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Yesterday we shared prophetically about a turnaround season of shaking, justice and redemption we feel began on September 11. A covenant with death and hell has been annulled. God’s verdict of justice, particularly against deception, is now reverberating across the political landscape of Washington DC, our nation and world. A plumbline is being dropped for righteous governance to prevail.

Both the Old and New Testaments highlight the example of Jezebel as a clear warning to us all. Jezebel established a throne of governance in covenant with demonic powers—an antichrist spirit—in God’s covenant land! This aspect of covenant breaking was perpetuated in the culture through the marginalizing of clear biblical prohibitions on idolatry and sexual immorality.

Further, the prophets of Baal ate at Jezebel’s table. In other words, an elite structure was formed to rule Israel, made up of leaders who had also made a covenant with Baal. These elite leaders were being sustained and empowered by Jezebel with provision and opportunity so that their demonic influence could be retained. With taxpayer money. Even in a time of drought.

If that were not enough, remember Naboth’s vineyard. Jezebel employed extraordinary deception and false accusation to secure what she and her husband decided they wanted. Lawlessness. Without hesitation.

God’s verdict of justice for Jezebel included a bed of sickness when she refused to repent (Rev. 2:21-22). It’s hard not to notice strong parallels with many current events. However, before we look at our world, lets receive Holy Spirit’s conviction in our own lives first. Where have we aligned with Jezebel? It’s time for us all to own our need for repentance!

The Shaking has Begun—Bonnie Frey
Jolene and I are now in Jerusalem for a brief visit. The Lord made it clear to us only last Tuesday that He wanted us to come. Further, we felt we were to begin the journey on 9-11.

Tuesday morning I saw a vision where I was “vaving” or driving in a spike into the ground of “eretz Israel.” That evening, a package came in the mail from Kansas leader Sandy Newman. Enclosed was a framed proclamation from the Glory Train issued by Governor Sam Brownback. Also enclosed was a hammer.  And a golden stake!

That was enough confirmation for us.

So we booked our tickets Wednesday morning, and then Jolene left for her weekly prayer group. The leader of the group, Bonnie Frey, had a visitation from the Lord during their time together. Bonnie began to shake. Then she prophesied:

“The shaking has begun! The shaking has begun! This will be like the shaking of the almond trees to harvest the almonds. It will mean destruction for some, life and blessing for others. But the shaking has begun!”

Bonnie’s word sparked Jolene to remember a word our friend Linda Wyatt had given to us in July about the significance of this year’s almond harvest. Couldn’t remember details. But Linda’s text proved hauntingly prophetic. We later found out that she had actually seen a vision of us coming to Jerusalem on 9-11!

Below is her text to us from July 13.

Shaking to Release Stubborn Fruit—Linda Wyatt
“Where will you be on 9/11/16? How about Jerusalem? Just asking… so ask Holy Spirit. It will be harvest time too for the almonds (Jer. 1:11-12).

“As you say, “Can’t make this up!” Just found this… it’s the last fruit to be harvested too. From August through September. By shaking.

“SHAKING IS NEEDED TO BE DONE TO HELP THE STUBBORN FRUIT FALL FROM THE TREE. This represents what is going on today. The world is being shaken because we are too stubborn to see what is truly happening around us. The fruit that falls off the tree will be “gathered up” in the harvest. The rest will be left to rot or be eaten by birds…

What incredible insights! Especially the warning that a shaking must take place for the stubborn fruit to fall. I hope you have taken this to heart this 9-11 season. WE ALL NEED TO REPENT FOR OUR STUBBORN WAYS.

“I am Hastening My Word to Perform It!” Jeremiah’s Prophecy
The prophet Jeremiah was given a vision of an almond branch when he was first commissioned by the Lord.

The Word of the Lord came to me saying, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree.” Then the Lord said to me, You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it!” (Jer. 1:11-12).

God is watching over His word—hastening His word, as other translations convey—to perform it! And the almond rod is a sign of this.

The almond tree blossoms early in the harvest cycle. But as Linda mentioned, it is one of the last fruits to be harvested. In other words, the hope of this harvest comes long before the actual manifestation. What does this mean? Your word, your promise and prayer may have seemed to be delayed. But by no means has God forgotten. In this season, He is hastening His word to perform it!

And the shaking—including what we received and entered into this September 11—is a sign that this long-awaited harvest is now being released. Covenantally and governmentally!

Is There Hope for Washington DC? Lynn Alderson
This shaking is obviously already impacting Washington DC. So is there any hope?

I mentioned yesterday about God’s intention to circle Washington DC with His belt of truth—in other words, aligning Washington DC with His covenant, His heart, and His truth. Let me remind you the Hebrew year 5777—and our year 2017—marks a time where God’s glory and government is coming to our VAV.

We have staked your claim. Now we will see the Lord hasten His word to perform it! Even in Washington DC.

One of the greatest signs of God’s continued favor in Washington DC is the new Museum of the Bible. It is like America’s “ark of the covenant.”  And it’s not a coincidence that this museum is scheduled to open in 2017. Because in our most challenging times, this coming year the glory of God and the government of God is coming to crown our vav!

Like many of you, our friend Lynne Alderson, a leader of many networks in Georgia, felt led in 5776 to pray and “vav” in Washington DC. For this prophetic action, she was directed to actually stake and then plant into the earth precious seeds for Washington’s future. The Spirit of God showed Lynn the Museum of the Bible as the place to vav. A friend graciously opened the door for her to pray.

By now you can probably guess the seed the Lord told her to plant. Being from Georgia, she brought along a peach seed. But Holy Spirit directed her to also bring an ALMOND SEED. From the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem!

Seriously, you cannot make this up. It’s time for Biblical values and influence to crown our land again. It’s time for Israel and America to be realigned by the seed of God’s covenant. Watch how your own harvest begins to flourish. The shaking has now begun!

“For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring forth, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations” (Isaiah 61:1).

Covenant blessings to each of you from Jerusalem.

Sept. 19 Succat Hallel with Rick and Patti Ridings, Jerusalem.
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