S-B-Turnaround-Watch-LAMPostings-8-18-to-9-11TONIGHT! Prayer Call 9pm EST. Conference call number: (641) 715-3605, access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

September 11, 7:30 pm! Please join us at Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA for special service. Jon and Jolene will be ministering. 

Stunning news broke today. Rep. Louie Gohmert announced that Republicans are considering submitting the bill blocking the Iranian nuclear accords… ON SEPTEMBER 11.

This would be a tremendous statement symbolically. On 14th the anniversary of the tragic strikes that forever changed our world, Congress would clearly convey the warning that this accord could open the doors to even greater challenges. It is truly time that our Congress resound the will of the American people—and even more importantly, the very heart of God.

Remember the warning dream about a wave coming to Washington DC. I saw a wave breach our highest walls of defense. When praying about this, the Lord spoke to us that Capitol Hill was a last line of defense.

Please pray for your Congressional leaders in the House and Senate. Pray for Washington DC! Lets stand together and shut the gates of sabotage in our land. Amen!

This Friday! 9-11 Service at Whole Word Fellowship
Jolene and I again want to invite each of you to join us on the call tonight, and also to join us for Friday evening services at Whole Word Fellowship.

Fourteen years ago, America and the world forever changed. And as September 11, 2015 approaches, many warn that the challenges we now are even greater than that pivotal day.

Please join us Friday for a night to remember and renew. Together we will honor and cover in prayer those in the military, government, intelligence community, in law enforcement who are tasked with protecting and defending our nation at this critical juncture. And we will receive a timely message with a prophetic edge that casts vision for a TURNAROUND in our challenges—personally, in our region and in our nation.

Political solutions are failing. Technological innovations are falling short. But I see God Himself holding out a candle to America—to awaken us, to illuminate our darkness, to grant renewed clarity, protection and purpose.

Come this Friday and be ignited by the Spirit of God. We look forward to standing with you!