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Hope you are enjoying turkey by candlelight today. The Thanksgivukkah Convergence is at hand!

Wednesday’s phone call was remarkable. I have only lightly tracked news stories about the ISON comet… until last night. Connecticut leader Janet LeBoutillier mentioned that it will be blazing close to the sun on Hanukkah. Marlene Brubaker shared the significance of this blaze occurring on the first day of Hanukkah—as if God Himself were lighting the menorah candle!

Bearing Witness
Marlene also felt that the very name of the comet conveyed Jesus. ISON. I, SON. Whether or not you believe this, the very fact that a comet is illuminating the sky on the historic convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah is significant. Remember how a star in the sky guided the Wise Men to Jesus. The Lord seems to be releasing signs in the sky in this hour for the express purpose of bearing witness to the majesty of His Son—and to the birthing of a new phase of His work.

Crown and Throne literally conveys the legacy of the Maccabees and the Pilgrims as prototypes for this hour. From early this year, we shared how we felt that the key time of birthing this Crown & Throne movement was between late August and Hanukkah 2013. Beloved, it cannot be coincidence that Hanukkah converges with Thanksgiving on a day that I, SON lights up the sky! God is literally unveiling His unshakeable Throne.

is significant to note that a comet flashed across the sky on May 7, 1983 to signal the birth of what would become the “House of Prayer Movement” with 24/7 Harp & Bowl worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. Prophet Bob Jones shared with Mike Bickle, then only 27, that a comet previously undetected by scientists would flash across the sky to confirm this move of His Spirit was beginning.

And I believe the Lord is escorting this comet I, SON across the starry landscape of our skies to convey to humanity that a new phase of His end-time work has now begun. On this convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving 2013.

So lets humble ourselves before God’s unshakeable Throne, and celebrate with humble awe the great work that He is beginning in this season!

About Crown & Throne
In April of this year, the Lord made clear that He wanted us to write a book that would serve as a signpost for this coming move. We felt to call the book “Crown and Throne” based on a prophetic word given by Rick Ridings in Washington DC. Rick shared that just as Holy Spirit emphasized the “Harp and Bowl” in the previous decade, so He is emphasizing the “Throne and Crown” in this decade.

We frankly had neither the time nor the resources to actually write a book during this time. But around Passover we went to dinner with Mike and Cindy Jacobs, and she gave a prophetic warning that the book was almost past due. If we did not write it, we would miss the window the Lord had intended. Sobering!

So we cleared our schedule. Friends let us borrow their vacation home to spend a few weeks writing. And “Crown and Throne: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution” was birthed!

Not a coincidence the book was published just in time for this historic convergence. Happy Thanksgivukkah my friends… you just cannot make this stuff up!

“Jon gives exhilarating examples of tangible results we are seeing that bring transformation and reformation to society. His prophetic insights are extremely encouraging for our future; we are winning!”— John Benefiel, Lead Apostle, Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network

“This book is wonderful, a guide into the Kingdom of God. It gives insight to God’s priestly order. The covenant is being attacked in so many ways today. But those who are strong will conquer in honor of His covenant. Crown and Throne gives us strength to understand and knowledge to conquer. Lord gives us this day!”—Negiel Bigpond, Cofounder, Two Rivers Native American Training Center

“You hold in your hands a cutting edge tool to equip us all to move forward in this hour of history. Jon & Jolene Hamill are “burden bearers” for our times, positioned in Washington DC in the heart of the east coast. I commend to you the ministry of Lamplighter, and encourage you to drink deeply of the well of life presented here”—James Goll, Founder, Encounters Network

“My friend Jon Hamill is one of the prophetic voices in this generation sounding a call to  “governmental intercession”. But this is not just theory with Jon. He has a wealth of experiences and testimonies of breakthroughs and transformations in cities and regions through this type of prayer.  As I have watched Jon grow in this over the past 14 years, I believe the time is ripe for him to share the insights he has gained”—Rick Ridings, Founder and Apostolic Overseer, Succat Hallel