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7:30 PM Tonight—Call with Johnny Enlow
Covenant warriors, the countdown has begun. We greatly anticipate our conference call tonight with Johnny Enlow. I hope you have taken to heart his word for 2017 on the Reformation Glory Train!

I’ve drawn great encouragement from Johnny’s posting. For perspective, we’ve been to a lot of prophetic roundtables recently where we’ve felt kind of like fish out of water. Because the priorities we’ve invested our lives to fulfill seemed so different than what many have been conveying.

Then came Johnny’s word. I can say with full assurance that no prophet in recent history has so clearly emphasized or confirmed the four most important priorities the Lamplighter family has lived and breathed this entire year.  Trump and national turnaround. Israel, Jerusalem and the UN. Glory in government in DC.

And of course the Glory Train. It’s the journey we’ve all been on

As the prophet declares, we are taking the best from 2016 and bringing these hard-won victories into 2017. This train is bound for glory!

Note again that Johnny even sees this Glory Train movement impacting Washington DC. Over the weekend the Lord spoke to me about the need for continued vigilance in prayer for our hometown. I’ll write about this more in a future posting, but His warning was clear that “DC will either become a Babylon or a Burning Lamp.” Our job together has really just begun.

So join us tonight as Johnny shares with the Lamplighter family. Please note again the time change. We’re beginning the call at 7:30 pm instead of 9:00 pm.

Below you’ll find a few profound quotes from Johnny’s “Reformation Glory Train” word, focusing on our four priorities for prayer. Keep special focus on the “Sea to Shining Sea” word. Jolene and I have spoken privately to Lynn Alderson and others about a second run of the Glory Train nationally this year, running from coast to coast. Then I believe we’re even to bring the Glory Train movement internationally. Obviously the Israel tour this year—retracing the steps of King David as he restored the Ark of the Covenant—is like a Glory Train journey in itself! Like, the absolute core, the Alpha and Omega, the fountainhead of every other journey. For real.  This train is bound for glory!

Here are excerpts from Johnny’s posting.

Jerusalem and the Blood of Jesus
The very idea that God could shed His literal Blood in a literal place and that that literal place could then descend into being only incidentally relevant is beyond comprehension…

There is a reason Jerusalem and its destruction is the desire of every principality. Destruction of Jerusalem destroys the master plan, and it is the master plan of our God that will guarantee Jerusalem’s future. There is also a guarantee that Jerusalem will ultimately be a place that reveals the salvation of God to the whole world—that guarantee is the spilled Blood of Jesus. You cannot understand the significance of the Blood of Jesus if you do not know how to also apply it to the geographical place He willingly shed it.

Israel: Trump, Obama & the UN
Only if you are still out of tune spiritually (or motivated by an unnecessary fear) should this presidency still be a struggle for any of you. Outgoing president Barack Obama’s legacy-tainting final acts against Israel are an immediate, major proof that the insertion of Trump as President was an urgent need for us and our nation. We will avoid many national catastrophes because of the proper honoring and care of Israel that our new president will see to…

Israel Betrayed But God Won’t Be Played
It is still almost surreal the level of betrayal that the Obama administration exhibited in its instigation of the UN vote against Israel. The pressuring of nations such as Ukraine to vote against Israel, and the intentional adding of language that includes Jerusalem itself— essentially making it illegal for Israel to go to the Western Wall—and then the attempt to pretend to look passive in the process.

It is so great of an injustice that if this is the last political act of President Obama and of Secretary of State John Kerry it will mark them forever.

The Reformation Glory Train Coming In
With the election of Donald Trump as President, it marks the release of something new over our nation. A powerful train is coming in and the “smoke” that the train releases is a holy smoke of reformation glory.

Back in the late 1990s, we became familiar with a great woman of God named Ruth Heflin. She was a woman who had spent many years in Israel, as well as ministering in most nations on the planet since she was 15 years old. Her meetings were marked by the glory of God with many dramatic healings, the strong presence of God, and supernatural gold dust and oil. She wrote an initial book called Glory and then a series of follow-up books with that in the title.

Ruth Heflin was all about the glory of God. The Lord had her leave Israel in the late 90’s to prophesy that a “Glory” move of God was coming to America. She had visions and prophetic words of great hope for America and also had enough favor in Washington DC to start the first Presidential breakfasts that still continue. Heflin believed we would see His glory in society and specifically in government, as she lived close to Washington DC. I believe a time of honoring her vision and heart for America is at hand. 

From Sea to Shining Sea
Ruth Heflin passed away in 2000 at the age of 60 years old. Reportedly the Lord assured her that the Glory move of God she had seen and prophesied over America had now been secured. As I was praying into this 2017 word the Lord spoke to me that NOW was the time for what she saw and that the Glory would be coming on a Reformation Train. This Reformation Glory Train has as Conductor, the Lord Himself, and He will be traveling everywhere saying, “All Aboard!”

A key part of Ruth Heflin’s prophetic word was that she saw the Glory coming to America “from sea to shining sea.” This is, of course, a line from the patriotic song, “America the Beautiful,” and I believe we are about to enter into a prophetic fulfillment of that song that will extend for at least 30 years.

For clarity’s sake, what I am saying is that God is going to so bless America that for the next 30 years, at least, she will become progressively more beautiful in every way. This Reformation Glory Train is going to ride back and forth and up and down our whole nation and will be accompanied by millions of reformation angels as it travels.

If Revival Glory produces “gold dust” as a sign and wonder, then Reformation Glory is going to produce “gold bars” equivalents as a sign and wonder.

Every Nation Gets a Glory Station
I already mentioned a portion of that word as it relates to Israel, but there was more. In my old notebook, I wrote that 2017-2019 would be 3 years of great glory. I didn’t at that time even have 7 mountain language or a real understanding of Reformation, and so I lacked those descriptives back in 2004. However, I did write that in these years, “Healing will be the children’s bread,” meaning it would become very common and easy to obtain.

I wrote, “The supernatural will be commonplace…angels will be easily visible…and translations and transportations in the spirit would be increasingly common,” as would new, “Amazing signs and wonders.” I think these are all very valuable and exciting, even as we engage with the greater assignment of reformation of the nations.

All of this will have to be done with heavy reliance on the supernatural. Perhaps that which requires the most faith to believe is that I wrote: “Every nation gets a glory station.”