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FANEUIL HALL JULY 22! With Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, others. Save the date!

TURN THE TABLES! Daily communion through Pentecost. Pray Ezekiel 37. Call for God’s awakening winds to blow!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

GLORY TRAIN OFFERING! Sowing into Israel & England Tour, Glory Train launch at Faneuil Hall. We are believing God for $22,000 between 4-22 and 7-22. Only $9,000 to go! Lets stand together to receive His miracle provision. To contribute please CLICK HERE.

SHALOM Y’ALL. I’M WRITING YOU TODAY from 42,500 feet above Patmos, Greece where the Apostle John encountered the face of God and wrote the Book of Revelation. Jolene and I are en route from Jerusalem to London. Our time in Israel has been spiritually intense, but very rewarding!  Incredible to meet US Ambassador David Friedman and author Joel Rosenberg, as well as visit with Becca Greenwood, Lou Engle, the Amabiles, the Ramirezes, and so many others during events with Mario Bramnick. The Lord moved powerfully. It was especially great to visit with friends who have become family in Jerusalem—Rick and Patricia Ridings, Connie Wilson, Chris and Liz Mitchell, Steve Carpenter, Hermana, Kerry and Sandy Teplinsky, and so many others. Our hearts and prayers are with you!

Thank you Lamplighter family for being so fiercely on the wall for us. This time in Israel was glorious, but honestly more challenging than usual. On the first day I lost my glasses—this never happens—and therefore gained new vision from Jerusalem. After the governmental meetings at Succat Hallel, the Daystar TV studios next door were firebombed. And there are a few more stories as well. 

But hallelujah, we saw God turn the tables! That was the subject of our message Monday evening at Succat Hallel as we recounted the amazing things the Lord has brought forth between Washington DC and Israel. THANK YOU AGAIN PRESIDENT TRUMP. And remember—we are in the third year of Cyrus, and key revelation and breakthroughs are being released. 

Thank you Rick and Patricia for your commissioning prayer for the Glory Train to close out the Monday service. Yesterday Jolene and I then shared a brief time of prayer at the Zion gate. In a Zechariah 4 moment, we aligned a new menorah between the two olive trees just outside the gate and consecrated the Glory Train 2019-2020 movement to the Lord. 

On to the United Kingdom!
Now our covenantal journey founding the Glory Train moves on to London, Bristol, Wales, and Plymouth England. We are eager to step foot in the lands of our forefathers for the very first time. Bristol, a city crowned by awakening and justice with the Wesleys, launching the formation of new apostolic wineskins to catalyze revival and disciple nations. London, a city which helped to define the western world, disciple the western world for Jesus, and then in World War II saved the western world from itself. 

Wales, nation of revival and groundbreaking intercession which still sets the standard of our movement today. It will be such an honor to visit the Bible College of Wales and experience the “Bless Wales” conference with America’s very own Dutch Sheets!

And we journey to Plymouth, a womb from which the Pilgrims launched a new way forward to establish America as a freedom land in covenant with God. It was four hundred years ago this 2020 that the Pilgrims made their voyage. What will the Lord do as we make our journey together!

Today I’m excited to announce an overview of the first portion of our tour. Below is our working schedule for the Northeast Awakening Tour. All things subject to change, of course. But here we go. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Glory Train—Northeast Awakening Tour
Working Schedule, subject to change

7-19 thru 7-20 “Glory School,” Glory Train Launch weekend, Old Saybrook CT

7-20 thru 7-21 Plymouth MA

7-22 “Commissioned from His Face,” Faneuil Hall Boston with Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, more. Faneuil Hall is known as the “cradle of liberty,” the historic womb of the American Revolution. Phanuel literally means “face of God.” 

7-23 Lexington & Concord, following Revere’s ride and the launch of American Revolution. No King but Jesus!

7-24 Northampton MA, Northfield MA, epicenter of First Great Awakening 

7-25 Albany NY

7-26 thru thru morning 7-27 “Glory Train Berne,” Rock Road Chapel, Berne (Metro Albany) NY. Let My People Go!

7-27 Afternoon, eve Lowville NY, historic home of intercessor Daniel Nash of the Second Great Awakening

7-28 “Glory Train Rome,” Rome NY, historic epicenter of Second Great Awakening. Rome Christian Center Sunday morning and evening.

7-30 evening “Glory Train Philadelphia” with Jamie Fitt

7-31 Valley Forge PA, site of Washington’s training camp

8-2 thru 8-3 “Glory School,” Fox Chase Golf Club, Lancaster PA

8-4 afternoon Prophetic Roundtable, Hershey PA

8-5 Gettysburg PA, turning point of the Civil War

8-6 Washington DC, evening meeting at Jon & Jolene’s

8-7 thru 8-8 onsite prayer, evening TBA