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The Pilgrims set sail for the New World on 7-22, 1620. Today the legacy of freedom they forged is in the balance. Let us receive God’s verdict, exit subjugation and possess our inheritance.


In Congress Assembled
July 22, 2022 Faneuil Hall Boston

BY VERDICT FROM HEAVEN’S COURT—Covenants establish thrones of governance. Whereas the covenant with death and hell through nationally legalized abortion has been annulled, redemptive exposure of corruption decreed, and a shift from this covenant with death to Christ’s covenant of Life has been governmentally secured—on this 7th month, 22nd day of 2022, the Ancient of Days hereby grants a New Birth of Freedom to the United States of America. 

A commensurate warning now issues that the United States of America remains in the balance between Babylon and a Covenant Nation. Ancient Israel succumbed to Babylon’s enslavement after her people chose the spirit, structure and values of Babylon over their Covenant with the Most High. In a similar manner, the most subversive threat to America’s freedom remains within your very gates. Heaven and earth thus bear witness that the Ekklesia in America, entrusted with stewardship of America’s National Covenant with God, must seek and receive a divorce from Babylon to perpetuate the Covenant of LIFE entrusted to the Nation. You are summoned to approach the Supreme Judge of the Universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, concerning the rectitude of your intentions.

A UNITED RESPONSE—When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the spiritual and political bands, often hidden and subversive, which have connected them with another, and to assume among these powers the legitimate stature and station to which their Creator entitles them, a humble respect for God and man requires that they should address the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that defending liberty mandates enthroning the Keeper of Life and Liberty, divorced from powers of the earth demanding their subjugation. The history of Babylon, both spirit and structure, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these United States. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.

1. Defining Babylon. Bearing the definition “gateway of the gods,” Babylon is a global governmental structure sourced by occult powers and dedicated to perpetuating rebellion against the Most High. Appropriately, Babel means “confusion.” In ancient Babylon the prophet Daniel observed how anti-christ rulership seeks to change times, seasons and laws (Dan. 7:25). Just as the Nazis persuaded their citizens to murder six million Jews, so Babylon seeks to coerce masses to embrace evil as a cultural norm ‘for the benefit of humanity.’ 

Jeremiah 51:44 identifies Baal as the anti-christ strongman of Babylon. Wherever access is granted, Baal builds Babylon. Access is legally established through covenants with death and hell (Isaiah 28), sealed and empowered by unjust bloodshed, especially the blood of the innocents. 

2. “Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord” (2 Corinthians 6:17). America was dedicated to God as a beach-head against anti-christ dictatorship. The founders of this Nation discerned Babylon’s corruption within globalist monarchies of their day. Derided as Pilgrims and Separatists, they launched an Exodus from such empires on 7-22, 1620 to forge a freedom nation in covenant with God. Miraculously this covenant of freedom has been passed to every generation—from this very ground.

3. American Babylon or a Covenant Nation? In our generation, leaders have largely acquiesced to powers imposing the spirit and values of Babylon upon our land. Covenantal foundations are rejected in favor of defiance of God’s heart and law. Christians embracing biblical worldviews are persecuted while idolatry, deceit and depravity are openly celebrated as cultural norms. 

Americans have become complicit with unprecedented violations of personal privacies, especially through invasive technologies. Disinformation flourishes. Constitutional boundaries are usurped by covert alliances, sometimes characterized as the “deep state”—exerting illicit control and leverage against governance by consent of the governed, a right inestimable to citizens and formidable to tyrants only.

America’s children continue to be targeted for sexualization, even with the approbation of school officials. Meanwhile parents distressed over sexual abuse within their educational systems have actually been labeled as domestic terrorists—by the highest authorities of government.

Lord we wholeheartedly seek Your forgiveness. Our only plea is the body and blood of Jesus. We break our agreement with Babylon, both spirit and structure. We turn from our wicked ways to Your righteous ways, in Jesus’ Name. Preserve our children and grandchildren. Help us see Your covenant established. Help us to prevail over Babylon at our gates. 

4. The Commitment of our Fathers. Our forefathers risked all to protect us from Babylon and establish a Covenant Nation empowering freedom, where societal injustices could be corrected and every tongue, tribe and ethnicity could flourish. We acknowledge today that the commitment of our fathers is the calling of our time. We hereby embrace this calling and responsibility as our own. 

5. Request for a Divorce from Babylon. The Plaintiff hereby requests a divorce of this Covenant Nation from the Defendant, referred to as Babylon.The Plaintiff cites previous verdicts by this Court, including the Divorce Decree from Baal, Writ of Assistance, Life Decree and the Mayflower Covenant Renewal, requesting that the Court extend these decisions to incorporate the divorcement from Babylon, both spirit and structure. This includes enforcement of the restraining order previously issued against Baal, extended to all domains of Babylon, effective immediately.

The Plaintiff also seeks a full reinstatement of all rights, privileges and sacred duties inherent to the covenant renewal, as outlined in Isaiah 54 etc.

6. Cough up the Key! Isaiah 46 conveys that Baal bows down, Nebo stoops low.Jeremiah 51:44 declares that God will punish the principality Baal within the structure of Babylon. Further, He will cause this principality to cough up what was swallowed—all persons and all properties, real and intellectual, illicitly transferred into his domain. Therefore by verdict from Heaven’s Court—let the lives, properties, reputations, keys of access, innovations, heritages, inheritances etc. stolen by the Baal principality—now be restored.

7. We, therefore, as Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, assembled—Making our Appeal to Heaven, to the Ancient of Days, for the rectitude of our intentions—do hereby request Your Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict in favor of the saints of the Most High as outlined in this document, restraining the forces of darkness and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. 

THE JUDGEMENT—Wherefore this Court being fully advised in the evidence does find for the Plaintiff and against the Defendant in all matters material to the Plaintiff’s Petition of Divorce from Babylon, both spirit and structure, and does by this decree grant the Plaintiff a Divorce and all requests set forth above. That being the Order of this Court, from and after this date, so shall it be.

In the Name, and by Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, as stewards appointed to establish America’s National Covenant with God, we solemnly publish and declare this Verdict, that these United States are, and of right ought to be Free from the spirit and structure referred to as Babylon; that they are absolved from all allegiance to Babylon, and that all spiritual and political connections between them are hereby dissolved; and that the Ekklesia therein, as free and independent people, have full Power to establish God’s covenant, practice faith, speak and assemble, set leaders in office, educate and mentor, protect and defend, judge and make war, conclude peace, contract alliances, transact commerce, and otherwise possess their God-given inheritance (Esther 8). 

To uphold this verdict we invoke Your Name alone. Towards the establishment of our National Covenant, with firm reliance upon the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor. NO KING BUT JESUS!