“The crisis we’re confronting is not about right versus left, but right versus wrong!”—from the posting.

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Shalom all. First—please join me in wishing JOLENE a happy birthday today! We are taking the rest of this beautiful day and evening to celebrate properly. I am grateful that Bill and Marlene will be directing tonight’s call! Enjoy their wise encouragement, and phenomenal ability to bring out the best in your prayers and insights!

Thank you for praying for the Advanced School of Kings, held this past weekend in Lancaster PA. It was in my opinion the best school yet! I am so grateful for the leaders and intercessors from Pennsylvania and across the nation who gathered at what turned out to be a critical time for the state.

Intercession Over DC—Disrupt the Conflict!
Our closing session focused on “a new way forward” for our nation. Most of you are familiar with the vision I saw a year ago where the Glory Train, representing God’s movement in our nation, was pulling out of the station. To the left were the Antifa folks—the far left. To the right were men in white sheets—the far right. Both were being left behind as this move of God began to, well, move! 

We prayed fervently over the Antifa—White Supremacist conflict scheduled for Sunday in Washington DC. Many of you were interceding over this as well. Probably not a coincidence that a perfectly-timed rain storm completely disrupted the protests and counter-protests just as they were getting started. Thank you Lord! 

And not a coincidence that we were praying in Pennsylvania, our friend Lynnie Harlow was praying specifically for this “storm of the Lord” to prevail! 

I counted this as a great victory. 

Then Came Yesterday…
And it was a very difficult day. News broke of the magnitude by which former White House employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman had betrayed President Trump both in her book and during her tenure at our nation’s highest office. Even taping a private conversation in the Situation Room—an incredible breach of security.

We all know that President Trump has a difficult time with betrayal—as do we all. But in my opinion, to call her out and degrade her on twitter was wrong. It exacerbated tensions. Accusations gained fresh traction. And the tremendous accomplishments by the administration on behalf of people of color became even more ignored. 

Lets pray for healing—for everybody involved.

Exposed—Horrific Abuse by ‘Predator Priests’
The second round of breaking news yesterday made even the first pale in comparison. Headline: Over 300 predator-priests sexually abused more than 1,000 children—more likely thousands—in Pennsylvania. Both Catholic hierarchy and state lawmakers were complicit in the cover-up.

Thousands of abuse victims in Pennsylvania alone. By implication, how many in other states? What is the true magnitude? And how could it possibly be that the Catholic Church has been proven complicit in a cover-up of this horrific magnitude—over decades?

I’ve got a word. LET MY PEOPLE GO! 

It’s time for a new way forward. Free from the abuse and the idolatry that empowers it.

Below is the vision I received last year on August 25 on “a new way forward.” Again, I shared the vision to close out our School of Kings in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this weekend. Following through with a prophetic teaching on overthrowing Jezebel at the gate. Prophetically this must be a primary focus now through the “Rome to Jerusalem” tour and into the 2018 midterm elections this fall. 

The word of the Lord thundered—“more exposure coming!” as I shared how the Jezebel spirit always tries to impose sexual immorality and idolatry upon God’s covenant people. We must respond with the cry of Naboth when his vineyard was contended over by Ahab and Jezebel. “God forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my forefathers!”

God forbid. We will explore this more in the future. But all I can say is, in light of recent events, our gathering proved to be very timely. Pray for healing for the great people of Pennsylvania, and for every state, from the trauma of abuse. Pray for America. 

And pray for the body of Christ. The crisis we’re confronting is not about right versus left, but right versus wrong! And truthfully it is not up to either the far left or the far right to define our future. It is up to the body of Christ to lay the tracks which define our future. To abdicate our responsibility at such a critical hour is to literally surrender the “freedom dream” our forefathers lived and died to entrust to us. 

Final comment I want to make before sharing the vision once again. I saw this Saturday night as we were beginning to pray. The very fact that Antifa and the Far Right assembled in Washington DC is a signal to us all that the Glory Train is beginning to roll once again! 


Vision—A New Way Forward
On August 25, 2017, not long after the Charlottesville tragedy, I received a vision. In the vision I was at a train station, above and behind the engine of a large train. As with my original vision of the Glory Train, the train’s engine looked like it was made of pure gold. But unlike my previous vision, this engine was not a locomotive. Instead it looked very modern and new. I knew in the vision the train represented the body of Christ. 

There was a platform on either side of the train. I looked to the right of the train engine, and saw a group of people literally with white sheets and pointed hats. I looked to the left of the train engine, and saw people dressed in black. All of the sudden smoke or steam shot out from under the wheels of this gold engine. AND THE TRAIN BEGAN TO MOVE FORWARD AND LEAVE THE STATION.

I believe the vision represents the Glory Train. And in a larger sense, the vision conveys how this movement is now moving beyond both the radical left and the radical right. The passengers on this train were all aboard. No room for those who remain with either group! And we, the body of Christ, made up of people from every tribe and tongue and nation, are now moving beyond their sabotage to set a new course for our nation. 

We are in a new season. This restoration train is leaving the station! We are advancing beyond the confines the enemy established to both confine us and define us. 

Instead, honor is prevailing. Dignity is prevailing. Love, strength, justice and freedom are prevailing. And that’s what this movement is all about.