8pm ET Sunday May 7 | Launching Isaiah 62 Fast

8pm MAY 7 EVENING—SPIRIT OF ELIJAH NIGHT! Live broadcast with Ed Watts, Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene. Together lets activate the mantle for this new season. With prophetic words, insights, launch of Isaiah 62 fast for Israel. Lets join the global prayer surge!

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JOIN US AT 8PM TONIGHT! God is turning the hearts of fathers and mothers to their children. He is turning the hearts of children to their fathers and mothers. 

And for 21 days straight, He is turning all of our hearts towards Zion.

Join Ed Watts, Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene as we activate the mantle granted us all during the Spirit of Elijah Tour to advance us into this new season. Remember, the mantle of Elijah is a turnaround mantle! We will share profound experiences and insights. Prophetic words, including key alerts, will be given. And we will launch into the global “Isaiah 62 fast” as one family. For Zion’s sake…

Don’t miss the live “Spirit of Elijah” broadcast 8pm tonight. Covenant blessings to each of you!

Two Prophetic Alerts
Prophecy from Jon & Jolene: The Shofar Becomes a Sign: Urgent Call for Prayer for Israelhttps://jonandjolene.us/repost-lion-of-judah-the-shofar-becomes-a-sign/

Prophetic Dream from Jamie Fitt:

Key Headlines
Iran has enough uranium for 5 nukes:

A nuclear Iran could blackmail any US city they want:

US: Israel has freedom to act against Iran nuclear threat: