opened. Heaven and earth joined as one. The governmental glory of God moved through the gates. And as recorded in Isaiah 6, Isaiah saw the Lord.

Isaiah 6 became a core focus of my message later that evening to the Succat Hallel community. In the shadow of the Temple Mount I prophesied that the thrones of these three covenant nations—Israel, the United Kingdom, and America—were going to shake. But that in this season, as with Isaiah, the Lord was going to unveil His unshakeable Throne.

We flew to the United Kingdom. And confirmations of this message came immediately. News broke that Prime Minister Netanyahu could not form a coalition and fresh elections were mandated. While in London news broke that Theresa May decided to step down as Prime Minister.

And confirmation began that the thrones were indeed shaking. 

Experiencing Visitations
Unexpectedly I was asked to minister for Apostle Betty King, a powerhouse in London with a heart of pure gold. The word of the Lord came with such strength we were all astounded. Especially me. A visitation of Holy Spirit literally encompassed the church, with many weeping and crying out to the Lord. 

In this time I prophesied the Lord would be restoring His governmental glory to these covenant nations—with an unveiling of the majesty of our King, seated on the Throne. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts! The awe of God will be restored. The respect due His Name will resound in government and culture once again. And multitudes will awaken to their need of the Savior as an anointing of holy conviction again sweeps these three nations.

A similar visitation occurred when Jolene and I returned to the United States. Our first ministry time was with Jamie Fitt at Independence Mall. We shared the same message, and the Lord moved in power at the very ground where our government was birthed! Ed Watts amazingly had received the very same message, and joined in sharing the word. And the entire tent moved spontaneously from seats to the grassy floor, on our faces before the holiness of His Majesty. 

We then experienced a similar visitation at the Trump International Hotel as we closed out 2019 and usher in 2020. Such high expectations for the year. Such shaking instead! 

Finally we experienced the manifest glory of God again on 12-12-2020 during Revolution. We were told by the Lord to approach the bench. I would say this experience was probably the closest to what Isaiah conveyed in his experience, because for most of the visitation nobody could even minister. Many simply gasped in awe and wailed as the fear of the Lord fell. 

Keep in mind this was after the 2020 election.The very month after the governmental seats of America began to shake, in the humble sanctuary of Remnant Church the Lord opened Heaven and unveiled to us His unshakeable Throne. And along with Isaiah we were undone. 

A Time to Purify
Note that Isaiah was the highest prophet in Israel at the time, the guy sought after by all the internet talk shows and conference calls. Yet he was humbled by His glory. “Woe is me, for I am undone! I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips, because my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” Does this not describe our nation? 

An anointing of holy conviction is at hand. This anointing will penetrate the hardened conscience of multitudes, both saints and sinners. Watch for this same magnitude of redemptive exposure, conviction and healing to break forth in Israel and the United Kingdom and many other nations. 

Because in the year of shaking, in the year of governmental transition, the Lord is ready to unveil His unshakeable Throne. His governmental glory is moving through our gates. Just as with Isaiah, even many of our nation’s highest leaders in the body of Christ will be undone by the experience. So will many governmental leaders. So will many in society. It will indeed result in awakening and course corrections. We together will see the depths to which we have sunk in our selfish pursuits. Holy conviction will ultimately be restored to both church and government. 

The Holy Seed is its Stump
What results should we expect? Good question. Recently the Lord emphasized to Jolene the final verses which close out Isaiah 6. They warn of dire consequences when a covenant nation continues to defy His rule after His glory is seen. We hope it doesn’t come to this. But God’s justice is always redemptive, and even in the midst there is hope. 

“The Lord has completely removed people,” Isaiah wrote, “and there are many forsaken places in the midst of the land. Yet there will still be a tenth portion in it, and it will again be subject to burning, like a terebinth or an oak whose stump remains when it is cut down. The holy seed is its stump.”

The Glory Train 2021—See His Glory
Note that Jolene and I will soon be engaging in another nationwide Glory Train journey. This will be a primary assignment over the next two years. Lamplighter family, please pray. We will see the King in His Majesty. And our nation will again have the opportunity to turn.

Believers in a previous generation of great division prophesied this visitation into ours. From the Battle Hymn of the Republic—Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord… His truth is marching on. Our God is marching on!