WEDNESDAY! DEDICATING THE NEW DAY, with Dutch Sheets & Lou Engle. January 18, 7pm, Capital Life Church, 1800 Glebe Road, Arlington VA.

PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Bill and Marlene Brubaker lead us in forerunning prayer for the Inauguration, with Jon joining. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

FRIDAY JAN. 20! SPECIAL INAUGURATION PRAYER CALL 9pm EST. Praying for the Trump Administration. Launching from DC the second phase of the Glory Train movement. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

First—Jolene and I are really looking forward to a night of prophetic release with Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle and others. Jamie Fitt and James Nesbit lead worship. Matt Lockett of JHOP-DC is co-hosting the event with yours truly. Join us if you can!

A Second Honeymoon
Last week in Brunswick GA, Jolene drew a collective gasp from everyone in the room. Keep in mind, the genuineness of her beauty and her heart for Jesus regularly provoke this response when she ministers. But this time even I gasped.

“God spoke to me this morning,” she declared. “He’s drawing us all into a second honeymoon.”

All the guys in the room immediately broke into a grin. If they could have high-fived each other without provoking their wives’ immediate disdain, they absolutely would have.

“This honeymoon is with Jesus!” Jolene intuitively clarified. “He’s going to draw us to Himself once again. The Word is going to speak to our hearts. He is going to reveal His glory. This honeymoon will be personal, and also for the nation!”

This is a word of the Lord for our nation. This week’s inauguration is much greater than the commissioning of a new President. Heaven is inaugurating a new day for America. The glory of God is about to be unveiled. And the body of Christ is entering a second honeymoon!

Confirmation Today!
God sent us a personal confirmation of this in a very unusual way. It’s kind of wild. Due to an illness, dear friends of ours had to back out of coming to Washington DC for the inauguration. Their hotel accommodations were non-refundable. So they offered us their room at the Grand Hyatt in the heart of DC.

Funny thing is, Jolene and I know this hotel pretty well already. Because the Hyatt Grand on H Street in Washington DC is precisely where Jolene and I spent the first night of our honeymoon!

Second honeymoon. Exactly what couples do to celebrate. Returning to the very chambers where we romanced and sealed our wedding covenant.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Here’s a personal witness of a national word. America, you’re not headed for the divorce court of division, you’re headed into a second honeymoon! Heaven is bearing witness that covenant with Jesus Christ has indeed been reconstituted. America, married to Jesus. You—every color, every shape, every tongue and tribe and profession and social strata—you have the unprecedented opportunity of entering into a renaissance.

A second honeymoon. Dedicate the new day!

Opportunities at Hand
I want to briefly honor the reconstitution of America’s covenant with God, which made this “honeymoon” possible. But first, lets look prophetically at the amazing potential now being offered us all.

As the inauguration nears, speculation continues nationally about the Trump presidency and America’s turnaround. Leaders vying for position are taking credit wherever possible. Protesters are maligning wherever possible. But the science behind the election has proven a historic precedent.

The American Christian voter actually drove the Trump train to victory.

As a result, the potential has opened for the direction of our land and governance to shift very dramatically for the good. A globalist agenda driven by idolatry has been derailed. The clear boundaries of the Constitution will be upheld, the separation of power honored instead of being marginalized. The boundaries of our homeland will become much more secure against those who seek America’s harm. Radical Islam is being dethroned. Israel will be honored instead of deplored.

And the question of when life begins will most likely be decided by the Supreme Court based on the testimony of those whose voices are heard the least on earth, who carry the most influence in Heaven. The unperceived cries of children in America’s womb.

Thank you Matt Lockett and JHOP-DC for your relentless witness of these cries before America’s highest court. Presenting the only red tape I desire to actually prevail in Washington DC. LIFE!

And despite the fears generated by a shamed and truthless media, racial unity in America will overcome the division currently being imposed on our land. It’s all but guaranteed—by Heaven’s Court.

In fact racial unity will be at the very core of an emerging awakening and revival that is beginning to sweep through our land even now. America’s conscience will again be tenderized. Right and wrong will again be clearly discerned, without dilution. Millions will be swept on to this Glory Train. All aboard!

Finally, the engines of wealth generation are being fired up. Economic turnaround is now at hand. Extraordinary innovation will again redefine our world. And you will see much of the financial loss, which jeopardized our future and our parents’ future, recouped. The impossible will become possible, even in rust belt towns and the inner cities of America.

In short, a clear window has opened for national turnaround—just as we prophesied back in 2015 and stood together to see manifested in 2016. A second honeymoon is now at hand!

07-07-07 to 5777
But why? How did it happen? What was the key that opened the door?

Covenant. Pure and simple, the restoration of our national covenant with Jesus Christ.

There’s so much to say on this. So many streams of the body of Christ were involved. Let me just summarize for you a few highlights that we were privileged to be involved in.

The year 2017 is the Hebrew year 5777. A decade ago, on 07-07-07, Lou Engle and Dutch Sheets summoned the nation and globe to a wedding in Nashville Tennessee. Calling America to divorce Baal. To see covenant with Jesus Christ restored personally and nationally, divorced from our historic idolatry and sin.

Misty Edwards sang. Mike Bickle prayed the Song of Solomon. James Goll facilitated, and prayed for Israel. Couples married on the stadium field. A thousand shofars blew at dusk.

And Dutch Sheets taught on covenant. The Hebrew word for seven implies covenant and completion. To the extent that Jewish couples “seven themselves” to each other when they get married. He prophesied how God wants to seven Himself to us as a nation. But to receive this promise, we must divorce ourselves from the principalities and powers that have perpetuated the shameless embrace of idolatry, lawlessness, abuse and sin in our world.

This really spoke to me. As a son of the Pilgrims, I have received from the Lord a unique calling nationally to see this historic covenant restored and respected. I have devoted my life to see this dream of His come to pass.

And so it was heartbreaking to see what happened shortly after the Call Nashville. Because Hosea’s bride ran full speed to precisely the wrong lover! The legacy we together sought to divorce actually became largely embraced. America soon spiraled down—morally, culturally, governmentally. The values that defined our ascent into greatness became marginalized and even illegal. Foreign policy disasters drained America of the honor afforded to us by the nations.

What happened? Did the Call fail? By no means. We simply failed to realize the Call was a summons, an invitation, to the process of seeing covenant with Jesus Christ restored. From a judicial standpoint, Heaven’s Court had yet to be satisfied for a ruling in our favor to become legally viable.

And the primary reproach standing in our way was America’s embrace of idolatry—historically and presently.

No King but Jesus
In December 2009, a group of spiritual revolutionaries met in Washington DC to fulfill the mandates of Heaven’s Court to see our national covenant with Jesus Christ repaired. A prophetic word had been delivered to Apostle John Benefiel by Iowa leader Katherine Watsey. God wanted to send His awakening and restore His glory to our land. He wanted us to “seven ourselves” to Him. No King but Jesus!

But like Hosea’s bride, our ungodly relationships with former lovers stood in the way.

For instance, the idolatry of Freemasonry was still a legal breach to the covenant He desired that we restore. Apostle John was called to mobilize prayer to divorce Baal onsite at every lodge in America as well as other sites of historic idolatry nationally. In response, the Lord would send revival.

Chuck Pierce prophesied into this as well. Declaring that Apostle John was a Gideon, and was called to mobilize a Gideon army in the nation to catalyze America’s change. Gideon, of course, began his quest by tearing down his forefather’s altar to idolatry.

Most Comprehensive Repudiation of Idolatry in History
Our time in Washington DC that December began this process nationally. Veteran prophetic leader and prayer mobilizer Cindy Jacobs soon partnered with Apostle John towards this end. Their respective prayer networks were put to work.

And their efforts together unleashed what became the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in America’s history. More than 10,000 lodges, mosques, abortion clinics, and sites of known idolatry were prayed over in every state of the nation. Seeking the Lord for an annulment of historic contracts with Baal principalities who had claimed this nation as their own. Covenant with death and hell annulled!

Prayer teams were also sent to Europe, Asia, the Mideast, and Africa towards this same end. Because another promise Katherine Watsey had been given from the Lord is that this combined effort would knock the legs out of the globalist movement tied to idolatry seeking to force their rulership upon the nations.

From 07-07-07 to 5777… A ten year effort is now culminating with a second honeymoon for America!

Covenant Confirmed
Let me finish this posting by sharing exactly how the restoration of covenant with Jesus Christ was confirmed by Heaven. Jolene and I felt led to convene a gathering in Washington DC to officially present our covenant rededication to the Lord Jesus Christ.

And on July 4, 2011, this same group of spiritual revolutionaries stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and presented the Lord with the largely finished work of divorcing Baal. We also presented the Lord with a Declaration of Covenant, seeking His hand alone in marriage to our land.

Our other primary plea was that God would crack the hard shell of demonic resistance over Washington DC as a sign that Heaven’s Court had heard our cry and validated our marriage to Him. Our plea was actually in fulfillment of a prophetic vision given a decade earlier by Rick Ridings. That one day, Heaven’s nutcracker would crack the hard shell of demonic resistance over Washington DC.

Our plea was simple. Grant us this divorce. Marry us to Christ alone. And as a sign, crack that nut!

Exactly 50 days later, the Washington Monument, which we were facing at the Lincoln Memorial, cracked in an earthquake. Gargoyles toppled from the National Cathedral. And the roof cracked in the very temple of where people come from throughout the world to be initiated into the mysteries of Baal worship.

Covenant with Christ confirmed. You cannot make this stuff up.

Immediate Results
It’s probably not a coincidence that just a year later, Davids Tent was launched by young visionary Jason Hershey. Bringing 24-7 worship to the White House Ellipse and now the National Mall. Additionally, the Museum of the Bible is set to open in the fall of 2017. It is America’s Ark of the Covenant—a living witness of God’s unfailing word which binds us forever to His unfailing love. Personally and nationally.

Thank you Jesus! Authentically it can now be said over our nation and our nation’s Capitol, NO KING BUT JESUS!

Catalysts of America’s Turnaround
And right according to promise, our nation has shifted in accordance with Christ’s covenant. Turnaround. Authentically. Making America great again. The Lord alone is worthy of the praise!

That said, we are beyond grateful to the well-known leaders who have led this movement. To Lou Engle, to Dutch Sheets, to Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, John Benefiel, Jay Swallow, Negiel Bigpond etc.

But Jolene and I also want to express our profound gratitude to the frontline generals whose names might not be so immediately recognized. To the state leaders of the HAPN and RPN networks and all who followed through, we honor you for your extraordinary vigilance and dedication. Each of you saw the dream of Christ’s own heart, and responded with all your hearts—and finances and even your own lives.

Your unwavering dedication has now met with Christ’s response. Covenant between God and America has now been validated by Heaven’s Court. Turnaround has been secured for this nation as a result.

And from sea to shining sea, we can now say together authentically, One nation under God. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all.

And welcome, friends, to your second honeymoon.