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TONIGHT WE REMEMBER. And you will receive a special commissioning. 

Our Nation and world forever changed 21 years ago, when terrorists crashed planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and into the Western Wall of the Pentagon. Two decades later the immediacy of this event remains stunning to me. Perhaps this is because a twenty-year war on terror in the Mideast only ended last year—and that disastrously, as we handed the keys of Afghanistan back to the Taliban, the very government that empowered Al Queda to strike. 

Or perhaps the terror strikes remain immediate because the Lord is again emphasizing the date, summoning us all to remain vigilant in prayer. His orchestration says it all. It’s actually sacred to us. And for the first time in a public posting, I’m opening up about it. 

Tour Commissioned from 9-11 Chapel
Jolene and I were actually commissioned for this journey from the 9-11 Chapel in the Pentagon. After the devastating strike on 9-11, the very point of impact was restored as the chapel of America’s military headquarters. It is truly hallowed ground. And the presence of the Lord there brought me to trembling.

We did not plan on touring the Pentagon only a month before 9-11. A friend called us with an invitation. Nor did we plan on journeying through the 13 colonies afterwards, until Kathi Pelton prophesied to us just a week before. 

Our friend and host was a high-ranking military leader. He asked about our ministry work. I mentioned the tour, and the assignment from the Lord to “turn the storm,” sharing a few of the prophetic warnings we were sensing. He asked us to share more in the chapel. The sense of urgency became tangible. We prayed—over the 13 colonies, the nation, and over our armed forces. 

And then our friend literally prayed a commissioning prayer, sending us on this 13 colonies “Turn the Storm Tour” from this hallowed ground. We did not ask him to. In fact after he prayed, I actually asked him to commission us for the journey. More to make sure he fully understood what he just did than anything else. 

Our friend looked me square in the eyes, with an authority bearing witness to his rank. Then he simply said, “I just did.” 

This sacred commissioning was one of our greatest honors in 15 years of ministry. In this season a door to a new era has opened. The Lord is releasing a new watch for this new era. And tonight as part of the broadcast, we want to extend this watchman’s commissioning to you. 

“We’re Here to Bring the Storm!”
Vision of George Washington—by Kingsley Walker
A week ago Kingsley Walker texted these insights to our prayer team. They are jaw-dropping. Many times I’ve approached visions such as these with a bit of skepticism. This one resonated. More importantly, I fully trust Kingsley’s heart, and integrity in the prophetic. He will be joining us tonight. Here is his vision. 

We release the Divine unction of the King in your field! I was just praying for you, Jon, and I had a vision. I saw Jesus and George Washington, both on white horses. The saddle blanket on Yeshua’s steed was a tallit, white with blue striping and blue threads woven into the corner tassels. Washington’s saddle blanket was the Appeal to Heaven flag. 

Jesus’ saddle was beautiful leather with a solid gold horn and trimmings. The stirrups were emblazoned with the words “Justice” on the right side, and “Mercy” on the left side. 

Washington’s saddle was also gorgeous leather with a silver horn and trimmings. His stirrups also had words…the right side said “Glory” and the left side said “Grace.”  

Washington was wearing a cape and traditional tri-corner hat.  The cape was dark blue on the outside, but lined with red on the inside. The Lord also had a type of cape, but it was the skin of a mighty lion, where the top collar should be was an immense mane. It was fastened around his neck with a solid gold band and across the band, which went across his chest shoulder to shoulder were engraved J U D A H.  

Washington had a scroll in his hand and a flag in a holder in front of the saddle…the flag was the Betsy Ross flag. Jesus had a sword in his hand, which I somehow knew was the sword of the Lord. 

The wind was blowing and the clouds were dark…it was spitting rain…then Jesus turned to Washington and loudly said,“There’s a time to ride the storm out, but this isn’t that time. We’re here to bring the storm!”  

Washington nodded, and his horse reared up on its hind legs and he shouted, “No King but Jesus!” As this was happening I suddenly realized there were thousands and thousands of angels mingled with millions of people, all nations, tribes, and tongues,  cheering and applauding, and shouting… “All blessing and honor, all glory and power, and dominion forever!”  

Then the whole multitude began to shout in unison, “Turn the storm! Turn the storm! Turn the storm! Turn the storm!”  Then Jesus declared, “For the glory of the Father and the salvation of America!”  

The multitude roared and Jesus and Washington rode directly into the full force of the storm with a flash of lightning and a tremendous clap of thunder…the crowd roared with an ear-splitting roar, then began to shout, “It is done! It is done! It is done!”

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13 Colonies | 13 Days | No King but Jesus

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“The Lord marches forth as a warrior! He rouses His zeal like a man of war…” (Isaiah 42:13). 

“Pursue, overtake and recover all!” (1 Sam 30:8).

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