Amos 9:11
—In that day I will rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David…
Isaiah 16:15—A throne will even be established in lovingkindness, and a judge will sit on it in faithfulness in the tent of David; moreover, he will seek justice and be prompt in righteousness.

Chuck Pierce recently released an extraordinary prophecy, beginning with the restoration of the Tabernacle of David! Friends, I believe the Spirit of God is conveying in no uncertain terms the weight of importance heaven has placed on this Amos 9:11 process this season. Which makes Davids Tent DC vitally important this year.

Please pay close attention to Chuck’s perception that we are going to sing at the gates of hell as part of this restoration process. And hell will not prevail! 

That said, please this forerunning expression on the White House Ellipse continually before Jesus’ Throne. We cannot emphasize enough our gratitude for your continued prayer covering and investment. We are in this together!

Chuck also prophesies that judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. I believe this actually touches on some of the work accomplished through Faneuil Hall and the Glory Procession. More on this soon—promise!

God’s judgment is tied to His covenant restoration. In this season of restoring David’s Tabernacle, keep in mind that covenants establish thrones. By aligning with God’s covenant restoration, the Tabernacle of David literally becomes a greater expression of the Throne of David. Watch for this shift this year.

Finally, note that Chuck prophesies that the refuge of lies will be swept away where the new Cornerstone will be laid. Get ready. We are in an amazing season of restoring the true covenantal foundations of our land. No King but Jesus! Below are key excerpts from Chuck’s word. To review the full word, click here.

Chuck Pierce: The Rebuilding of Davids Tabernacle Today!
Give a shout! Invite the fiery angels to come in! It’s time for a re-building to go on. My Tabernacle will be rebuilt! That which is stopping praise from coming forth will be torn down! The rebuilding of David’s Tabernacle today will cause the praises of My people to explode! I will then inhabit those praises! Evaluate your ability to praise!

Get ready; you are going to sing at the gates of hell! The gates of the enemy will shake in every nation. The nations are in the valley of decision. Hell will have to back up. Come alive, and develop My sound today! The gates of hell will not withstand the sound that’s coming from Heaven.

I Will Be the Sound of the Four Winds Within You!
Every continent will feel the power of the movement of Heaven! I will be the sound of the four winds within you. The winds of heaven are coming with a mighty force, to set the sound of the continents in order. The earth is producing a sound of confusion that the enemy is stirring. The people of the earth are listening to the sound of confusion and moving with this sound. But I will blow! I will blow forth with My breath. This will activate the sound that I have placed in lands like Africa, Asia, China, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Mexico and Central America, and India. Panama will become a shofar in My mouth! The frozen religious power that holds Europe in its grip will begin to thaw! Russia and the surrounding nations, listen carefully: a distant wind is blowing! There is a sound arising in the Middle East. Jerusalem will sound My sound! Israel will assemble with this sound!

This is the Sound of the Ancient of Days!
This is the sound of the Ancient of Days. This sound will set courts of rule in place. This sound will rule on behalf of My righteous remnant. This is the sound of the strength of God to bring strength to the weary!

This is the day of turning the battle at the gate. The court has been seated and judgment has been rendered in favor of the remnant. El Gibbor is standing at the gate, to strengthen those who turn the battle.

For the refuge of lies will be swept away where the new cornerstone is going to be laid, and My Kingdom will prevail where those who had taken refuge in works of darkness are uncovered and exposed.

I AM Burning a Fiery Path Before You with the Wind of My Spirit!
I am forming a fiery trail following you. The Ancient of Days will blow open a path and then blow a rearguard behind! Your cries are becoming a thunder! Stir up the heavens! Decree that the fire of the enemy will be quenched! Cry for revelation to fall down from the skies! Ask for fullness! Ask for sustenance! Ask for multiplication! Cry for the lands to be revived! Decree dryness and desolation will break and healing will come! Ask to walk in the coolness of the day again! My desire is for the cool of the day to return! Decree motion in your atmosphere! Decree all stagnation is going! Everyone in the earth was knit with a sound! A sound! A sound! A sound!

Pull Up the Tent Pegs of the Enemy’s Covering
…Your prophetic words will change the course of continents. Pull up the false tent pegs that the devil has tried to stick into your ground. There’s a covering that’s over each one of you that is preventing high praise from unlocking a two edged sword of heaven. Both edges are needed now in the earth! False tent pegs that are creating a false boundary and covering that which has stopped your advancement must be removed!

Comfortable stagnation must GO! Pull up the false tent pegs. Pull them up and advance! Where leviathan, the twisted communicator of pride and exaltation, has lied to you and said that you cannot hear and you cannot praise in this hour, I say that I AM chopping off his seven heads one by one and blinding his watching eye! You will walk on the back of leviathan and you will make shoes out of the serpent. You will war from a place of truth and understanding, wisdom and revelation in this hour! The next seven months, there will be a war over communication and twisting powers, but My people will prevail, and the evil eye will be defeated!

Align, Shift, or You Will Be Marched Over in This Nation
Get to the end of that war you’re in, for through the war you are in is how I will make you triumph as you begin. There is a marching in the earth that is not of Me! Unless My people rise up this hour and align with Me and allow their gifts to explode, they will not be able to stop the cadence of the enemy in this generation!

Understand anti-Christ. Understand what he looks like and let your alignment come into place with Me this hour. Get moving with Me! Quit putting off the movement of My people this hour! If you don’t make a shift now, you will be marched over in this nation within two years! Hear the word of the Lord!

Gates Shake! Prayer and Decree
Lord, I take the Apostolic Authority You’ve given me and I decree a bloodline around each of you. I decree the bloodline of the Lord Jesus Christ is being set in place over us and is determining our boundaries for the future. I decree that that no demonic host can illegally invade that bloodline. I decree that the enemy is going to be seen and exposed in his workings! I declare that through the blood of the Lamb we will see the enemy’s strategies. I decree right now that a new energy and a new spirit of revelation is falling on each of us so we know how to define the gates of hell, a gate that is in our bloodline, a gate that has tried to come into our cities, a gate at every nation. We decree now that the gates of hell will not prevail but they will shake and fall, and Your people will rise up this hour in a new way, in Jesus’ Name. A new discernment and a new anointing, the anointing breaks the yoke, is coming upon your people! Now say out loud, ‘The gates of hell will not prevail against you!’ Rise up in your gifting and align in your membership, stay connected into Heaven and triumph this week in Jesus’ Name!