Lamplighter Family and Prayer Storm Community,

Jolene and I would like to officially invite you to a journey of a lifetime this March 12-26. Crown & Throne Israel. Joining James Nesbit, Ed Watts, and Jamie Fitt as we retrace the steps of King David as he restored the Ark of the Covenant to his land as a witness to God’s present work in our world.

The God of Israel is realigning us with His covenant. And on a global basis, He is restoring His glory!

Below are some resources for you if you’re interested in joining us.

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Israel Tour—Behind the Scenes
I want you guys to know that Jolene and I are latecomers to this prayer and worship journey. The leaders—James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, and Ed Watts—were featured speakers in Revolution 2016. We had asked James, Jamie, Ed, and Sue Ekenberg to come a day early for a private prophetic roundtable at our home. On the table was the Glory Train, the emerging Crown and Throne movement and dialogue about Israel.

Well, somewhere in the midst of the ruckus it was somehow decided that the journey they had planned long ago should be called the “Crown & Throne Israel Tour.” It wasn’t my idea at all. But with the title, I became fairly confident we were being included in the mix!

Central Theme of Crown & Throne
Which is awesome, because we prophesied regarding the very focus of their journey, restoring the Ark of the Covenant, in our book Crown & Throne. In Chapter 12 we wrote:

To see the Tabernacle of David restored—and experience the wonder of His presence dwelling with us again—we initially thought we simply needed to restore 24/7 worship and prayer. But now we understand that more is required. The Tabernacle of David is actually an expression of God’s covenant with His land and people. For the Tabernacle’s breaches to be repaired, our national covenant with God also needed to be repaired, apart from the idolatry that brought it to ruin.

It was by covenant with the Lord that the Throne of David was established in Jerusalem. David sought to rescue the Ark of the Covenant from the Philistines, and restore it to its rightful place on Zion in Jerusalem. 

Why was the Ark so important? When we think of the Ark today, we think of a gold-laden box with cherubim on it and stone tablets and manna inside. But engraved on these stone tablets was God’s original marriage covenant with the Jews—the nation of Israel. That’s why the Ten Commandments begin with “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:17)…

David set the Ark in his capital city specifically so that God’s covenant could be properly aligned as the foundation of Israel’s government. Now this is really key to understand. Again, covenants establish thrones. Through renewing his nation’s covenant with God in Jerusalem, David sought to establish a throne for His rulership within the geographic and governmental sphere of his capital city and all Israel. By this, the thrones of Israel’s governance, from the king down, would be aligned with God’s very Throne (pp. 153-154)

And that is what is going on even today. Thrones of governance are being aligned again with God’s very Throne. Nationally and globally, the Lord is releasing Thrones of Glory!

And this journey is all about a global witness of this work.

Understand God’s Timing
I find it absolutely amazing the journey converges with the very date that prophetic forerunner Bob Jones felt the glory of God would be restored to our nation. Forty years ago this March 12, Bob Jones saw a vision of the glory of God lifting from America. Ichabod was written above the door of the American church. And he always felt the Lord would end this season of discipline 40 years later.

Make no mistake, there has always been a witness of the glory to each generation. But when Bob had this prophetic encounter, Holy Spirit was moving in an unprecedented way. The Charismatic movement was in full swing. A Jesus Revolution was sweeping the campuses of our nation. And stadiums were being packed out with Billy Graham crusades.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind we were a Christian nation. But 40 years later, we’re struggling to validate Christmas once again. We can’t figure out who should be in our bathrooms. Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts. President Obama is culminating an eight year reign which began with his open declaration that America is not a Christian nation. And just before the historic convergence of Christmas and Hanukkah this year, Obama even had the audacity to push through a UN resolution shaming Israel and declaring the Western Wall “illegally occupied by Israel.” More on this in a moment.

Thank God for His turnaround! Mercy alone has granted a verdict of justice in favor of the saints (Daniel 7:22). Across the nation there is a resurgence of faith in Jesus Christ! Covenantally and governmentally, we as a nation are getting back on track.

And it is now time for God’s glory to be restored. I’ll never forget Bonnie Jones telling us last spring that 2016 is the year of turnaround, and 2017 is the year to for the restoration of God’s glory. Beloved, the same God who granted a national turnaround in 2016 desires to release the restoration of His glory in 2017. As of March 2017, the 40 year season of discipline is up!

This Train is Bound for Glory
Again, when our friends first spoke of this trip to us, the trip was already planned for March 12. Yet they had no idea about Bob Jones’ word. A word that brought forth a lifetime of intercession for God’s move to sweep through our land again. A word which culminated with his Glory Train vision, where he saw God’s move of restoration like a mighty locomotive sweeping through our land. It was his last overarching word to the nation before he died.

To me, this Israel journey is a continuation of the Glory Train movement to governmentally restore the glory of God. And each step of the way I will resound with the remembrance of what was prophesied. Billions of souls across the globe will soon be getting on this train, to the glory of Jesus Christ!

Here’s a secret. The Crown & Throne movement is essentially the Glory Train movement. They are one. The Crown & Throne Israel Tour will be launching both Crown & Throne Schools and a new phase of the Glory Train journey, nationally and internationally. Lets roll!

Crown & Throne—Fighter Jets Vision, Soaring to Israel
So let me close with by sharing a prophetic vision from a decade ago, in which the Lord showed me the emergence of the Crown & Throne movement. In the vision I saw three fighter jets take off, representing three prayer movements. The first jet was from Colorado Springs, representing governmental prayer. The second jet was from Kansas City, representing 24-7 worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David.

The third jet took off from the Mid-Atlantic region. It literally took a decade of prayer before the Holy Spirit named it. Crown & Throne. As Rick Ridings prophesied, kingly, governmental intercession that shakes the thrones of the nations.

These three jets converged over upstate New York and New England, and shot across to Israel—to fight for God’s covenant land at a desperate hour.

Your Intercessory Intervention
With successive visits and now with this Crown and Throne tour, this decade-old vision is coming to pass before our very eyes. We are now in the midst of a move of the Spirit that will prove to be historic. So come with us as the Lord empowers you. Or if you cannot join us personally, please consider a generous donation to accomplish this mission. You will share in the rewards!

And know that your intercessory intervention at this key time will bless Israel, America, and the nations of the earth.

Covenant blessings,

Jon & Jolene