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CALL REPLAY—JUSTICE LIKE A RIVER—THE WATERS ARE RELEASED. Jamie Jackson gave a profound update on justice and revival in Brunswick, GA. Kelsey Bohlender shared the word of the Lord on a Pentecost deluge of God’s river of justice. This prophetic word sets the course for the movement He has called us to this summer. His voice is like the sound of many waters! Let the rivers of justice flow. Playback number (605) 313-5155

THE SIGN OF THE LAMPSTAND HAS PREVAILED. Thank you for keeping watch! We knew that the Lord was joining the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts over Pentecost 2020. We knew the Lord was releasing the sign of the lampstand to bear witness that grace was being released to now complete the turnaround—in a way that secured freedom for future generations. 

We knew it was time to finally come out of confinement. 

And we knew that it was time for the Lord to fulfill a promise given two years ago—to overcome the Deficit of Justice at the Department of Justice and across the nation. We saw how a shroud of demonic deception, tied to this great Department over many years, had covered over high-level corruption that even brought YEARS of unjust accusation against President Trump. 

And it was time for God to bring His redemptive exposure.

We knew about the travesty of justice against the President. What we didn’t know then was that the same God of justice was about to expose another horrific injustice which still embedded within our law enforcement system. First a video emerged of Ahmaud Arbery being shot in cold blood by a former cop and his son in Brunswick GA. Then a video emerged of George Floyd’s life being snuffed out—after being arrested for passing a fake $20 bill for groceries in the midst of a global pandemic. 

I can’t breathe… 

We together labored in prayer for the destiny of America to be preserved after these horrific examples of police brutality against African Americans became uncovered. A freedom cry emerged. A freedom movement emerged. And as of D-Day 2020 this freedom movement has seemingly entered a new phase. No violence accompanied the protests. Blacks and whites and many others all joined together against injustice. Vice President Mike Pence took a courageous, long awaited stand. And key conservative voices such as Jesse Watters and Justice Jeanine Pirro THUNDERED with clarity the resounding cry against injustice last night, laying out the case with passion and clarity I have yet to see anywhere else. 

It seems that as of D-Day a new way forward has been secured. It seems that the movement has now been circumcised from the attempted coup by Antifa’s paramilitary injustice, by foreign influences such as Russia, China and Iran, and other vicious entities seeking to sabotage all that has genuinely made America great in the eyes of the globe. “WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL…”

It’s time now to complete the turnaround for justice and freedom in our time. Because the same God of justice who exposed the injustices against Ahmaud Avery and George Floyd also exposed the injustices by the highest levels of law enforcement against the President of the United States. 

Friends this justice movement is a revival movement. And the train is just beginning to roll. 

Now—It’s time to complete the justice turnaround in our nation. It’s time for a new way forward! I want to remind you that it was on Pearl Harbor Day 2018, at the Trump International Hotel, that this freedom movement was commissioned. We crossed the threshold into this movement last year as part of our Glory Train journey, on August 7 in Gettysburg PA. Below is our post. 

A New Way Forward—Crossing the Threshold in Gettysburg
As America reeled from this weekend’s horrific bloodshed, it was no coincidence the Glory Train journey brought us to station in Gettysburg PA. On the way to the battlefield I was horrified to discover a cousin of a precious friend was among the Dayton victims. Please join me in prayer for Pastor Chris Mitchell Jr and his family. 

While traversing again the grounds of this hallowed battlefield, I remembered how Gettysburg became the threshold of turnaround and victory for the entire Civil War. On July 1-3, 2011, Gettysburg once again became the catalytic threshold for turnaround as we joined north and south together and sought the Lord together for what Abraham Lincoln termed “a new birth of freedom” for our nation.

And through our 2019 Glory Train journey, Gettysburg once again became a threshold for national turnaround. The Lord directed us to Little Roundtop, site of Gettysburg’s fiercest engagement which turned the tide for the battle and the entire Civil War. We wept. We repented of hatred, prejudice, and the divisive war of this hour which has once again set brother against brother, even in the body of Christ. We prayed together. We received communion. We joined arms. And the day following the weekend of horrific shootings, saturated by the tangible presence of God, we together crossed the thresholds of our captivity into this freedom movement. A new way forward has broken through. Special thanks to Abby Abildness, Dr. Joseph Green and team. 

Just in time. I don’t believe America can long endure the continued hatred, accusation and divisiveness that has flooded our nation from both sides of the aisle and from our citizens. I am grateful for President Trump’s determined, wholehearted call for America to repudiate white supremacy, anti-semitism, far-left hatred including Antifa, etc. Conversations with James Goll and other prophetic leaders confirmed a sense I have often shared, that he now has an opportunity to LEAD as a primary catalyst for profound reconciliation in our land. This can—and really must—happen.

New Way Forward—Word of the Lord for our Land
During our Revolution gathering at the Trump International Hotel, I gave a keynote message on “The New Way Forward” for our nation. Please take a moment to take to heart this word from the Lord. Not coincidentally this commissioning word for the Glory Train movement was given on December 7, 2018, marking the 77th anniversary of our entry into World War II. A freedom movement is arising to again confront totalitarianism and prejudice. You and I are called to perpetuate the breakthrough of this new way for our nation. NOW IS THE TIME.

Vision—A New Way Forward
On August 25, 2017, not long after the Charlottesville tragedy, I received a vision. In the vision I was at a train station, above and behind the engine of a large train. As with my original vision of the Glory Train, the train’s engine looked like it was made of pure gold. But unlike my previous vision, this engine was not a locomotive. Instead it looked very modern and new. I knew in the vision the train represented the body of Christ. 

There was a platform on either side of the train. I looked to the right of the train engine, and saw a group of people literally with white sheets and pointed hats (symbolizing the KKK and all it represents). I looked to the left of the train engine, and saw people dressed in black (symbolizing Antifa and all it represents). All of the sudden smoke or steam shot out from under the wheels of this gold engine. AND THE TRAIN BEGAN TO MOVE FORWARD AND LEAVE THE STATION.

I believe the vision represents the Glory Train. And in a larger sense, the vision conveys how this movement is now moving beyond both the radical left and the radical right. The passengers on this train were all aboard. No room for those who remain with either group! And we, the body of Christ, made up of people from every tribe and tongue and nation, are now moving beyond their sabotage to set a new course for our nation. 

We are in a new season. This restoration train is leaving the station! We are advancing beyond the confines the enemy established to both confine us and define us. 

Instead, honor is prevailing. Dignity is prevailing. Love, strength, justice and freedom are prevailing. And that’s what this movement is all about.