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JASON HERSHEY JOINING PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! BIG NEWS ABOUT DAVID’S TENT DC! 9 PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

Please consider a donation for our first-ever Israel trip this September. Thank you to so many who have responded in a total spirit of generosity. Out of $4000 needed, now down to $600!  Donation link at right.

Davids Tent is returning! September 24-November 5, the White House ellipse will again be filled with 24-7 adoration to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love God’s timing. Davids Tent actually begins during the Feast of Tabernacles this year. Jolene and I will again be helping to mobilize intercession for Davids Tent, but this year we will be interceding over the launch of this movement from Israel, where the original “Davids Tent” stood!

Can’t make this up.

So Lamplighter family, Jason Hershey, founder of Davids Tent, has asked us all once again to stand in the gap as intercessors for Davids Tent. Jason will be with us on the call tonight, and has also written a note to each of you below.

Why Again This Year?
You might be asking, why facilitate Davids Tent again? Politically, though there are issues on the table, it’s certainly not a big election year.

And that’s exactly the point.

David’s Tent has never been about politics. In fact, a primary reason we decided not to open the microphones for public intercession is the fear that folks might be tempted to pray and prophesy to the White House according to their political agendas.

Instead, in the politically-charged, pride-driven domain of Washington DC, where everybody seeks the ear of the powerful and a throne from which to rule, David’s Tent is a prophetic witness to the simple value of extravagant worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to build Jesus a Throne through the heartfelt resonance of praise.

That said, below is Jason’s letter.

David’s Tent—Please Make a Difference Again!
I want to personally thank all the intercessors that covered this wild journey of David’s Tent in 2012!  Your prayers made the difference for sure!  I can’t express to you the grace and favor that was on this whole thing.  It didn’t come without a fight.  Spring to Summer last year came with head to head combat between the Goliath Spirit of intimidation (how dare you do this here!) and the faith in God’s promises. Thank you for paving the way for us.  You were never lacking in zeal, keeping your spiritual fervor and being faithful in prayer on our behalf (Romans 12

Many of you recall the battle with the permitting of last summer.  5 different times for 5 different reasons it looked like we were going to lose the permit.  The last one was only days away before the kick-off.  Again and again, with Jon and Jolene’s diligent and wise leadership, you pressed the battle in intercession and won!!!  By the time we actually got the tent erected and the worshippers rolling, the battle had been won.  The actual 40 days of praise were covered with so much grace and favor!

At the end of last year, one of the Rangers from National Park Service suggested that we make David’s Tent and Annual event.  Her final words to me were, “See you next year!”  After such a crazy battle, it was clear that we had “broken through.”  It was actually her suggestion that first got me praying about making it annual.  As I prayed, I got a resounding “YES!” from Holy Spirit, “Jesus is still worthy!”  This year we’ve only needed one logistical meeting with the NPS so far.  They spent most of the meeting affirmation bombing us about how impressed they were last year and giving us encouraging suggestions about how to make it even better!  Everything thing is different this year.

Thank you!  Thank you for fighting the good fight.  Many of you gave generously to fund the tent as well.  That tent was erected by the intercessors of America!  It was intercessors like you that pulled their funds together that launched this altar of worship.

With such a dream team at our side, I do covet deeply your intercessions again this year of 2013!  Thank you for contending with us for this 24/7 alter of incense unto the Lord in the Capital City!  If you haven’t viewed the documentary from last year, it’s a great film.  Just go towww.davidstentdc.org.

For His Glory, always,

Jason Hershey