Special Broadcast Sunday Evening

TONIGHT 8:00 PM ET! SPECIAL SUNDAY EVENING BROADCAST. Call 911—Prophetic Warnings for Fall. Vital to gain revelation into the coming season. With Kathi Pelton, Lynnie Harlow, Lori Perz. WATCH SUNDAY on Jon & Jolene’s YouTube or Jon and Jolene’s Facebook page.

PRAYER CALL FOLLOWING! Phone: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute.

AUGUST 9—TURNAROUND TUESDAY! 1PM ET. Take every Tuesday to pray for your sons and daughters. Live broadcast with Adam Schindler, Jon & Jolene. Join us for a 45 minute zoom call. Invite your friends to join us! https://turnaroundtuesday.com

TONIGHT WILL BE GROUNDBREAKING. Three accurate prophetic leaders, very familiar to the Lamplighter family, have recently approached with us vital prophetic warnings regarding the fall. From our perspective their words fit together like different pieces of a puzzle. And they clearly confirm both warnings and windows of opportunity Jolene and I have felt for a long time. 

Further, one look at the news brings a clear confirmation. As of today, the final evening of the Jewish holy day Tisha B’Av, more than a thousand rockets have rained down on Israel, largely sourced from Iran. Meanwhile aggressive threats and actions by China continue against Taiwan. And Russian threats have now extended far beyond the Ukraine. Together this alone could become “a perfect storm.”

IT’S TIME TO CALL 911. It is only appropriate to close out Tisha B’Av by praying into these warnings. Lets sound the alarm, humble ourselves, repent where needed, and seek God’s mighty hand for intervention. As we do, I believe the Lord will show us a pathway through the storms ahead. To be transparent, I believe He already has begun to do so. We will explore this more on the broadcast.